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11 Ways to Improve Your Analytical Skills

Alphabets made sense when they were combined into words and words made sense when written in the form of sentences. But to understand and interpret sentences and apply the wisdom of words in your lives, analyzing them is important. The proper comprehension of a paragraph or book for a better understanding can hardly be emphasized more.

11 Ways to Improve Your Analytical Skills

1. Understanding the importance of analyzing

To analyze a piece in a better way it is necessary to know the importance of analysing it. If you are aware of why you have to interpret the piece efficiently you would be able to connect with it immediately. Being aware of the idea of analyzing is the initial step to building analytical skills.

2. Improving vocabulary

Many times you can not make sense of a sentence because the words are French and Latin to you. Therefore it is better to have a dictionary while reading and comprehending. Dictionary applications on phones come in handy and are a great way to improve one’s vocabulary and utilize it while reading and analyzing works in books and journals.

3. Importance of grammar skills

Figures of speech, subject-verb agreement, and other grammatical tools might not seem relevant until you are unable to crack a tough piece of writing due to the lack of knowledge of these small rules. It’s never too late to learn them and hence it is a good idea to be thorough with basic attributes of language and grammar to interpret writing better.

4. Comprehending the given abstract

A given paragraph may not be more than facts and sentences with full stops here and there until you comprehend them well. Understanding the grammatical meaning of a piece helps you to have command of at least the language and the way of writing of the writer along with the direct meanings the paragraph is trying to convey. This is a step in analyzing it fully, after comprehending comes interpreting which comes only after practice, and after following the first step is comprehending.

5. Reading the given piece several times

This step is a twin sister to the one above it because the two always work together. Only when you read a given line several times will you be able to read between the lines and come out with a better and more articulate interpretation of it?

6. Paying attention

This is a very common mistake which is often confused with the inability to analyse. A lack of attention is very different from a lack of ability to analyze and interpret. But it is surely a way that puts you away from your goal. The idea of getting distracted by other works in between reading or focusing on one work most of the time takes your energy away from the fruitful work and you are not able to fulfill the commitment to understand a piece of writing. It is a good practice you keep all distractions away while reading, this will surely help in grasping things in a better way.

7. Significance of group discussions

Sometimes, what you are not able to understand someone else might be able to tell you through their words. Therefore, being involved in intellectual group discussions may decipher your problems easily. This is why group discussions are still one of the best ways to solve bigger problems.

8. The use of audio-video help

Few people can understand things by just reading, while others need additional sources like help from videos and audio clips. In the present world finding out these resources are not difficult, therefore you should make the best out of it and improve your skills at decoding sentences and writing.

9. Linking words with the practical world

It is often heard and said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, similarly, all reading and no application can also make one a dull person who is not able to analyze what they read. When you link theory with the practical world, things become easier and not only analytical skills, but also the experience of life and the environment around also improves.

10. Read a lot

Reading more is directly linked with more willingness to read which ultimately makes you an expert in it. Reading more helps you to comprehend better which in a way leads to better analytical power.

11. Meditate for better focus

Last but not least meditation cannot be emphasized enough. It improves one’s focus and helps one to pay attention in reading and analyzing writeups. It also helps in getting more clarity in understanding which works wonders when you try to link theory with practicality.

All these steps working together as different parts of a machine enhance the output and make your brain more capable to think and analyze in a far better way than before.

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