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10 Times Disney Princesses Went Wrong In Portrayal Of Movies

Disney Princesses are probably one of the first memories in terms of stories and films. We have grown up watching Cinderella running to her home as the clock hits 12 and Belle reading books. We have loved all of them, haven’t we? In Between all the magic and influence, we have covered the fats of how Disney princesses went wrong a lot of times. But do you think you will still love their story as you used to? Are they still your role models?

The question that might arise in your head right now would be, why are we making such a deal of some animated pictures? Because of their popularity and effect on kids. It is crucial to let the young ones perceive things that will give them positive morals to inculcate rather than any stereotypical rallies.

10 Times Disney Princesses Went Wrong In Portrayal Of Movies

1. False beauty standards

Every Disney princess has body castes of a Kardashian (and Jenner). So, in simpler words, it is unrealistic to achieve. They have curvy bodies and few of them are even overly sexualized.

When we begin to count the women with colors, we get really disappointed. All the Disney princesses that went wrong, except for literally a few, are white. One of the most famous princesses (Snow White) is even ‘praised’ for being white. I mean, come on!

2. The extreme stereotype representation

Though Belle from Beauty and the Beast manages to pull down the stereotype by portraying a girl of intelligence, in the same movie other girls are mocked for being ‘men-chasers’ where the portrayal of Disney princesses went wrong.

A lot of princesses are shown as ‘moral’ or even ‘different than others because they do household chores. It is simply catering to stupid norms associated with women.

3. None of them went to school

Though some princesses are shown to be doing more than just waiting for men, none of them, and I REPEAT none of them went to school or pursued education. They were seen to be reading a book and be a witty person, yet school is somehow not something they choose which is a part where Disney princesses went wrong once again.

4. The difficulty in understanding consent

Probably the most problematic of all, since the audience of Disney movies is mainly kids, it is quite absurd to show princesses being kissed while asleep. Like why did the wandering prince kiss Snow White when he saw her sleeping? Ever heard of consent? What if Snow White did not want to be kissed? Why was it made okay for her to get kissed just because the guy was a handsome prince? We did not think of these times when Disney princesses went wrong. But it is high time to break the ties.

5. Is magic the only solution?

Most of the time, the princesses rely on magic to solve their problems. If Disney redoes a bit of concept from the film and changes it in a manner that shows the princesses fighting the situation without the help of magic, wouldn’t the message be stronger?

In real life, everything needs a fight. Nothing just gets solved by magic, or in layman’s terms, nothing gets solved by itself as it has been shown and the Disney princesses went wrong.

6. Everything is about finding a prince charming

Again, with the exception of a few, most of the princesses are only made to find happiness after they have found their dear savior, the hero. Ariel left her family for a guy. It would have had a better story if she fought for her freedom more than just a guy she randomly met.

Though finding love is not wrong (if anything it is the best) making it only relevant is what we stand against. Also, we need to keep in mind the fact that most (almost all) of the princesses are just teenagers which is why these Disney princesses went wrong. It is hardly possible for them to find love that soon. We need some heartbreak too.

7. Unreal problems

Though we know that after all Disney princesses are just animated stories made for kids since these princesses are considered idols for young girls, it is important for it to be a bit (only a bit is asked) realistic. Therefore, it is important to raise your voice on how the Disney princesses went wrong.

8. Their powers are not defined

Though Frozen has managed to conflict many other subjectable issues with Disney princesses, it still is not ‘perfect’, whatsoever. Elsa, without any doubt, has magnificent powers that were never explained in any sort. How she got those powers, is another mystery the audience needs to solve. The stories are often half-told which makes them not connective.

9. Representation of a toxic relationship

This might be the most middle-of-the-road problem that should be revolted against. Where Ariel literally put her whole family in endangering with a guy, Belle fell in love with a beast. Though, one should understand that beast if interpreted in a real-life scenario, comes out to be that ‘bad guy’ who is overly obnoxious and rude yet not to her female, which in itself is a toxic mentality.

10. They are often shown as ‘not like other girls’

We know Cinderella was bullied in a domestic setting yet in some way she was shown a bit different than her ‘loud’ and ‘men-crazy’ sisters. She was shown to be more ‘domestic’ and ‘nicer’ and did not care for a guy. As for Belle, she was our idol who makes it totally okay to be different, yet in the same sense, she is seen putting blame upon other girls.


It is high time we take a stand against the wrong of these quite famous stories and movies since they hold a grave impact on today’s young ones, especially girls. These issues can seem far-fetched to have any deep effect on teens, but it is nothing but building blocks of one’s perception and beliefs.


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