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10 Most Useful Online Courses That Are Free

Learning doesn’t always cost you money. There are several courses available online that you can actually avail of and that too totally free. All of these are certified videos and will prove very useful for every individual.

10 Most Useful Online Courses That Are Free

1. Jordan Peterson – University of Toronto

Jordon Peterson is one of the best lecturers in the university. This man is worth learning from as he has been also rated as one of the life-changing professors. He has published over 100s of scientific papers along with his colleagues and students. He also has a YouTube channel and he posts motivational videos hence providing you with education for free.

2. Psychology on iTunesU with Professor Paul Bloom

Yale University provides this excellent course under Professor Paul Bloom. He teaches a lot of things related to relations, religions, the mind, etc. The course is worth your time and the best thing is that it is free.

3. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google Digital Garage

Google offers many free online courses but this is one of the best amongst all. They offer very interactive 40 hours courses. It has 26 modules and it is filled with real-world examples.

4. Programming for Everybody – University of Michigan

This university provides you 1000s of free online courses and you can locate the most appropriate one for yourself. It has millions of students enrolled in their online program and the courses are covered by knowledgeable and reputed lecturers.

5. Making Sense of the News: News Literary Lessons for Digital Citizens, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This 4.9 stars rated course is just 6 weeks long. It helps you to find out fake news, satire, rumors, propaganda, and many such things. The course helps you to develop a critical thinking skill through which you can easily differentiate between fact and fiction.

6. 3D Printing Classes – Skill Shake

The best thing about this course is that you do not need any prior experience before enrolling in this one. You will get a chance to learn from Lauren Slowik, who is a well-known designer and technologist. She teaches various things in these tools and by only using free tools.

7. Justice by Michael Sandel – Harvard University

This course was the first free course provided by the Harvard University. He works at Harvard law school as a political philosopher. This course is highly suggested for a legal student.

8. University of California, BerkeleyX Book Club

You can join the BerkeleyX Book Club online. The course material includes things like vocabulary and language support, background information of the text, short writing assessments, and quizzes too.

9. Buddhism through its Scriptures – Harvard University

This is just a week-long course, given by a Buddhist literature professor. This course is beneficial for both who are new at Buddhism and who are already practicing it. The course is exposure to arts, literary work, and devotion.

10. Artificial Intelligence for Robotics – Stanford University

On this platform, you will learn the methods of artificial intelligence from none other than Sebastian, who is the founder of Google X. It is a 5 star rated course and you can get to learn a lot about robotics.

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