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10 Things India Needs To Fix To Be A Superpower

India is a country that has everything it needs in order to become a superpower. It is full of natural resources and huge manpower to tackle a lot of problems.

10 Things India Needs To Fix To Be A Superpower

1. Understand the meaning of superpower

Becoming a superpower means having development in such a manner that it doesn’t hamper your valuable natural resources. Growth and development shouldn’t be at the cost of exploiting the nature and neglecting human rights. Having a mindset of loving and serving other people is something that can really help us in moving forward.

2. Diplomacy and good international relations

India has been very diligently working on improving its international relationships with various countries. India made Pakistan stop its cross-border terrorism. It has also provided huge financial support to the Maldives over its debt from China. There are many other problems such as Chinese expansion, terrorism by neighboring countries, etc. Everything will get fixed once it targets its idea of becoming a superpower.

3. Focus more on their gains

India ended its colonial rule in 1947 and whatever it managed to achieve is impressive. It is a diverse nation having around 8 religions, 2000 castes, 22 main languages, and many tribes and sectors. It is really challenging to witness all these people and fulfil their needs according to them. But India has managed to live harmoniously despite all the riots and conflicts happening all around the country. Indians need to develop a little more brotherhood than face any loss to gain more.

4. Practice equality

India has a lot of inequality and it is not hidden from anyone. A country where its citizen is divided is never going to progress. India needs to start treating its people equally regardless of their caste, religion, goals, etc. Together we can move forward and be stronger.

5. Education

The fact that India is one of the least educated countries in the world is really pinching. All the developed countries have mastered their education system and most of the people are educated. The literacy rate of this country is only 74%. It also has a very low female literacy rate. The social and economical differences are creating a hindrance in its education.

6. Healthcare

Healthcare and education are two of the very basic needs that a country needs to fix to become a superpower. Working on areas such as proper sanitation facilities, more hospitals, affordable healthcare, etc, is essential to becoming a developed nation.

7. Ensure implementation of laws and acts

Making laws and acts is not only enough. You have to make sure that the implementation of those things is also done properly. Despite having the lengthiest constitution in the world, India still hasn’t been successful in managing and implementing all these laws. Focusing on this issue is going to solve half the problems of the country.

8. Build a strong economy

All the developed countries have a very strong economy. The main problem that lies in front of us is that Indian products are not able to compete in the global market and are mainly used by the local people. However, India has the 4th largest economy in the world but it also has a huge population. So, India needs to up their game.

9. Using the population to their advantage

India has a population of 1.35 billion people and is currently the 2nd most populated country after China. The good thing is that 50% of the population is the young crowd, having people below the age of 24. This is a huge workforce and India could use its minds for the good of the nation.

10. Focusing more on the environment

India is a huge country and to fulfill the needs of every citizen, it needs to focus more on the environmental aspects. There are so many areas that need to be looked after and worked on. Things like cutting of forests, over-irrigation of lands, water wastage, animal exploitation, pollution, excess use of natural resources, etc, should be fixed.


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