Inspirational Stories11 Beautiful Reasons How Helping Others Helps You

11 Beautiful Reasons How Helping Others Helps You

Helping is the manifestation of kindness. Giving light to others life brings light in the life of the giver. It is a winning situation for everyone, it makes you feel good about yourself and makes others happy. Though not everyone has the capability to help everyone they meet, in some way they can definitely help others.

Let’s see how helping others helps you

1. Satisfaction

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The feeling of content that is derived by helping others is unparalleled to any other joy. Helping and giving gives you the satisfaction to sleep peacefully, by making others smile your heart smiles in peace and the mind gets activated to work further in this direction.

2. Self love

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Giving is the biggest reason for self love. Helping others gives you a reason to love yourself. The subconscious mind of a person will never love the feeling when they are being selfish to anyone. But at the same time if they help others the subconscious brain automatically acts in favor of the person. You feel good about yourself.

3. Increases the waves of caring

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Helping is contagious as it keeps getting transferred from one person to the next one. If you help others, they will help someone else in need and the cycle goes on creating a wave of care. This is the symbol of humanity and that human values exist and still thrive.

4. Revives humanity

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Giving revives humanity. As seen in the above reason, giving creates a wave of care, similarly, it makes people trust each other and revives the basic values of humanity.

5. Makes you more efficient at your work

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Helping others makes you more confident and gives you a purpose to work and live. This purpose makes you do things willingly and hence, improves your efficiency at work. People who are kind and giving are seen to be more diligent and active at work.

6. Help in making new friends

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Helping connect you with others. You get to know people and in this way the bond of friendship builds. Everyone who benefits from any kind of help would like to know you and be able to trust you. These are the ways to build better bonds and friendships. As kids, even in school we made our first friends by helping them with homework or by making them learn a sport.

7. Connect with the society

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Helping is an act of giving back to the society. It is automatically linked with society and therefore helps you to connect with social setups around you. Everyone accepts a kind person easily and with greater trust, hence by helping them you can get the acceptance of people easily and get a chance to serve them.

8. Everyone trusts a helping person

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All the above aspects are testimony to the fact that a trustworthy person is accepted by the society. People happen to trust those people who have the ability to sacrifice and give unconditionally to others.

9. Never leave you alone in a problem

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If you have ever helped someone in a problem, you are likely to be helped when you are stuck. No one leaves the hands of a helping person. At the same time, if you have never helped anyone or have shrugged off your shoulders when someone asked for help, you might not have anyone to count on in your tough times.

10. Help you live longer

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Researches show that a helping person lives long. Someone who helps has all the values of humanity, like kindness, love, care for others, and above all is satisfied with life and has a purpose. Having a purpose is the biggest motivation to live and be happy and if you are happy, stress and anxiety will always stay away from you giving you a longer life.

11. Helps in boosting self-esteem

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Your self-esteem gets a boost when you help others. The prayers and blessings of the person give you a sense of belongingness and happiness. You will never feel pity or depressed about yourself when there are so many people praising and praying for you.

Giving has a lot of benefits, few can be explained in words but many more can be just felt. When you do any act of kindness unconditionally it reverts back to you at some point of time in life and this is the contagious effect of kindness.

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