Health and Wellness11 Ways to Stay Protected against Harmful Light and Rays

11 Ways to Stay Protected against Harmful Light and Rays

Pollution and side effects to technology have invaded every aspect of our lives. From the blight in the room to the fragrance in the washroom, everything is toxic and laden with chemicals. We cannot escape into the world where all these things are absent but we can surely protect ourselves from the effects of it by staying vigilant and careful.

11 Ways to Stay Protected against Harmful Light and Rays

1. Stay indoors

Staying indoors is one way to stay protected from harmful Ultraviolet rays and harmful rays in the atmosphere due to towers and industrial waste. However, it is important that the atmosphere inside the house is pure and non toxic.

2. Keep gadgets away from the body

Gadgets are the most common cause of harmful radiation and damaging light. Phones and laptop screens are leading to detrimental effects on the body and mind, especially causing serious headaches and eyesight disorders in children. To stay away from these effects, keeping gadgets away when not in use is important.

3. Wear a sunscreen when going out

Sunscreen protects the skin from damaging effects of the light and heat of the sun. It provides safety against ultraviolet radiation and even against artificial lights.

4. Stay under shade when outdoors

Staying under shade is a temporary relief from heat, and harmful light when you are outside. Staying under the shade of a tree or any other roof gives quick protection to everyone including animals.

5. Do not switch on lights without the use

Lights including LEDs, bulbs, fluorescent lamps, CFLs and any other kind of lighting appliance using electricity causes harmful effects, they should be switched off when not in use to prevent the glare of it from affecting us.

6. Sleep with lights off and gadgets apart

The most crucial time for the body’s recovery is while it is at rest, if it is disturbed while at rest, the effects of any thing will be magnified. Even radiation and light impact us the most when we are asleep. That is why it is advised to keep gadgets away and lights off while sleeping.

7. Use screen protectors for phones and laptops

Not one but every necessary precaution is important when it comes to saving ourselves from any kind of damaging effect. Screen protectors used on phone and laptop screens are one way to prevent radiation from directly entering into the eyes and harming them.

8. Use a blue-cut lens for long hours of work at phone or laptop screen

Avoiding phones or any other gadget including desktops is unavoidable considering the nature of work the contemporary world faces. However, it is important to stay immune to their effects, blue cut lenses help in this process as it provide safety against rays coming from laptop and phone screens.

9. Take proper rest

Owing to improper rest and irregular routines, the body suffers more and more. Every negativity gets magnified due to a lack of proper rest, which is why proper rest is important to recover from the damage caused by rays and light.

10. Include exercises for the eyes in your routine

It is important to take preventive measures for any disease or problem. Doing exercises for the eyes is one such way to protect oneself against harmful light and rays. Yoga and exercise specifically for eyes keep them healthy and reduce the damage caused by radiation.

11. Stay away from harmful radiation

The best and safest way to prevent any damage from rays and lights is by staying away from them. Using gadgets only when needed, stepping outside when required, and avoiding excess lights are the simplest ways of avoiding damages caused by these sources.

Staying away and taking extra care can be the only plausible solutions for protecting against harmful light and radiation, as these are artificial entities and the body is naturally not designed to fight against it, hence the solutions for these problems will also be artificially in nature.

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