Entertainment11 Business Lessons From Suits

11 Business Lessons From Suits

Suits has by far been one of the most-watched and loved TV series ever. This series has taught us so many things including some of the very intelligent and clever business lessons.

11 Business Lessons From Suits

1. Improve your argument instead of raising your voice

Raising your voice doesn’t make you more intelligent, instead, make a habit of improving your arguments. This will make the other person shut his mouth and you will have a chance to prove your argument as well.

2. There’s always a choice 

There will be so many times in the future when you will have no idea where to go. But remember that even if all the doors are closed, there will still be some choices left for you. You just need to hustle and find it.

3. Mistakes are fine

Humans are full of mistakes. This is why pencils have erasers at their end. People make mistakes and it is completely fine. Making mistakes allows you to better yourself and never take that path again. Also, learn to acknowledge your mistakes and fix them as soon as possible.

4. Anyone can do your job, but no one can be you

Always keep in mind that your superpower is you. There are so many people in this world who can do the same job that you are doing right now, but the good part is that no one can do it the way you do it. Focus on making yourself an asset that everyone wants to own.

5. Mentorship is important 

Having one good mentor can change your life. Mike had a mentor like Harvey. We all deserve a mentor in our life with whom we can discuss all our problems and issues. Your mentor can be anyone, maybe your teacher, your parents, spouse, boss, etc. Just make sure to have one with whom you can be transparent.

6. Avoid doing anything unethically

Do not even imagine doing anything unethical and getting away with it without facing any consequences for it. You might not face it immediately but you will surely have to pay for your sins in the coming future. The better option is not to do any bad deed and try to do things with utmost honesty.

7. If you are backed against the wall, break that thing

Nothing should stop you. Challenges are a part of your life and if something stops you, learn how to break that thing. Do not ever let anything stand in the way of you and your success. 

8. If you can’t convince, provide something better

Sometimes it is okay to not offer exactly what your customers need. In that case, what you can do is come up with something better. Find out what matters more and your customers are going to pay until and unless you are providing them the better deal.

9. Fake it till you make it 

Do not take this saying in a negative way. Learn how Mike worked in a law firm without even having an actual law degree. All you need is the utmost confidence in yourself and sheer hard work. Trust me, most of us here are faking it most of the time.

10. Love thyself

Have you loved someone so much that you will do anything for them? Right, you need to love yourself that way. Give yourself that time and importance and do not let that hunger inside you die. It is the only thing that is going to bring you on top of your game.

11. We go down together

The essence of this series is loyalty. The kind of faith Harvey showed in Mike and vice versa is hardly seen. You need to have that kind of trust among your team and with the people who work for you. Do not be afraid to come down because you are gonna be together and you are gonna win together, again.


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