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5 Crazy Rose Flower Types to Know Immediately

The first image that strikes when something romantic is in question, is of a rose flower. This stunning flower has the world enchanted by its beauty. There are so many types of roses and they come in all alluring colors. We have got all the good stuff about roses stacked up for you. 

Let’s embark on this rosy journey together and learn the aesthetics of this beautiful flower.  

Everything Rose

A rose is a beautiful flower used to express love and affection, happiness, gratitude, friendship and so much more. Did you know? That there are different kinds of roses and each of them symbolizes different feelings in every different situation. Gift yourself a rose if you want to practice some self-love and get some quick tips here.

They could serve as party decorations or house decorations and if fresh, they would have to be watered daily to bloom and become even more beautiful. Oh! When I say “ fresh ” I mean it can also be artificial. You can decide on whichever you want to have or gift someone special. 

Roses come in various colors, and each with different meanings and individual purposes (by this I mean how they are being used). 

The earliest roses flourished about 36 million years ago and they were found in Europe. It was also first recorded in the 13th century in a large industry close to Paris, France. 

You could be wondering what the botanical name for the Rose plant could be, I’ll tell you; that it is called Rosa from the family of Rosacea. The rose flower was used in the early years to solidify bonds between two people. 

Life Span Of A Rose Flower 

Rose flowers could be considered as unending, basically, they bloom for the longest time. All through spring and summer you could find a rose flower, but when it’s winter or fall it’s hard to find a fully grown rose flower. They reproduce and have buds which the flowers would come out from. After the bud comes the flowers, once the flowers are open, they produce a sugary nectar that animals feed on.

Once the flowering process is over, the next phase is pollination; during the pollination process flowers produce pollen and this pollen is transported by the animals. They stick on and then move to another rosebud (once the new or any animal gets in touch with the pollinated surface, the pollen sticks. When they are done with that particular plant they move to another and unknowingly deposit the pollen collected from the previous plant). 

Then the withering, I’ll simply define this process as pure love, yes, extreme love. A rose plant sacrifices its life for another plant, it goes on and on. Lastly the Rosehip process, these are a mini meal for animals. It grows bigger cause of the seeds from the Rose flower and once it is ready, it becomes red then attracts the animals that instantly feed on them. Now I’ll tell you something tricky when the rose hips have been eaten, the seeds come out through the animals…weird right? But they either fall on lands where they can grow or wither away. If it falls on fertile land the whole process repeats itself again and keeps doing that for years. 

5 Crazy Rose Flower Types to Know Immediately

Let’s quickly talk about the kinds of roses that exist and what colors you can find available. 

1. Crimson Rose

This is otherwise known as the Lovers rose. It is red in color and is one of the most common in the classes of Rose. It is a representation of the symbol of love and is usually given out mostly on Valentine’s Day (a day set aside for love). If you have been gifted a red rose before, have no fear it’s only a sign that the person cares about you and is thankful you exist in his or her life.

2. Red Rose

They could also be used as complementary in hotels, especially for the newlyweds. Roses are classified into three various types; these include:

3. Species Rose

These kinds of roses can also be known as the wild roses. This particular kind of roses are very simple and elegant. They flourish even better during winter. These particular roses are wild enough to thrive in the worst weather condition. Also research says that there are over 150 types of wild roses but only few are being grown successfully. 

4. Old Garden Rose

I would like to refer to this kind of roses as the hidden beauties. They are rare and if found or given to you should be nurtured and preserved carefully. Garden roses are easy to grow, can’t survive during winter, and above all they have an amazing fragrance.  Examples of Old garden roses are bourbon roses, tea roses, moss roses, china roses etc.

5. Modern Rose

Roses found after 1867 are referred to as modern roses. They are very peculiar and have really vibrant colors. In other words, they can be easily spotted. Modern roses require adequate attention when nursing. 

With all of these I believe and trust that you would make the best choice with picking the right roses.


Well you learnt some amazing unique rose flower types. Our article was quite something. You have everything rose-worthy right before you. Tell us in the comments below about the rose color you are fond of.


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