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12 Experiences that a Future Generation Will Miss

Although life in the 21st century might seem to be easier, more comfortable, and abundant. There are gaps and loopholes in it that no one can easily perceive. There are experiences and moments that people of the current generation can never enjoy and have missed.

12 Experiences that a Future Generation Will Miss

1. Free time

Your mother might always tell you to stop working and just sit for some time. This might seem to be unusual and unproductive to you but life has been like this for our parents and grandparents. They had time for themselves, there were days when they had no work and spent time with nature and family. We are losing this unconditional free time to utility and work 24×7.

2. Joint family setup

Nuclear families are easy to maintain and sustain. People are migrating to cities to earn and it is very difficult to maintain joint family ties in a busy city. Earlier joint families were the norm and togetherness was common everywhere.

3. Outdoor games

People in the previous century had no android phones so there was no scope of mobile games and social media apps. They went out and played until called back home. This kept them healthy, happy and active.

4. Friends

We still have friends, but no one will disagree that the bond we ourselves shared with them in school is lost. For people from the 20th century friendship meant togetherness. There was no formality or messaging apps, all that existed were real laughter and real food. Unlike reels and food vlogs.

5. Home cooked food

Pizzas and pasta have become so common that we have forgotten about delicious home-cooked meals. When there were no Dominos or McDonald’s, people gathered at a place and had home-cooked food with spices and herbs in it.

6. Importance of saving

Saving for the whole year to buy a new cycle of birthdays was every kid’s dream in the 1900s. Though savings are important even in the present times the fun and excitement to save for your favorite thing has been lost. There are so many distractions that every time you buy something, something else becomes more important.

7. Eating fruits from trees

Eating ripe fruits from trees has been lost. There were trees in abundance and kids used to climb up to them in their spare time to eat fresh fruits. The fun in eating fruits from trees was irreplaceable and along with it, it also kept the children fit and healthy.

8. Writing letters

The only way of conversations in the 20th century was through letters and postcards. It used to take some time to reach the other end unlike WhatsApp conversations but the excitement to read the letters used to be several times more than reading messages on WhatsApp.

9. Colors of festivals were vibrant

Today every festival is confined to wishes through phones. Visiting each other’s house and enjoying the festivities is almost lost. Unlike in the earlier decades when there was a wave of celebrations and people used to visit each other’s homes to wish and celebrate with each other.

10. Learning from elders

People of the previous century learned from each other especially the elder in the family. They had time and utilized it in learning from real experiences around, today we have books and podcasts to learn but these learnings are usually secondary sources. The teachings of our elders were the primary sources of learning.

11. Trees and nature

If you are over 20 years old, you might already see the difference in trees around you from what they were at the time you were a kid and what they are now. This density was almost double in the previous century. It is worrying to perceive the diminishing of trees so quickly. This was the biggest treasure that the people in the previous centuries possessed.

12. Real conversations

Conversations today are limited to a screen. People in earlier times were more open to real conversations because they were more connected in real life and not virtually. There were fewer illusions and more real talks which the current and future generations are missing in the race to keep pace with technologies.

Technology has opened up various ways in the life of a person, but along with this, it has also closed several doors of happiness and real fun. Technology connects us with the world and people across the world, but it has actually disconnected us from the closest people around us.

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