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10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

The basis for pupils’ development is laid by teachers, who are said to be the builders of society. They serve, but are they paid for it? The response is “No.” Teaching is one of the professions that receive the least respect and compensation in India and throughout the world. Because let’s face it, teachers are more than simply instructors. They serve as emotional supporters, therapists, counselors, and mentors. They operate with ease for the pupils’ advantage. They cause the students’ personalities to change. Teachers are admirable people. However, despite having so many roles, teachers are not compensated for everything they do for the children. Teachers are frequently expected to do various tasks and show off their skills to the students.

Teachers must do their best to persuade elected officials and school administrators to raise teachers’ pay. Otherwise, excellent educators might leave the public sector, creating a global teacher shortage. The following information explains why education committees and legislators should consider all of the following arguments for raising teachers’ wages. Teachers should be paid equally to engineers and doctors

10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

1. Teachers are quitting

It’s an open secret that teachers make a pitiful wage. A family cannot subsist only on the income of a teacher. It is so little that it hardly meets even the most necessities. People also criticize them when they claim they want to become teachers because they are paid so little. According to recent statistics, one teacher out of every four is thinking about leaving their position. Low pay, mental strain, and a lack of appreciation were the causes. When successful teachers leave their jobs, the student’s performance may suffer.

2. No extra payments

Teachers are only paid for the predetermined number of hours. Even if they stay after school and work overtime, they won’t be eligible for additional compensation. At the end of the month, they will receive their regular salary. They may effortlessly put in an extra 2 to 3 hours after school on many occasions yet they never receive any compensation. Teachers are compensated for extracurricular activities including clubs, crafts, and sketching, but the pay is also quite low. For instructors, this is a tragic irony.

3. No extra payment for doing school work at home

Teaching is not only the task of the teachers; they have to do more than teaching. Other employees on the other hand may come home and relax and have some free time for themselves, but with teachers, this is not the case. Because after coming from school she has to carry loads of school work like correcting books, writing plans for each subject, making plans for the next week, preparing colorful teaching aids, grading the student’s assignments and so many other tasks, all this cut down on their time to spend with family. So many of them wait until after school only to spend some time at home. Extra payment is not being paid to them.

4. Teachers May Teach Extra Classes without extra pay

Besides teaching, teachers may have a variety of additional duties. A music or art teacher can be asked to teach computing or another topic for which they may not be as qualified. Additionally, English education students can now participate in programs to help children with special needs (SPED). Some colleges will need instructors to take additional classes during their planning time since there aren’t enough. Unfortunately, educators must pay for supplemental training to prepare for teaching new subjects or SPED students. They should be paid for the additional time spent preparing to teach new classes. However, regrettably, they are not compensated.

5. Teachers are like mother teachers

Mother teachers are another name for instructors. The explanation is that the instructor is with the child for over 7 hours and looks after more than 30 pupils in her class throughout that period. They serve as role models for students without moms. Most educators are sensitive to the moods and emotions of their students. Students confide in them because they know and can trust that their instructor will support them. Sometimes a teacher goes above and beyond to provide pupils with real-life experiences so they may learn and be inspired and motivated. Teachers, therefore, provide invaluable help to their kids but receive little appreciation in return. But it is constantly referred to as a part of her responsibility.

6. Some teachers also need a second job to meet their ends

Yes, it is paradoxical that instructors who work so long and diligently for their pupils receive such little compensation. Therefore, they need more money to sustain their family. To augment their income and make ends meet, the instructor may also need to work another job or tutor students. With less money, teachers are sometimes so anxious that they may be unable to provide their best. Because they are not paid during the summer months when they are not instructing the pupils, many schools only pay instructors for 10 months. In this situation, a family whose income is entirely dependent on the teacher would undoubtedly need to hunt for additional sources of income.

7. Teachers must be tech-savvy

Teachers must be tech-savvy since many students find it annoying when their school moves between learning platforms like Google Classroom and Canvas. Learning something new after being acclimated to the old system can be very confusing for kids. However, the teachers must make the transition within a few days. Since it will form the basis of their classroom, they must quickly pick it up and be proficient with it. Teachers deserve much greater pay due to the extra labor that teachers perform. Everyone learns, regardless of age or difficulty, and she makes an effort to learn new things and become adept in cutting-edge technology for the benefit of the students.

8. Government schools’ teachers are paid more

Another sad reality is that there has always been a salary gap between instructors in public and private schools. Government school teachers are paid more. When salaries are compared, it is clear that public school instructors are paid far more than their counterparts in the private sector. Private school teachers also make a seamless effort and donate extra time after school and on other occasions when they are asked to come to work during breaks. This discrepancy should be eliminated, and private teachers’ schools should receive the same compensation as public schools.

9. There are no additional benefits for annual day events

Nearly all schools hold an annual event where students can display their talents and receive recognition for their accomplishments throughout the academic year. Teachers put a lot of effort into setting up dances, plays, speeches, and mime acts to present to the parents for this annual event. and for this, she devotes about a month to teaching the pupils the dances they are required to perform on the last day. She instructs the pupil, and teachers must take pupils to three rehearsals.

10. Working conditions

When you consider becoming a teacher, you might imagine planning an outstanding lesson for kind pupils in a lovely classroom. Although this may be the case for certain instructors, there are a few impending risks no matter where you teach. Not all institutions offer top-notch classroom amenities. Small and dismal describe the classrooms. Sometimes there aren’t any fans. The restrooms are disgusting and are not kept clean. One class might have up to 40 or more pupils. It makes it even more difficult for teachers to control so many students in a tiny class. Unfortunately, teachers are not safe in the current scenario. They are not permitted to physically yell, hit, or otherwise discipline others. There is a potential that the instructor will suffer the penalties for reprimanding the pupil if the youngster is misbehaving and the teacher does so. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance classroom circumstances while paying instructors well. Teachers put up with far too many risks for the pay they receive.

After reading, you will have a better understanding of what a teacher actually experiences and what their final pay is. After receiving such a modest sum for the enormous amount of labor they have performed, there is no sense of job satisfaction. Ironically, even though teachers are crucial members of society, they are not seen as the most significant individuals. This is even though they put in so much effort and endure mental strain caring for kids. If this continues, there will come a time when instructors will quit their jobs, leading to a shortage of effective teachers who can shape children. The moment for the education system has come. It is high time for the education system to probe this matter as a first priority if they really want more people to get into the teaching field.

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