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5 Quick Steps on How to Revamp Your Closet

Too many clothes and nothing to wear?! Trust me, searching for clothes every time you dress up can be a gruelling process. (While in college, I preferred uniform. Why? So that I didn’t have to struggle to find clothes!)

Dressing up should be fun, not stressful. Hence, I’ve gathered up ways to give you and your closet a treat to make things easier.

5 Quick Steps on How to Revamp Your Closet

1. Omission

Foremost, cut down your closet to a manageable size by discarding those clothes you haven’t worn for years. Getting rid of old clothes will give way to the new ones.

Though it is said that “There’s no such thing called ‘too many clothes'”, but honestly, you don’t need every single thing that is stuffed in your closet. Shirt too small? Out. Jeans out of style? Out. Does it make you feel good? No? Discard. The annoying romper of yours? Discard. And that skirt you never even wore once? Bye Bye!

2. Makeover

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If it hurts to throw that silky soft cold shoulder boyfriend shirt of yours, then there is no need to do that. Instead, consider giving it a makeover! Crop the long skirts into midis or regular tops into crop tops, apply floral appliqués onto old jackets and blazers, add laces to the edges of your old tops or skirts, transform your plain and simple jeans to a rugged one, or just find a way to add a bit of glitters and sparkles to your favourite attires.

Bonus: You may use a razor over the piece of clothing you want to revamp, giving it a new and spiced up look. (Courtesy: My experience!)

3. Accessorize

Red lipstick and a pair of high heels should never be underestimated.

Invest in a good amount of accessories to accentuate your simplest outfits. Be it jewellery, shoes, brooches or make-up. A white tee and a pair of plain black jeans may look bland, and may not look good for every occasion. But with a perfectly spunky necklace, you can instantly spruce up your look. Moreover, it’s all about hits and trials, and going out of the usual and conventional dressing up routines.

4. Organize

After getting rid of the waste, put together your closet in an organized manner, more specifically according to your lifestyle.

Say, you’re a college student, categorize in accordance with what you wear at college. Or, if you’re into sports, keep all your tracks, jerseys and other stuff together. If you’re more of a fashion diva, keep your elaborated attires in such a way that they don’t lose their shine. For office-goers, all your formal, as well as office party outfits, should be arranged according to your needs, in addition to casual, clothing items. For new mothers, maternity clothes should never be mixed up with the usual ones because the day you go back to your usual shape, it’d be a hectic work to segregate the closet.

Bonus: Daily Wears should be kept at eye level so that they are easier to grab for daily use. Coats and blazers should always be hung up. (My opinion: Don’t mix old and new clothes.)

5. Clothing that never goes out of style

Splash out on outfits that never go out of fashion and look classy, only one of each kind. Apart from a pair of jeans that perfectly fits you, you can go for animal prints, a wrap dress, a cashmere sweater or a scarf, a trench coat, a black or brown leather jacket, a cocktail dress, or a button-up white shirt. Adding such clothes gives your closet altogether a unique look.

As Rachel Zoe once said — Style is a way of saying who you are without really having to speak; Do well, Live well and Dress really well !!!


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