Travel13 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

13 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

I caught on to that travel bug very early on. Ever since I was little we’ve been on the move, shifting between cities every 2 years. Even then I felt excited about changing schools & making new friends and most of all, about being in a new place.
So in a way, I could say I always liked visiting different towns and cities. And as I grew up, so did my love for traveling. Now I’m in my 20’s and always looking for ways to travel more & more.

I remember being in college and thinking, ‘I’m going to travel forever’. And you know when you’re in college and life hasn’t really kicked in, you don’t think things through. You make plans and dreams and once you start working you notice all those plans fading away. Then you start questioning if it’s even possible to dream this dream.

Well, today I’m going to tell you, it is. If you love traveling like me, you could turn this into reality too.
Go on, read along to know how to make money while traveling.

13 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

1. Freelance

Working as a freelancer is one of the ways to travel around and make a living. There are things that each of us is really good at. It could be Content Writing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, simply anything. In today’s day and age, a lot of companies and small businesses seek out freelancers. So if you have a job that’s project-based you can work in your own time & travel the world.

2. Teach English

Teaching English abroad is one of the most common ways to make money while traveling. A lot of countries in the world aren’t as fluent in English. The schools there are always in need of good English teachers. If you are well versed in the language, you could always travel to places and teach there to make money.

3. Work As A Scuba Diver Instructor

Have you tried Scuba Diving and do you love it? You can become a certified Scuba Diver Instructor and work in a dive shop in the remotest of islands. Getting to dive every day and teach that to people for a living is a fun way to make money while traveling.

4. Become A Surfing Instructor

If you are passionate about surfing, you could become a surfing instructor. That way you get to live in places near the sea. Traveling and getting paid to do something you truly love, that’s the real dream, isn’t it?

5. Travel Blogging

With the internet taking over, ways to make money have also increased. Today the influence of social media has become greater than before. If you love traveling and creating travel content, this is something you could do. Travel the world, write blogs, make interesting vlogs, have your own Youtube channel. How to make money while doing this though? You can start by approaching brands, hotels, and travel companies to sponsor your trips. Although to be able to get paid sponsorships, you need to create a good following base on your social media. But, nothing is impossible, right?

6. Train To Become A Yoga Teacher

You’re good at Yoga and it’s a part of your life now. So, why stay in the city? Why not become a Yoga Teacher and travel the world? Today so many islands, resorts, and wellness retreats prioritize fitness and health. Yoga has become one of those things that people look forward to on their vacations. So you can get certified to teach yoga and work with resorts or get a job in a Yoga Studio anywhere in the world.

7. Try Being a Digital Nomad

This technology-driven era also allows us to make a living by working as a Digital Nomad. All you need is to be a pro at digital marketing and you’re all set to travel and make money. Have the right knowledge and expertise in the field? Work remotely for companies & travel the world.

8. Work In A Cafe

While traveling in a place for longer, you could also work in a cafe. A lot of tourist spots have fun little cafes and restaurants that are always looking to hire fun people. You can work with them for an entire season and this gives you time to enjoy the place during the day.

9. Sell Handcrafted Goodies

Is there a craft you are particularly good at? Maybe you can make handcrafted soaps or your own bread. You could sell your handcrafted items while traveling. Maybe by collaborating with local shops or bakeries too if you’re a baker. Another way to do this is by having your own Etsy Shop online. This way you can make things wherever you are and ship them out to the entire world. Though this may or may not cover all your costs, it’s a nice way to have a side hustle to earn some extra bucks.

10. Work As A Musician

If you’re a musician or even a DJ, you could travel to places and use your talent to make a living. You could get contract-based work with hotels to put up a live gig in their restaurants. You could even work as a DJ in places with party culture. This allows you to keep shifting base and make money while traveling.

11. As A Photographer

Photography as an art form has picked up in the last few years tremendously. Whatever your genre of photography is, you could find work anywhere in the world. Restaurants and cafes hire photographers on a project basis. So while traveling, you could hit up cafes and see if you can work with them. If you’re into fashion photography you can approach small clothing labels. This way you can keep your passion alive and travel the world. As a photographer with good stock images, you can also sell your prints online to make some money on the side.

12. House – Sitting (Caretaker)

House-Sitting is basically looking after someone’s house while they are out of town. It’s like babysitting except in this case the house is the baby. Though the idea involves good background checks, it does work well in some countries. And, in doing so you get paid to stay in someone’s house. This way you live rent-free & travel the world.

13. Work On A Cruise ship

Another way to make money while traveling the world is by working on a cruise ship or a yacht. Cruiseships need crew members to look after a bunch of things and hire seasonally. Based on your area of expertise, you could sail with them and get paid to live at sea.

There are a lot more ways to be able to travel forever. It just requires you to network and be creative. Good people, skills, and talent are what will pull you through. Having a source of passive income helps too. You could invest in stock markets or barter where you work in exchange for food and accommodation.

A lot of us aren’t built for those 9-5 cubicle jobs so try creating a lifestyle that you don’t need to escape from. Being able to travel for a living sounds like a dream, but like all dreams, this one too can come true.

Happy Travelling!


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