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10 Reasons Staying Poor Is A Choice

Many people fell into this misconception that being poor is a matter of the fate of their destiny. But this is not always true. If you are born poor, then it is not your fault, but it is ultimately your fault if you choose to stay poor. People can change their fate anytime they want, and if they are still not doing it, they are just lazy and avoid hard work.

10 Reasons Staying Poor Is A Choice

1. They choose a little away then good money later

Poor people are often not capable of looking at long-term goals. Therefore, they are often ready to accept little money right away rather than being patient and working harder towards their goal and earning good money in the future.

2. They work themselves to death

Poor people remain working for 60-65 years of their life, and they forget living their life. Rich people work for 40-45 years of their life, and then they let their money work for you. Poor people do not understand this concept, and they make themselves work to death.

3. They do multiple jobs

You will often find poor people doing various jobs to make up for their living. They will spend a lot of time doing the hard work while they forget to do brilliant work. It just occupies a lot of their time, and they never end up having money.

4. They choose the company

Your company matters a lot, and it plays a vital role in building your habits, narrative, mentality, etc. It can also influence your decisions, and this is why it is essential to be in the right company as we all know – Birds of the same feather flock together. Choose the right company, and you will automatically find yourself in the right place.

5. They get the allure of get-rich-quick schemes

Poor people often get excited about these kinds of projects. It is not easy to get rich quickly, and no self-made billionaire became rich overnight. It is a process that takes time, and poor people ignore this now and then.

6. They do not understand the value of opportunity, cost and time

People will find this kind of mindset will always choose instant money over their time and opportunity cost. They will work different shifts to make more money, and still, they will find themselves broke at the end of the month, and that’s because they didn’t respect time.

7. They see obstacles instead of opportunities

You will always find poor people crying over the challenges in their life rather than doing something constructive. They will always look at the negative aspect of anything instead of looking at the positive side and opportunities to fulfil their dreams.

8. They choose their rhetoric

Every person should remember that being poor is a state of mind while being broke is temporary. You are just broke at this moment, and this moment will not define your entire future. But, unfortunately, poor people often don’t understand this narrative, and this is how they end up being inadequate for a lifetime.

9. They play the blame game

People, who always blame others for their failures in life, is just a loser who cannot accept their wrongs. So they always blame other people like their parents, boss, teachers, neighbours, society, etc., for their situation. So they choose to stay in the same position rather than changing it for the better.

10. They look for a way out rather than a way-in

Poor people are always desperate to get out of the way, and this is why these get-rich-quickly schemes attract them the most. But, unfortunately, their mindset always works the opposite, and this is what keeps them away from becoming rich.

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