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17 Experiences from Elders that can Change your Life

There are a few experiences and moments that make us realize a lot about things around us. Spending time with the elders in the house is one such moment. They tell us their perspectives on current changes in the world which adds much more depth to our understanding. Few of these talks are worth remembering and can change the way we look at life.

17 Experiences from elders that can change your life

1. Handling family matters

Elders can best teach us how to handle family matters. Managing relations and helping other members in the family can be best learned from elders.

2. Being undaunting even in tough times

Having courage and believing in self is the most important qualities that can be adopted from our grandparents, they have seen the toughest scenarios in life and walked confidently in every situation, hence are the most accurate people to talk about courage.

3. Valuing things

People who learn how to value can also learn to respect others. Valuing relations and people is important for success and growth in life. Our grandparents have lived life by valuing every small thing they possessed, from pencils to clothes. This quality is rare yet important for success in life.

4. Importance of love

Love is rare and beautiful, the love that you share with your parents and grandparents is in itself an epitome of happiness. Our elders have survived tough times with the help of love and know that love is the most powerful energy that can help you survive even in the toughest of times.

5. Facing criticisms

People often lose their calm when faced with criticism. But in the face of adversity, the experience we learn from elders teaches us to stay calm and focus on our work rather than opinions given by society.

6. Benefits of Laughing

Laughing is great medicine. It is the most efficient way to increase one’s life and our grandparents are the epitome of it. Laughing and staying happy can be learned from them.

7. Giving time to what is important

Prioritizing the right thing changes the direction and progress of life. A person who has lived for so many years has known through their mistakes and achievements about giving time to the important things in life. This can thus be learned from the elders.

8. Cherishing bonds

Cherishing bonds and relations is one of the things that our grandparents would always tell us to prioritize. This is because it’s these bonds that help in times of distress.

9. Inculcating hobbies

Everyone talks about hobbies and how they help in stay happy and indulged. But our grandparents are the ones who have lived their hobbies, relished them through the years, and can even tell us more about ours.

10. Being close to nature

Nature is the biggest companion of every human. It is something that never leaves our side. This can be learned better from our elders who spend most of their time in nature.

11. Handling professional life

Professional life can be boring and monotonous. But if there is someone to guide you through the journey it becomes easier and enjoyable. Elders are like guiding lights who help us navigate through professional life by enriching us with their experience.

12. Choosing a purposeful career

A purposeful career is important for life. It gives you a sense of belongingness and increases your self-esteem. It’s only when you have a purpose and aim that you can be happy in it. Our grandparents know this fact and can help us in choosing the right career.

13. Importance of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the pillar of a long and happy life. The reason why our grandparents are happy and cheerful is because they have followed a healthy lifestyle. We must eat healthy and stay fit and the best way to learn this is by taking guidance from elders.

14. Invest in traveling

Traveling gives experience that can not be derived from any other activity. It is one of a kind way to experience a lot of emotions at once. Every person who has traveled will always advise you to travel.

15. Stop worrying and start living

Worrying too much about the future can lead to the degradation of present life. It hinders you from enjoying the present, the best advice that can be taken from elders is about living life and not worrying much.

16. Choosing the right life partner

You can never go wrong if your life partner is approved by your grandparents. Therefore, it is advised to take this suggestion from elders and choose someone who can walk along with you in the toughest times.

17. Focus on small things

It is the small things in life that matter. Seeing a flower blossom, watching stars in the night sky, or spending a day out on the bank of a river. This is what matters rather than buying a big car or getting a luxurious home.

Taking advice from a generation that has lived and experienced life more than we have is a blessing and can help you build a stronger and better perspective. These are just a few of the many experiences that our elders can enrich our lives with.

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