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11 Practical Ways to Reuse Old Clothes that cannot be Donated

Millions of surveys every year show the increasing trends in purchasing clothes. Year after year the number of clothes a person purchases and above all discards is waving by multiples of 2. The problem with this is the precipitation of waste clothes that find their places in dumping grounds. These crowds of clothes are neither good for the environment nor for the economy and society we live in.

11 Practical Ways to Reuse Old Clothes that cannot be Donated

1. Composting natural fabrics

Not all clothes are non-biodegradable, cotton and other biodegradable fabrics are not only comfortable options for summer but can also be composted by digging a pit and putting all your old biodegradable clothes in it. This is a great way to reduce your carbon count and provide nutrients back to the soil.

2. Donating them to animal welfare shelters

Animal welfare centres are always in search of clothes and newspapers for the little creatures. Donating your old clothes would not only help you get rid of them but also give dogs and cats cosy blankets and bedding options.

3. Donating clothes to apparel recycling programmes

Sustainable fashion has hit every brand. Conscious fashion is building its markets and several brands are organizing apparel recycling programmes. H & M, for instance, has started its apparel recycling drive where you can donate your old clothes which are sent for recycling and in return get discounts on your purchases.

4. Using it to create smaller clothing pieces

Ever since COVID-19 hit the world, masks are the first use of old clothes that comes into our minds. You can reform this idea into several other ways and create small useful goods for use. For example, masks, handkerchiefs, baby wipes and much more.

5. Use it as a stuffing for pillows and bedding

People often prefer softer and more comfortable clothes rather than exuberant and fancy ones. If you are someone with more comfortable and softer clothing items you can easily use these to fill pillows since they are softer they will be used by all, this can further be reformed by using the clothes to fill into beddings used in winter.

6. Using sweaters as pillow covers

This is by far the cutest and easiest use of old clothes. You can simply dress the pillows in pastel and neon jumpers and cardigans. This easy and quick hack will add more space to your wardrobe and more brightness to the drawing room.

7. Using clothes to cover tables

Indian homes have already mastered the art of using all the old clothes and stitching them together to make tablecloths. Anyone can master this art and make several options when it comes to making table covers. Large-sized shirts, shawls and pieces of sarees can also be utilised this way.

8. Hair accessories

Dainty hair accessories can be created out of any kind of old clothes. All you need is a little creativity, it can be changed into a pretty headband or colourful scrunchies. The more you venture into the world of creativity the more options you can explore to use any waste cloth.

9. Reusable sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins made from non-biodegradable material are one of the major wastes being dumped in landfills, and it is estimated to get even worse with time. Any piece of old cloth can be converted into a reusable sanitary napkin by adding a layer of absorbent material as a core. Any material such as Cotton fleece, Hemp fleece or bamboo fleece can be used for this purpose.

10. Using bigger clothes to create smaller ones

Everyone has kids at home who love to dress up every day. Instead of getting newer clothes, you can make them yourself. The availability of ample cloth hacks does not even require a lot of sewing and if you have large clothes like shirts or skirts they can easily be converted into cute tunics and dresses for kids.

11. Rugs for home

Beautifying a home cannot get easier than this. Whenever you buy anything for yourself or your house you always buy the best so why not reuse the best in all ways possible? Using colourful clothes as rugs for homes can add a vibrant touch to the floors. It needs a little patience and beautiful pieces can be made.

Clothes are one of the most versatile materials. Reusing them is as easy as buying them, all you need is a little creativity and willingness to make a positive change in your lifestyle.

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