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11 Signs Poor People Are Trying to Look Rich

We all know some people who are actually broke but always pretend to look rich. They waste their hard-earned money on something highly expensive or something that is totally out of their budget. They try hard to please people and in the world of social media, we all know how fake it could be.

11 Signs Poor People Are Trying to Look Rich

1. Their car is more expensive than their house

You do not live in your car, you live in your house. So it is very simple math which one should be more expensive than the other one? People often spend lakhs of money on buying a car when actually, buying a car is a liability and buying a house is an asset. You need to buy a comfortable home rather than buying an extravagant vehicle just to please people.

2. They brag about money

You will never see rich people bragging about their wealth. It is always the poor people who often show off the little money they have. They will often brag about the assets they own and many times they are not even real. Money is something that doesn’t need any discussion, if you are rich you will probably know it.

3. Buying bedazzled items

Poor people like to show off their over-the-top items and post them on every social media possible. Be it an expensive dress, an expensive pair of goggles, or their expensive Starbucks drink, they just like showcasing their things even when it is not needed at all.

4. Name dropping

It means when you are mentioning some famous person’s name in your conversation just to act cooler in front of other people. You are only successful when your name is enough for that person. Deliberately mentioning someone’s name to want credibility is very cheap.

5. They pretend entry-level brands are luxury brands

Brands like Coach, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora are just entry-level brands and they are not actual luxury brands. They usually target middle-class people, it’s just that such individuals pay a bit more price just to look cool and flashy in front of others. Real luxury brands are not for these people and they surely cannot afford them.

6. There’s less money in the bag than they paid for the bag

Buying expensive things when you cannot afford them and when it costs you a fortune is the dumbest thing ever. Getting a bag worth lakhs of rupees when you do not have even a thousand rupees in your bag is very sad. People do such things just to flaunt themselves but in reality, they are very stupid.

7. Cash

You will never see rich people carrying cash and flaunting it in front of other people. We often see poor people showing off their money. They just try hard to keep themselves up on the pedestal whereas, in reality, they are nowhere even around the pedestal.

8. They rent or borrow cars to go on dates

We all have such kind of friends who always try to catfish other people by showing something that is not a reality in their lives. They borrow or rent a car just to go on a fancy date and to impress that person with their money which in reality is not real. People who value the importance of money will never do such things.

9. They are a walking billboard for brands

Poor people often keep their focus on showing off various brands they are wearing, whereas rich people do not care much about such things. Poor people are actually used by these brands to advertise their products by flashing the brand names and they happily do it as well. In reality, your individuality matters more than the brand you are wearing.

10. Bad plastic surgery and fake tans

Poor people often want to match the level of wealthy people be it in any way possible. They can also go for cheap plastic surgeries and fake tans which in turn make them look very unattractive and they just end up ruining their face and body. Plastic surgeries are such things that require proper treatment and if not done properly they might end up doing the worse for you.

11. They overdress

People do not understand the meaning of less is more. Overdressing is not cool and you only end up looking like a shop instead of looking attractive. Poor people ignore this concept and try to wear everything they own just to show off and end up looking bizarre. Rich people know how to dress appropriately and believe in keeping it minimal.


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