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10 Rules For Being a Millennial Girl

Yes, we do agree that social criteria mustn’t matter to any girl. However, a girl’s position and her authority have changed over the period. Girls have now treated nothing less than a boys. Today, girls are much respected and honored as compared to the old days. The change only depends on us as we can only change the thinking of society.

10 Rules For Being a Millennial Girl

1. Watch your mouth

Talking rudely or using abusive language never suits an ideal lady. An educated, respected, and highly honoured woman would never behave in such a manner. Make sure to watch your mouth while conversing with anyone.

2. Knowledge is power

Nothing in this world can beat knowledge. A lady who has a little bit of knowledge about everything can always increase her circle of friends. So, try to stay centred on everything that’s happening around you, be it politics, science, art, sports, films, or anything. It’s always good to have a little bit of knowledge about everything.

3. Always have manners

Manners are an essential thing for everyone. No matter how educated or high-class, you are. If you do not possess good manners, then no one is going to like you. It is a must for being a respected lady.

4. Learn the art of conversation

It is one of the most complicated things, but those who master this can become millennial ladies. A good conversationalist is appreciated and admired by everyone. It will help you in making friends and get your things done too.

5. Drink responsibly

Every citizen must be a responsible drinker. A respected lady would never drink too much at a party that she couldn’t handle. It would be best if you avoid having harsh drinks when you are going out with strangers. However, you can always treat yourself to some good cocktails, wine, or tequilas. It always looks unprofessional when you have drunk more than your capacity to tolerate. Learn to take care of yourself.

6. Gossiping is not for you

Yeah, we all indulged in gossiping in our college days, but it is not cool anymore. You are a millennial lady, and gossiping doesn’t suit you. Millennial ladies believe in bringing other girls up rather than gossiping about them to bring them down.

7. Never kiss and tell

A millennial lady very well knows how to keep her private life private. She will never talk about her things to everyone she meets. Your personal life should be protected from every other person, and no one has any right to know about every little detail. We all know that some people can be mean and start judging you. So, it is always better to keep your things to yourself.

8. Dress like a lady

Your approach and dressing sense create your personality, which tells a lot about you. Always keep a check on your clothes and the way you are carrying them. Your clothes can make a first impression in front of other people. Make sure to choose your comfort over anything while buying clothes. Nothing is worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes and being clumsy in front of other people.

9. Say no to being a ‘drama queen’

You are no longer a teenager now craving attention from everyone. A millennial lady doesn’t need to become a drama queen to gain others’ attention. No one has useless time to hear your rant or excuses. Start talking about your results rather than ranting about anything.

10. Respect your commitments

It is never cool to cancel your responsibilities or meetings at the last moment. It is highly unprofessional behavior that will never be expected from a respected lady. Respect other people’s time and never make any promises if you can’t fulfill them.


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