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12 Amazing Hacks to Dress Prettier

Who does not like to look pretty? Be it a little girl in kindergarten or an aging lady in 50s. Beauty is a virtue that attracts everyone. The person who adorns it and the one who admires it. Nonetheless, it is important to carve out a beauty standard for yourself that suits you and makes you feel comfortable barring the opinion of others.

Dressing is the prior ingredient of looking pretty, and here are a few quick ways you can dress to make yourself look prettier.

12 Amazing Hacks to Dress Prettier

1. Follow the proper ratio

This is the best and the easiest hack to enhance your outfit. Whenever you wear a crop top try pairing it with a longer bottom, like a pair of jeans. Similarly whenever you wear a long tunic or kurta pair it with ankle length bottoms. The idea is to have a proper ratio of the parts of dress you opt to wear. This can make you look fitter and taller.

2. Experiment with different colors

Experiment with colors, this not only beautifies the look but also lightens the mood. For example if you like wearing black or brown, try substituting it with pastels for a change. You might explore some of your favorite colors like this.

3. Try things that you are sure

Experimenting is good, but when you are not in the condition to think much and want to look pretty try things that always work for you or may be things that always work for everyone. A smart dress for instance can save you from the hassle of dressing and make you look instantly prettier.

4. Do not stop experimenting with styles

Try experimenting with styles. Just like colors, new styles can become your favorite if you try them. Maybe if you like to wear denims and shirts, try wearing a jumpsuit for a change.

5. Make sure to carry at least one accessory

Accessories are a statement piece of dressing up. A simple earring can add colors to your look or a subtle watch can make your outfit stand out. Hence, it’s good to invest in multipurpose accessories, like tiny silver and golden earrings and metallic watches.

6. Wear the right footwear

Footwear can make and break your look. If you wear the pink shoes with a green and blue outfit, it might be a good combination for a kid but not for a formal outfit. Hence it’s important to choose the right shoes. Right footwear also means that it should be comfortable. The best way to start is by choosing subtle colors like white, black, and golden which can go with any and every color and type of outfit.

7. The right accessory can change the game

Adding an accessory is not enough, it should be the right pair of jewelry. For example, a small golden hoop might not look good with a traditional saree and a Bejeweled jhumka might not look good with a formal outfit. Therefore, be careful and take time while choosing your accessories.

8. Go with what you like, not what the trend says

Trends are confusing and might destroy your look. Not denying that it is sometimes fun and cool, but you should be more aware of your likes and dislikes in spite of blindly following the trend. Because trends change every week but your style will always make you stand out even amidst he changing trends.

9. Create your own style

It is important to have something that defines you. Clothing reflects the person you are. Hence, whatever outfit you choose should reflect yourself. For this, you need to spend a little time to understand your body and mind and curate a little wardrobe of your own.

10. Take care of necklines and sleeves

Necklines and sleeves can make the entire outfit look completely different. This is a trend one needs to follow. While choosing your dresses and tops make sure the necklines are subtle and pretty. For example, a V-shaped neckline with a ruffle dress will make you look really pretty in spite of a broad neckline in the same dress. These small tips can make your wardrobe stand out.

11. Choose the right pair of jeans

When it comes to jeans a lot of people struggle to find the perfect denim. For example, a boot-cut fit might suit you better but you might end up wearing skinny-fit jeans because you are unaware of what looks best on you. To know this, keep trying different styles and see what suits you better.

12. A subtle dress can never go wrong

This is the best tip anyone can give you because it is tried and tested. A good dress can never go wrong, its girly, cute, and hassle-free. No need to think about different tees and jeans, just carry it with confidence and you will be the best version of yourself.

Dressing is necessary to look presentable. But most importantly it is an activity that makes you happy and confident. So however you dress, make sure it matches your likes and happiness and not the societal norms.

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