Travel10 Destinations That Are Too Expensive for Poor People

10 Destinations That Are Too Expensive for Poor People

Traveling is something that is on everyone’s bucket list. There are a lot of places on this planet where you can travel on a budget. But did you know that few destinations in the world are beyond imagination for poor people? Such people cannot afford these destinations at all because they are way too expensive for them.

10 Destinations That Are Too Expensive for Poor People

1. Forestis, Dolomites, Italy

Italy has already been one of the most favourite destinations for travellers. This country has everything that one requires, from beauty to peace, it is just awesome. But this place in Italy called Forestis is way too unaffordable for regular people. The hotel is built on a sanatorium and people come here to rejuvenate themselves. This lavish hotel serves the best meals prepared by excellent chefs. Also, the hotel is free for kids and undoubtedly this place is a dream destination and it costs $2400/night.

2. Six Senses Shaharut, Israel

Israel is a very hot place but it doesn’t stop it from being one of the most loved places of many rich people. The Negev desert is one location where people love spending their time. The Six Senses is a place where people love spending their money and in that heat, what could be better than an amazing spa. It costs $9200 for a night’s stay in this 5-star desert oasis.

3. Davos, Switzerland

Who doesn’t love Switzerland? This place is undoubtedly heaven on Earth. But this place in Switzerland is something beyond your imagination. Davos is for those super-rich people who want to spend their holidays in a very extravagant way. Even the cheapest hotel in this place will cost you somewhere around $500 a night and it can go up as much as $2000 per night. This is a place for millionaires and billionaires and a holiday here could cost a fortune for regular people.

4. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

This place in Thailand offers a tented camp with all the luxuries you can imagine. It also offers a lot of adventurous sports to enjoy and this place is definitely not for those people who came here just to relax, because if you spend your time relaxing, then you would be missing out on a lot of things that this place has to offer. They also offer amazing food cooked by brilliant chefs and you can also see the elephants living there. The camps cost around $1800 a night.

5. Royal Malewane, South Africa

South Africa is a very loved country, and getting to see a lot of animals is on everyone’s bucket list. This Royal Malewane has made placed in the 20 best resorts in the world in 2020. It has lodge houses with just 8 suites, each with its own pool. One of the cheapest stays at this place could cost you around $5,000 a night and it can go up to $15,000.

6. Emerald Resort and Spa, Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is surrounded by crystal clear water and people love spending their holidays here. This resort in the Maldives gives you an option to choose between a beach villa or an over-water villa. The cost here is $2000 per night and each villa has its own pool, deck, tennis court, jet skies, paddle boats, etc. You will be living your best life here but only if you are rich.

7. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

This Safari Camp in Kenya is not just for camping but it also offers a very close connection with the wildlife. The Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Serengeti National park have a lot to offer here. This place is undeniably for those people who love fauna and wish to spend some quality time around it. Not only this, but it also offers full luxury to its guests with all the facilities that you could imagine. It costs $3000 per night.

8. Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

This place is heaven with its clear water, beautiful palm trees, and white clean beaches. Spending your holidays here, that too in this lavish villa is certainly exclusive to rich people. The beautiful view and exotic food are a once in a lifetime kind of experience. This could cost you somewhere around $5400 to $34,000 per night and you have to stay for a minimum of 3 nights.

9. Submarine Hotel, St. Lucia

This submarine hotel is as beautiful as it gets. It gives you a very different and fun experience in the Caribbean sea. It costs $2,80,000 per night and sure, not everyone can afford this price. You also get a private chef and a personal helper here for all your needs. Spending a few days under the water in a submarine hotel is definitely fantastic.

10. Antarctica on the Magellan Explorer

Antarctica is one of the exotic travel destinations; when it becomes luxurious, then it just adds a cherry on top. This place is sure for the extra rich people and tourism at this place is only increasing day by day. This Magellan Explorer is an ice fairing vessel and 71 guests can spend their time in it at once. It costs around $12,000 to $24,000 per night.


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