Travel18 Hotel Safety Tips For Families With Young Kids

18 Hotel Safety Tips For Families With Young Kids

There are a few lodging alternatives that look like hotels but are motels. While there is nothing wrong with motels, they are not always the best choice for families traveling together. This is because hotels typically do not invest in upgrades and new amenities. Furthermore, hotels typically have stricter safety regulations than motels, which reduces the likelihood of your child being injured while you are away. To avoid accidents or other crises, it may be useful to take steps to keep children safe in hotels. The following are the most important strategies to keep your children safe in a hotel.

18 Hotel Safety Tips For Families With Young Kids

1. Keep an eye on the doors

To prevent your child from escaping, you should double-check that all hotel rooms have higher locks than standard ones. When you are inside, ensure all the doors are locked because you never know when your child might be curious enough to want to leave and sneak out without your knowledge.

2. Explain to children not to open doors when someone knocks

Children enjoy opening and closing doors, so the moment they hear a knock, they will likely open the door to the hotel room. It’s crucial to avoid scaring your kids with all the potential outcomes. However, it will be necessary to have a brief discussion about how kids should never open a door without first asking who is there.

3. Check out the rooms online

In today’s internet-based environment, viewing the accommodation you are booking before making the reservation is simpler than ever. This is a fantastic method to see if the space will work for you and what you might need to bring to keep your kids safe.

4. Asking for baby equipment

It is not always practicable to bring your baby gear with you when you go on vacation, but now is not the time to let young infants lie in bed with you. Call the hotel and ask if they have any baby equipment that you can use. Most will provide cots for youngsters, but few will provide baby baths or highchairs. If the hotel you are staying at does not provide what you want, you may need to locate another location to obtain it during your stay.

5. Using the buddy system

If you have older children, having them with you all the time may feel strange. This is the ideal time to force them to use the buddy system to complete those small tasks that they enjoy. Explain that they must walk to their destination and must be together at all times.

6. Examine the flooring thoroughly

Check the floor thoroughly as you go around babyproofing your hotel room. Cleaning overlooks a lot of stuff, especially in corners, beneath windows, and under beds. Pick up everything your child can put in their mouth or begin playing with.

7. Request baby proofing

Some of the more upscale hotels will gladly babyproof a room if you request it before your arrival. Keeping a few babyproofing things on hand is a good idea if you don’t have that choice. Covering outlets, cushioning sharp corners, and sealing drawers and cabinets shut are all good ideas. Painter’s tape is ideal for most jobs since it does not leave a residue like a duct tape.

8. Place stuff out of reach of your little children

After babyproofing and examining the floor, you may still have a problem with some items in your room. Some items, such as long window treatment cords, tall lamps, long electric cords, table d├ęcor, and glasses, can cause various injuries and should be kept out of your child’s hands. Also, move all breakable items to a higher spot or ask the front desk to keep them until departure.

9. Provide identification

Your youngster is at risk of leaving the room. The child should be given a bracelet or a small badge that has all of the relevant information that a person would need to locate them and return them to you. It’s also a good idea to teach your child what a hotel employee looks like so they know whom to approach if they leave their room or become disoriented.

10. Keep your children away from the balcony

Unless your room’s balcony is childproof, I recommend keeping your children away. There are too many unknowns that taking the risk is not always worthwhile. Maintain constant vigilance to avoid mishaps.

11. It is necessary to inform about swimming pool safety

Make certain that the children understand the depth of the swimming pool. Please inquire with the staff about the depth, as it is generally not labeled for aesthetic reasons. Children must understand where they may and cannot stand if required. They must also determine if the water is deep enough to jump in.

12. Check the water temperature

Verifying the water temperature is critical because every child will require a bath or shower during your visit. Some hotels offer boiling water, which might burn your child if you are not cautious. However, as a parent, you are probably familiar with the sensation of too hot water. You can alter the water temperature while providing a bath.

13. Make your child familiar with the hotel staff

Hotel staff in large hotels are usually uninformed. In the event of your child’s separation or any other emergency, It is crucial to know who the staff members are and where to find them i.e. lobbies, Executive Clubs, pool staff, etc.

14. Discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Hotel Safety

Parents must explain to their children what they are and are not permitted to do in the hotel room and the property’s communal spaces. This might be everything from unlocking doors to gobbling the granola bar in the minibar to sprinting around the lobby.

15. Consider lift safety

Explain how to keep your extremities away from closing lift doors to avoid lift injuries. Children should be told to stay close to you and enter at the same time as you.

16. Save the hotel’s phone number

Keep the hotel’s phone number handy on your phone. If you are not near a hotel phone, your cell phone may be the quickest option to contact the hotel in an emergency. This also saves time spent looking out the phone number on the internet.

17. Choosing your floor carefully

Although the upper floors of a hotel are safer against thieves, staying on levels six or below is perfect if you are with kids. This is because fire truck ladders can’t go higher than that in the event of a fire.

18. Pack a tiny first-aid kit

A tiny first aid kit can be useful for treating minor wounds like cuts and splinters. It should have a range of bandages, including sterile bandages, blister bandages, and tweezers. Although hotels will keep these items on hand, it is always much more convenient to quickly access them when a crisis arises. My daughter can find broken or dangling nails to be quite bothersome.

If everyone in the family knows what to do in an emergency, they will be more likely to stay calm and find a solution. With a little planning and care, everyone may feel at ease and safe in their temporary home away from home. The following are the most important strategies if followed will help to keep your children safe in a hotel.

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