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11 Surprising Benefits of Sunbathing

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins that our body needs. People often struggle to find the best medicines and supplements to fulfill vitamin deficiency and forget that the best source of vitamin D is the almighty sun. The harmful effects of UV rays and sunburns have caused most of us to stay indoors, wear sunscreens, and cover the body when we step out in the sun.

If you know the right time and way, sun rays can be really beneficial. Here are the benefits of sunbathing that will motivate you to take the benefit of the sun’s rays:

11 Surprising Benefits of Sunbathing

1. Increases blood flow

Sunbathing is proven to decrease blood pressure and increase blood flow in the body. It immensely benefits the cardiovascular system of the body and keeps the heart and body healthy.

2. Helps in naturally healing wounds

Sunbathing helps to heal wounds, be it external wounds or internal wounds, any kind of pain and wound can be healed simply by bathing in the sun. Vitamin D in the sun helps in healing the body and strengthens the immune system which automatically helps in healing.

3. Heals the skin

The most important benefit of sunbathing is that it strengthens and improves the immune system which heals wounds and skin issues. A lot of people suffering from skin diseases have seen exceptionally positive results from sunbathing.

4. Protects and heals any kind of bacterial infection

Sunbathing heals bacterial infection, heat kills germs and bacteria from any surface, this is the reason people keep pickles and vegetables for sun drying. This process works similarly for the body as well and protects from bacterial infection.

5. Provides energy

Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all organisms on the planet. It is the major source of production of food with the help of photosynthesis in plants. It not only provides energy to plants but also to human cells. A few minutes of sunbathing every day will give you enough energy to stay active throughout the day.

6. Reduces stress

Making the body active and enthusiastic, sunbathing reduces stress. It lifts up the mood and refreshes the mind, relieving stress and worries. Other than simply standing or sitting in the sun, playing in the sunshine can also be fun and healthy.

7. Improves sleep

By improving stress and healing wounds the body feels better and is able to rest properly. This is why sunbathing is connected with better sleep. Improved sleep further strengthens the body, mind, and soul.

8. Improves bone health

Sunbathing fulfills the body’s need for Vitamin D which helps in strengthening the bones and improving bone density, keeping them healthier for a longer time. Healthier bones are necessary for playing outdoor games and exercising, which makes sunbathing significant.

9. Best source of vitamin D

The biggest benefit of spending time in the sunshine is the absorption of vitamin D. Instead of relying on pills for vitamin D, spending a few minutes under the sun can be immensely beneficial.

10. Connected with a longer life

Modern day researchers have proven the efficacy of sunbathing in increasing lifespan. People who do this activity frequently are found to be healthier and hence live a longer life.

11. Fights depression

Fresh air gives much needed relief to the body, and calmness from all the worries. When this is coupled with sunshine it works wonders for mental health as the fresh air and sunshine are directly related to improving one’s mood and giving more clarity, thereby reducing the signs of depression.

Sunbathing is an activity that has been practiced for ages. However, due to toxicity in the present atmosphere, it is important to take precautions while doing this activity, the most important thing to consider is only sunbathing before 9 a:m in the morning, this is because the body needs the sun’s energy in its purest form and not the heat that gives sunburns and toxic rays.

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