Travel15 Best Road Trips In India

15 Best Road Trips In India

Traveling has never been out of the trend, no matter what the situation is. It took a halt for a few months but got back in shape again. This time, devoid of mainstream family trips, we will talk about the best road trips in India.

With the new year, people are trying to get over the pathetic pandemic and getting down to experience the new normal, but with precautions. Even the travel sector is coming back to play with a set of new rules and regulations. However, a few people still like to keep an extra layer of protection. Therefore, a tour like the ones you had with family and friends might seem a bit too much, but not a self-driven road trip, with one or two people around. If you are wondering where to visit, here is the list of places to experience the best road trips in India.

15 Best Road Trips In India

1. Kolkata To Digha

If you belong to Bengal, you might have visited Digha at least once in your life. If not, pack your bags to experience the popular beach, just a few kilometers away from the city of joy. Spend a weekend here and live the vibe of Bengal with local delicacies.

2. Mumbai to Goa

Goa is pretty popular among millennials. It’s okay, even if you are not one (and not a boomer), you can still enjoy Goa as it makes one of the best road trips in India by car. With greenery on one side and blue hues on the other, the road trip will surely rest your mind away from the daily busy life!

3. Bangalore to Ooty

En route via NH275, you are taking one of the best road trips in India to cover from Bangalore to Ooty. With hills, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls, this journey will ensure you get the best of the lustrous nature and scenic beauty. If you consider visiting anytime between October to June, it will be pleasant and favorable weather around. The main attraction of this trip is Bandipur because of the dense forest covering the entire region.

4. Guwahati to Tawang

Into the North-eastern belts, take one of the long and best road trips in India, starting from Guwahati and stretch up to Tawang. With mountains in the backdrop along with beautiful nature, get ready to fill your journey of approximately 553 km with a lot of uneven terrains.

5. Mumbai to Lonavala Khandala

Driving by the backdrop of the Sahyadri range while covering the Bhutan tunnel, the 83 km journey from Mumbai to Lonavla Khandala would be one of the best road trips in India that you can undertake. On your way, you can also pay a visit to Khopoli if your itinerary permits you.

6. Ahmedabad to Kutch

Shifting from the bright-colored cities to all white sand, you can cover all the distance from Ahmedabad to Kutch. Besides being the best road trips in India, the unique attraction of the place is the Wild Ass Sanctuary and Hodko Village. Feast the delicacies found throughout your journey.

7. Pune to Goa

Even though it is not a huge distance to cover the best road trips in India by car, from Pune to Goa, you will stop by the hill station of Khandala and the small towns of Satara till you make your way to Kolhapur. This aside, you can get a glimpse of a 19th century-old Mahalaxmi temple and a museum with Greek idols.

8. Darjeeling to Pelling

From Bengal to Sikkim, the gateway to the mountainous backdrop and through green luscious tea garden, one of the best road trips in India by a car that you prefer. It takes around 4-5 hours approximately to cover but will take you to an entirely different world, from the daily chaos of life.

9. Chennai to Pondicherry

Driving through the coastal lines would definitely feel mesmerizing throughout your journey from Chennai to Pondicherry. With the vibrant city colors and the rising coconut and palm to cool yourself down.

10. Delhi to Lansdowne

If you have not heard about this rare place, it belongs to the northern half of India. Resting between churches, museums, and hill stations, the journey from Delhi to Lansdowne will readily give you the best road trips in India vibe with its beauty.

11. Srinagar to Leh

If you are planning your trip from Srinagar to Leh, know that this one will be one of the memorable and best road trips in India. Your destination will make you encounter Zoji La Pass and Kargil, which are the two main attractions. Apart from these, you can stop at places to enjoy the vibrant greenery and beautiful nature around.

12. Pondicherry to Kovalam

From the cityscape’s vivid colors to shift into the city of lakes would be such a mesmerizing and the best road trip in India. You can consider stopping at Haldwani and enjoy a good meal around the roadside dhabas.

13. Chennai to Yelagiri

This can be the most enjoyable road trip in India that adventure sports lovers can consider. With sharp turns and many water bodies around, this trip will provide a thrilling vibe. It has an approximate distance of 230 km to complete the journey.

14. Delhi to Jaipur

Considering you are availing the NH 48, it might not take you more than 5 hours to complete one of your best road trips in India by car. A wide historical backdrop with nature around would be soothing to the eyes. The best part is that there will be a lot of eateries as well as shopping stalls in your way.

15. Delhi to Leh

This one will be the longest and one of India’s best road trips. Get ready to cover more than 1000 km crossing cities, small towns, villages, hill stations, and mountains. The lustrous scenic beauty will be the bonus add-on along a lot of eateries on your way.

Never stop just after covering one of these best road trips in India by car. Roam around and explore the most out of your trip. Pack your bags and get ready to travel but with proper precautions.


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