Health and Wellness12 Easy Ways to Build Strong Immunity

12 Easy Ways to Build Strong Immunity

Strong immunity is the only way to survive in the unprecedentedly growing pollution in cities. The rising number of health problems and various chronic diseases can be cured if you have a strong immunity. Though traditionally our culture is built in order to maintain the immunity of the body, interruptions by junk food habits and lifestyle issues prevent the body from building immunity.

12 Easy Ways to Build Strong Immunity

1. Be physically active

Doing exercise regularly is the best way to keep the body active, and an active body is the best version of you. Exercising or running removes toxins from the body and keeps it away from any disease.

2. Drink lots of water

Water is the best medicine, the best detoxifying drink, and the elixir for health. It cures a lot of problems especially related to a bad lifestyle. Drinking fresh water removes toxins from the body and helps in building a strong immunity.

3. Stay stress-free

Stress and anxiety build up layers of toxins in the body, and it also stop the activity of mind and body making the body slow, the lethargy and drowsiness further prevent activity and this cycle continues. Hence, staying stress-free is important to build a strong immune system.

4. Increase fiber intake

Green vegetables and a fiber-rich diet is the best for a reason. It has all the necessary nutrients for a healthy body, a fiber-rich diet gives all the minerals and nutrients required to build a healthy gut and stomach, since the functioning of every organ is connected this ultimately makes the immune system healthy.

5. Practice immunity-boosting yoga

Yoga that boosts immunity is the best practice for stronger immunity. Several yoga postures make the body more receptive to immunity-boosting ways and it can help tremendously in increasing the disease-fighting power of the body.

6. Get proper sleep

Sleeping is as important as working, rather it is more important than working. Proper sleep can cure most of the lifestyle issues. It increases the metabolic rate, gives proper rest to the mind, body, and emotions, and produces healthy outcomes thereby improving the immune system.

7. Maintain a healthy weight

It is important to maintain a healthy weight if you have to stay away from diseases. More weight brings more diseases. Having a balanced diet and exercising regularly are the steps to maintain a healthy weight, too much or too little weight makes the body weak and fragile to diseases.

8. Breathing fresh air

Fresh air that increases the amount of oxygen in the body is the best medicine to cure immunity-related problems. Various meditation techniques on deep breathing clean the body from within and increase the oxygen reaching the cells, this effect can be multiplied when done in fresh air.

9. Consume citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which boosts immunity. Any citrus fruit like lemon or Oranges should be a part of the meal. It can either be taken in the form of juice or consumed directly. It also helps in releasing toxins from the body making it healthier and active.

10. Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is the solution to every menace. It includes fibers, fruits, grains and proper amounts of water. One should maintain a healthy diet and try to eat the meals on time. Eating on time is also a part of a healthy diet.

11. Get vaccinated on time

Certain disease-causing bacteria can be automatically cured by the body, but some certain viruses and bacteria cannot be cured automatically and need acquired immunity which is possible through vaccination. Hence, it is emphasized to get vaccinated on time in order to prevent any kind of disease.

12. Take precautions against pollution

Pollution makes the body’s receptors weak, it makes the immune system weak and sometimes causes serious health issues. To keep the body’s immunity strong one should take precautions to protect against pollution. You should wear a mask or cover the head and hand when stepping outside. If not urgent, stepping in a polluted area can be prevented along with planting plants inside the house to prevent indoor pollution.

The cells of our body is naturally capable of building immunity and is a reservoir of strength, we just need to keep the body clean and healthy for the cells to remain active and fight any harmful environment affecting the body

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