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10 Myths About Dreams Far Away From Facts

Dreaming has been studied for a long time, and a series of various facts and myths about dreams have emerged for a few centuries now. A lot of theories came forward and scientists tried their best to justify the reasons behind why we dream and what we dream. In his Dream Interpretation, Sigmund Freud has stated that with the study of the facts and myths about dreams, we can identify the activities of the unconscious mind in a better way. He also added that dreams instead represent the fulfillment of a wish in disguise that has been repressed inside our minds.

However, a lot of dreams, facts, and myths linger around our everyday lives. So we will get to know all the legends of dreams and bust a few myths about them.

10 Myths About Dreams Far Away From Facts

1. We Dream Every Time We Sleep

A common thing that all people consider in the psychology of dreams is that people dream all the time. But it is not true. There is a specific sleeping pattern, and if the mind could successfully follow it, dreams generally happen. This is why we might dream even with a half-hour nap and even go dreamless at night. Therefore, it is just a bunch of myths about dreams that prevail everywhere.

2. All Dreams Have A Meaning

Another popular myth about dreams is that dreams have an inner meaning. According to the psychology of dreams, not every dream needs to have a message to convey to the person. At times, we dream about random things that our subconscious minds tend to capture while we pursue our everyday life.

3. You Can Die Dreaming

People consider that death is among common legends of dreams and that there are chances that people receive death while dreaming. But that is just another one among the myths about dreams that are devoid of all facts about dreams coming true. Instead, Naiman insisted that if a person gets a chance to die in a dream, one should not miss it.

4. Dreams Of Dawn Always Come True

There are a fair number of myths about dreams that say what we dream in the dawn has to happen in real. However, it is not solely the facts about dreams coming true. It is often a mere coincidence that people see things happening in real life but it is not always what you dream in dusk or dawn has to come true.

5. Nothing To Worry- Nightmares

People often talk about the myths about dreams, but nightmares are the worst ones to face. At times, it becomes so extreme that people have woken up crying. But talking about nightmares can do major damages to the mental and emotional health of people. As per a study conducted in 2014, nightmares profoundly impact the thinking process, thus upsetting the people. Also, men are more likely to dream about aggression and physical violence, while women dream about conflicts in their relationships and personal affairs.

6. Dreaming About Death

We often dream about losing our beloved ones in an accident or in death. People feel the pain and worry about the thing happening in real life. However, according to the psychology of dreams, this has nothing to do with the person dying for real. Instead, it has a whole different interpretation, and not all the myths about dreams are about death. Therefore, one needs not to worry about such dreams.

7. Sleep Paralysis

An uncomfortable phase between waking and dreaming is considered to be sleep paralysis. It is generally marked as the inability to move or talk and getting paralysis over the whole body. According to a myth, sleep paralysis has a connection with supernatural entities. But most of the psychology of dreams says that it is the subconscious mind that gets control over the body, and not any paranormal activity that has to relate with sleep paralysis.

8. Black And White Dreams

Another strange myth about dreams says that before the invention of color TV, people used to dream in black and white. However, there is no potential evidence for this claim. But black and white dreams represent emotional and mental disabilities of some kind that the person is going through. It is not very common. But it is still a mark of a severe issue that needs to be cured as soon as possible.

9. Lucid Dream

The phenomenon of lucid dreamsming dictates that people can do things and techniques to control their dreaming habits, dreams, and a lot of things. It is not sure if there is scientific and logical reasoning behind this claim, but it is still very prevalent among numerous people.

10. Sleep Walking

While dreaming, it is common for people to walk asleep and perfectly do all the things and possibly even kill someone. This is among the complete myths about dreams since sleepwalking is normal, but it is nearly impossible to commit a crime or something similar.

Therefore, instead of believing all the myths about dreams, people should engage in studies to differentiate between the facts and myths prevailing around them. It is also advised to avoid visiting every website available on Google to check for the meaning of whatever you dream. It is because chances are there that you can get diverted by the wrong psychology of dreams.

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