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8 Effective Ways to Take a Break and Become More Productive

Focusing on a single task for hours and hours might not be the best way to stay productive. Most of us hold onto a very mistaken idea of productivity, we end up not taking effective breaks enough. Since our minds have limits, it’s not very clever to expect ourselves to work for long hours continuously at a time. It’s essential to take breaks in between to perform consistently at a high level while being completely focused. 

People tend to take breaks in the wrong way, mostly based on intuition. Taking breaks without planning for it can throw us down a rabbit hole of procrastination. Breaks need to be effective and helpful enough to prepare us for our next tasks.

Let’s look at some effective ways to take a break and become more productive

1. Study Break

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The most effective way to memorize notes is to study for 25 minutes & take a 5-minute break in between. This can be repeated for a couple of hours before taking a slightly longer break. Apps like “Forest” help with focus & concentration during study time & keep track of the breaks as well. It’s good to just pause for a few minutes before starting again. 

2. Power Nap

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Power naps fit perfectly within our sleeping & waking cycle. The best time for a nap is in the afternoon, following lunch. It’s usually very difficult to concentrate post-lunch, so we might as well just give ourselves a little nap to feel fresh and ready afterward. An alarm can be set to keep a limit & a plan can be made beforehand regarding which tasks to go for after the nap. 

3. Meditation

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A short span of meditation can be the best way to take a break. Sometimes it might feel like we are a bit too caught up with what we’re working on, or our mind may feel too crowded to take in anything further, that’s when meditation can work sublimely by decluttering & putting us back into focus. There are tons of short & crisp guided meditation videos on YouTube that can help with a marvelous meditation break. 

4. Taking a Walk

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Looking at screens for way too long can be exhaustive & draining for our eyes and brain. It can make us feel tired & drowsy from time to time. Taking a walk in between work can really help with getting the concentration back on track. A bit of greenery can make us feel refreshed after the dreaded hours of screen time. In addition, it’s also beneficial for our overall physical health! 

5. Hobbies

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Reading a few pages of a book can help us feel calm after a long span of work or studying. It’s a good idea to start reading a book & finishing parts of it on breaks. It helps with regaining concentration & feeling relaxed. The same goes for doing something creative or spending time on any hobbies like doodling, sewing, or journaling. Even listening to music for a bit can soothe our brains. 

6. Cleaning up a Space

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Cleaning up our work or study space can be one of the most effective ways to take a break. Organizing a certain part of our place can give the feeling of decluttering & clearing out our minds. It’s practically useful and an amazing activity as well. Perhaps it gives a sense of satisfaction afterward that can help with regaining focus & ramp up the motivation within us. 

7. Exercise

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This is not as exhausting as it sounds. Exercise releases happy hormones, therefore, making us feel more glad and less stressed. Doing a few stretches if you feel worn out from all the work can be a great idea! 

8. Have a Cup of Tea

Effective Ways to Take a Break and Become More Productive
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This one might be known to the tea addicts. It’ll feel amazing to have a cup of tea in between the dreaded spans of work, it gives a kick & tea also contains a ton of antioxidants which are good for your health. 

Breaks are the ultimate secrets to being more productive & motivated. Breaks do not only feel good but are extremely effective in terms of feeling refreshed for consecutive tasks. We always need to remember to not be too hard on ourselves, it is completely fine to take breaks, after all, breaks are what make our tasks turn out better.

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