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12 Energizing Benefits of Dancing

The beats of a song make everyone happy and joyful. You might be even unfamiliar with the lyrics of a song but would be ready to dance. Dancing has been a part of human leisure since ages. Every community on earth has a certain dance form and they relish every occasion with it.

But other than entertaining and cultural values dance is much more. Here are a few insights into the benefits of it.

12 Energizing Benefits of Dancing

1. Makes you happy

Dancing makes us happy. Happiness is the initial benefit derived from dancing. The moment you step on the floor your mind knows the happiness it will achieve by the end of the dance. Not only does dance make the person involved in the performance happy but it also makes the audience cheerful and lively.

2. Best form of exercise

It is one of those few exercises that does not seem to be a burden. It makes you feel light and also makes the body more active and radiant. Unlike running on a treadmill and cycling inside the gym walls, dancing in an open hall is an exercise for the mind and body both.

3. Makes the body flexible

Dancing makes the body flexible. A dancer can make his body move in any direction unlike a person who does not dance. Not just a planned dancer but even a person who dances as a hobby is more flexible and this flexibility benefits them in day to day work.

4. Can help you connect with others

Flash mob dancing has come up as a widely recognised trend. This is just another way to connect with people and enjoy the moments of life. Dancing is a language without words that bonds people and communities together and helps you connect with them.

5. Minimizes stress

Dance reduces stress. In a biological way, dance releases the happy hormone, dopamine which reduces stress in everyday life. A lot of people like to spend time dancing after a busy day because this routine makes the body stress free. The combination of dance and music can never go wrong and even science has proved its benefits.

6. Increased energy

Dance increases the energy to do other tasks. It makes the body active and since the blood levels increase, the brain becomes active at other tasks. This feature makes people more energetic after an hour of dance.

7. Improves heart health

Researchers prove the efficacy of dance at improving cardiovascular health. It increases the blood flow to the heart thereby making it healthier and stronger. It also makes one happy and that is another reason why dancing takes care of heart health.

8. Gives confidence

Dancing is so integral to any felicitation and get-together ceremony that someone who cannot dance is often felt alienated and separated at parties. Dancing helps build the confidence to connect with people at social gatherings and makes you more confident to talk and walk with people.

9. Integral to all parties

As already written above no party is complete without dance. Be it an Indian wedding reception or a European wedding. This integrity also makes it a part of various cultures and a way of celebrating. Different cultures have different dance forms but all are meant for celebrations and happiness.

10. Binds different races

Dance binds races and cultures across the world. It doesn’t matter if you do not understand the lyrics of a Turkish song, its beats are enough to bring you to the floor. Even in our country, Punjabi songs have become popular amongst people of the entire country despite different languages.

11. Reduces depression

Dance reduces depression. Reduced depression from dancing is a culmination of all the above steps. When a person is happy and free from stress he is not bound to any worry and hence will not be depressed. Since, dancing as a hobby and a practice ensures less stress and more happiness it automatically keeps you away from depression.

12. Helps you live longer

This impact of dance is proven by researches and is a fact proven additionally through many surveys. Dance impacts life positively and has an effect on the blood flow and stress hormones of the body. This capability of this exercise is the reason behind its being a source of increasing human life.

Dancing might have different words for its expression in different languages. But its major effect is the same. Love and togetherness. If you do not dance you should definitely try out this amazing way to keep yourself fit and happy. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress and depression. It’s a feeling that cannot be explained in words but on the beats of songs.

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