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15 Best Short Films That You Can Watch On YouTube

Gone are the days when a ‘good’ film was the one which bombed on the silver screen. The world is pacing towards more indie and low-budgeted productions. Short films are the new definition of anthemic stories and acting.

So, if you’re looking for some exceptionally good storytelling,

15 Best Short Films That You Can Watch On YouTube

1. Legally Raped – BehindwoodsTV

Marital rape is still legal in India and is the main premise of this very enlightening and crucial short film called Legally Raped. With amazing storytelling technique and outstanding acting, this indeed is a recommended short story with a very important topic that needs a vast discussion.

2. Hair Love – Sony Pictures Animations

Hair Love is an animated story that manages to magnificently flaunt the story of a little girl and the heart-warming tale of her hair and her mother. The movie has minimum to no dialogue and yet it wonderfully captures every beautiful thing in life.

3. THE JOB – Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Kalki Koechlin is an amazing and underrated actor, we all know that. Her work in the short film THE JOB is another classified example of the commendable job she does. The film highlights the significance of reality in our life that kills our dreams. It is relatable to each one of us and the relevancy is greatly coordinated with the dramatic themes.

4. What’s Wrong? – Skadoosh Films

If you think movies are supposed to be extravagant and high-budgeted to convey a powerful and meaningful message, dear, you are so mistaken. What’s Wrong? is a short film based on depression and how its presence can devastate a person’s life. There is a simplicity and yet strong tone in the film that captures everyone vastly.

5. Locker Room – Short of The Week

The locker room is one of the most realistic descriptions of the pathetic and grim attitude of teenagers nowadays that coverts everything blur in terms of justifiable and plain pathetic. The use of female objectification, glorifying shaming, etc. by normal teenagers is reliably portrayed in this film.

6. Passing – Jolie Hales

Some movies cannot be described in words, because there is no one particular lesson that you learn from them. Passing is one such film that is available on YouTube. The film is beautiful, tear-jerking, and is definitely a must-watch.

7. Tindey – LargeShortFilms

Extra-marital affair is the main premise of the short film, but it is way more than that. Everyone should understand the significance of a life partner in their life and how a little step can disbalance everything. Tindey is a simple masterpiece to convey this very important idea.

8. Khayali Pulao – Mostlysane

Everyone knows Mostlysane AKA Prajakta Koli for her hysterical YouTube videos and the funny storylines that are very relatable and breaks us in tears with laughter. Little did we know the gem that she could cultivate in a form of a short film. Khayali Pulao really makes you wonder and be grateful for all the little things that you own and often tend to take for granted.

9. Oodh – Pockets Films – Indian Short Films

There is nothing, and I repeat- nothing, more important than our family. The undescribed moments and little span of happiness that you spend with your family and loved ones are exceptionally special. Oodh will allow you to endure a venture of daily and mundane time we spend with our family and make you feel a depth of pleasure.

10. The Most Beautiful Thing – Cameron Covell

The Most Beautiful Thing is a caressing story of two young individuals and the love that blooms amongst them. The path of love finding success is not easy, there are many reasons to not be together and yet love does find its way. This is what we find in this short film. But there is more for you to unravel there. There is more, I say.

11. If We Love – Reel Clef

If We Love short film teaches us to be kind to everyone, even random people we meet since you don’t know what they are suffering from. A little smile, saying you look beautiful, thank you, etc. can mean the world to random people, and sometimes can even be a life savior.

12. Silent Love – Codcast Channel

If you are in the mood for a stirring short film that is choked with romance, Silent Love is the one for you. Love is always in the air, is it not?

13. Cheap Dress – Roaring Reels Production

The world is atrociously brutal and inhumane. Criminal cases such as sexual assault and eve-teasing continue to burn on the news, every day. The even more ghastly thing is that people ‘victim-blame’ without even reasoning the real criminal. Cheap Dress is a great short film to address this odious practice.

14. Mindset – ameliajcrawford

So, if you are looking to sit and cry, then watch this mind-blowing short film. Mindset is a crafty and amazing short film with a beautiful yet heart-aching ending that will hold you forever. It also represents the LGBTQIA+ community in a very real and beautiful way that this generation urgently needs.


Spice up your boring watchlist with a very gripping short film. There is nothing better than a daunting and suspenseful thriller. The film, Drink, is one of those containing a story that will captivate you.

Some outstanding films, sometimes, don’t catch the eyes of all. Hope this list does justice to all of these hidden gems and brings entertainment to you – dear movie lovers!


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