Inspirational Stories11 Wonderful Ways to Get Rid of Fear Effectively

11 Wonderful Ways to Get Rid of Fear Effectively

Fear weakens everyone and it is the cause of not only various diseases but also millions of deaths year after year. People who can tackle their fears are great conquerors and it is this ability to conquer the fear that helps in conquering other things in life. For people who are bogged down by their fears, it makes them more underconfident and weak, taking away their potential. Not everyone is equally skilled in tackling fears and that is why it is important to know these steps by which you can tackle your fear easily.

Let’s look at 11 ways to get rid of fear effectively

1. Distract yourself for the time being

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This is a shortcut to dealing with fear. You can distract yourself for some time to stay away from anything that frightens you. This can be done by thinking about a happy memory, or by staying busy with any activity. Nonetheless, you cannot distract yourself from fear for a long time and will need to tackle it from its roots.

2. Practice meditation

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Fear is the culmination of panic, anxiety, stress, and palpitations. These problems can be easily cured through regular meditation. Meditation is a great tool to instill patience and calmness, and a calm mind can think better which eventually helps in eliminating chances of fear.

3. Tap the root cause of fear

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It is necessary to know the root of any problem. Fear itself is a problem that can not go away until it is removed from its roots. There are actually bad moments related to a certain action that trigger fear in us every time we face that situation. Hence, it is important to deal with the reasons for triggers.

4. Breath deeply

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Deep breathing increases oxygen in the body making it more conscious and active. Therefore it is advised to breathe deeply in stress and fear. This is an immediate relief and it should be the first step of defense taken when you encounter your fear.

5. Imagine the worst

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What can be the worst thing when you are afraid? You might scream, you might be disturbed for some time or you might be taken aback by the moment. But none of them is bigger than the fear of losing a life. The process of imagining the worst can be a mechanism to deal with the current fear. Researchers have also proven that when people fear the correct thing all the irrational fears fade away.

6. Face your fears


Facing your negative side is the most important step in moving ahead and exploring the positivity within. If you fear water, it’s not advised that you directly dive into a river to face the fear of drowning. But you can surely try a swimming pool. Once you learn to swim and have the confidence to stay afloat, you will start enjoying the situations you feared. This method works with all kinds of situations but with a little caution of not overdoing it.

7. Share your concerns


Share your concerns and talk about your fears with a trusted friend or family member. They might know the reasons for your fright or sometimes it so happens that they too have gone through the same situations and can tell you the best ways to get out of it.

8. Believe in yourself


Even if you talk to people and find solutions to free yourself from fears, you cannot get rid of them until you are confident. You should believe in your capabilities and strengths to tackle any situation with full confidence and come back strong even after failures.

9. Do not ignore the symptoms of being fearful


The fear of anything can become bigger with time if it is not taken into account immediately. If you feel panic stricken or anxious at a certain time or by anything in the surroundings, stop and take time to analyze this emotion. The best way to get rid of fear is to accept its existence.

10. Differentiate between rational and irrational fear


There are things we actually need to be afraid of, like falling from a broken bridge or getting sick by eating junk food on repeat. These rational fears help us to be grounded and mindful. This is why it should be acknowledged. We should not fear them but rather take steps to cure any bad habit that leads us into a fearful situation. Nonetheless, fears of things that do not even exist, such as fearing an accident when the car is at a normal speed and being anxious with this idea can be harmful to your mental health and it is these fears that need to be eradicated.

11. Do not try to be perfect


People try to show that they do not fear anything and to achieve this they try to eliminate everything that scares them. One should actually fear the idea of being perfect because humans are humans because they are imperfect, it is important to embrace these imperfections and channel fears rather than eliminate them completely.

Being a living human means you have flaws and imperfections. At some levels, these flaws can take a toll on you, and this is when you should tackle them. Nevertheless, it is important to be afraid of rational things as it stops you from being stuck in tough situations and living a mindful life.

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