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12 Practical Ways to Use Technology for a Better Purpose

The word technology usually gives us a glimpse of smartphones or laptops, but to our surprise technology has been in existence since the dawn of civilization. The shape, size, and use changed but it had never left us and today technology has surrounded us in every possible way. Though it is impossible to escape from it, we can surely make the right use of it.

12 Practical Ways to Use Technology for a Better Purpose

1. To earn a living

Not just laptops and computers, but even phones can be used to make money. Applications that help in freelance jobs and creative websites like Canva help in making money if anyone is willing. Instead of wasting time on scrolling on social media, one can explore these ways to buckle up their skills as well.

2. To help others

One way of it can be when you accidentally meet people on social media and get connected, a lot of your problems get solved by their skills and vice versa. Another way can be by helping your friends and family in solving their problems for example helping your friend in their college enrollment or similar things.

3. For creative purposes

Illustrations and graphic designs are the new ways of art. It is only possible with the help of technology hence, by using technology you can explore the creative aspects that have never existed before the coming of gadgets.

4. Spreading awareness

Any important news or alarm about being alert gets spread faster with social media than ever before. Precautions to take during a public emergency or awareness regarding the harmful effects of any product in the market, any news spread better with the help of the phone, by being a part of spreading awareness in the right way you can make use of technological gadgets in a better way.

5. Voicing your opinion

People who have never spoken about their anxiety or depression or even harassment have come up and told their stories via the internet. Technology has made the world more open and connected and no other thing can be a better benefit of technology than this.

6. Connecting with the world

As already emphasized, technology helps us connect with the world in an easier way. Be it being together in hard times or celebrating a festival together the world community has become one in spite of different cultures and histories and this is possible only because of the internet.

7. To spread education

Lockdown was the best example to prove the efficacy of technology in spreading education. People have come up with newer ways to spread education through the internet. Although it also brought forward the loopholes, it was a better purpose as we can improvise and make technology a weapon to conquer illiteracy.

8. Organize time

Technology can waste your time but if used correctly it can help in managing time judiciously. By setting the right alarms, using the phone to see the time, or even spending time in the right place for example watching an informative podcast can be a judicious use of technology to organize time better.

9. Use the right gadget

Sometimes technology becomes disastrous when people need a calculator but are using an Android phone’s website to do their job. It is not important that every higher level technology can do the job of a lower technology better; it often ruins the task as well as the mental state of the user. Therefore it is necessary to imply the right technology at the right place.

10. Use it less

The best way to navigate through different gadgets and technologies is by using them less. Use the laptop less for watching movies and playing outside to keep yourself healthy, this can be a way to start. The key is to cut down the time spent in front of the screen or attached to any wireless device.

11. Set your goals and keep it simple

If you set your goals before switching on the laptop you can not go wrong. Before you work on any application or use any device, know the time you need to spend and set the goal correctly. This automatically makes the process simpler and easier.

12. Explore new career options

A lot of people do not even know about freelance work or the amount of money they can earn while working online. These arenas came up only after the advent of faster internet and hence can be said to be a boon of technology, there are similar other ways that can be explored as different career options.

Technology has a lot of drawbacks because of its addictive and alluring capacities, however, they have been innovated for a purpose, and if that purpose is utilized in the right direction humanity can benefit from technology.

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