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50 Wonderful Waterfalls in India

India has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Each state has its own exhibits, so it’s important to register waterfalls in each state. You never know when you might plan a trip, so having this information ready is helpful. We have compiled a list of the best waterfalls in India. If you’re a nature lover, this list alone should suffice as it clearly details the best waterfalls. The waterfalls listed here were identified and included after careful research and analysis, so they do not require further investigation.

50 Wonderful Waterfalls in India

1. Dudhsagar Waterfall – Famous Waterfall in Goa

Goa has many places to visit and one of the most amazing is the Dudhsagar waterfalls which ranks as one of the best waterfalls in India. The waterfall’s name means “milk sea” in English and changes color from blue to white as the waterfalls to the bottom. The waterfall is located 60 km from Panaji, the capital of GOA. The waterfall is 310 meters and he is the fifth largest in India. The best time to visit the falls is during the peak monsoon season when the river is at its highest. In the fall he splits into 4 stages and creates some really great scenes.

2. Jog Waterfall – Karnataka Miracle Waterfall

The appeal of the Jog Waterfall lies in its width rather than its height. With a circumference of 290 meters and a height of 259 meters, the waterfall is spectacular. Located near Sagara in Karnataka, this waterfall is a major tourist attraction in the region. This waterfall is also known locally as Gersoppa Falls and Yogada Gundi. He is the second largest waterfall in Asia and a must-see. Due to the large number of tourists, you can get the food, snacks and groceries you need while enjoying the beauty of the falls.

3. Nohsngithiang Waterfall – A surprise awaits at Mawsmai village

This is a unique waterfall not to be missed. These waterfalls do not have him one outlet, but his seven streams from the same source, making them truly amazing waterfalls. Nohsngithiang Waterfall is located just 1 km from Mawsmai village in the East Khasi Hill District or Megalaya. The waterfall has a height of 315 meters and a circumference of 70 meters, making it the fourth largest waterfall in India. The best time to visit the falls is at sunrise and sunset when they are more spectacular. Due to the large number of tourists visiting the area, there are many places in the area that offer stays.

4. Sesegar Falls – The Boasting Waterfall of Maharashtra

The Sesegal Waterfall is located in a deep canyon near the village of Sesegal, about 20 km from the city of Satara on the outskirts of Konkan. There are several waterfalls, the shortest being 15 meters and the highest being 500 meters. It is a popular tourist destination with tourists from all over Maharashtra. The best season to experience the waterfalls is during the monsoon season when the waterfalls rush. The surrounding area also offers a quiet and peaceful setting, with the surrounding hills covered in dense forests, ideal for spending an afternoon relaxing and being close to nature.

5. Athirappilly Falls – India’s Own Niagara

Also known as the Niagara of India, this waterfall is a beautiful and scenic waterfall located at Athirappilly Panchayath, an eco-friendly tourist destination in Kerala. The Chalakudy River flows into the Athirappilly Waterfalls for a spectacular showdown. It is a relatively small waterfall with a drop of 24 meters, but its width cannot be overlooked. In addition to waterfalls, this area also offers epic showdowns. It is a relatively small waterfall with a drop of 24 meters, but its width cannot be overlooked. In addition to the falls, the area is home to abundant wildlife, including the elusive and endangered great hornbill that can be found in the forests surrounding the falls. The waterfalls are at their best during the monsoon season when the river is full, making for a wonderful experience.

6. Courtallam Falls – Tamil Nadu’s Largest Waterfall

Courtallam Falls is located south of the small town of Panchayat in Tamil Nadu. The waterfall is 160 meters high and it is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. The water that flows through the Chittar River originates in the West Ghat and flows continuously through spectacular waterfalls that can be seen at any time of the year. During the rainy season, the waterfall becomes larger, and the best way to see the entire waterfall from its height is from a distance. The multiple waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful. The falls can be accessed using a footbridge built across the river below the falls.

7. Tarakona Waterfall – Sri Venkateswara National Park

Tarakona Falls features an impressive 270-foot drop before the bottom pool. The waterfall is located in the Sri Venkateswara National Park in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The waterfall is also famous for its proximity to the Siddeswara Swamy Temple. Around the waterfall, there are many wild grasses and butterflies that can only be seen here. The best time to visit in autumn is during the rainy season, when the rivers rise and the powerful roar of autumn can be heard from several kilometers away.

8. Khandadhar Waterfall – Jewel Waterfall of Orissa

Khandadhar Waterfall is located near his Dandapani in the Sundargarh district of Orissa. The waterfall is the 12th highest in India. Bonaigal is about 12 miles from the falls and is easily accessible by car during the dry season as the road leading to the falls is unpaved. You can also easily hike from a secure parking lot about 1 mile from the falls. At an incredible height of 244 meters, the waterfall transforms into mist before hitting the pool below. It is most commonly seen during the dry season as rain makes the path to the falls slippery.

 9. Chitrakot Waterfalls – A Stunning Waterfall in Chhattisgarh

At just 29 meters high, this waterfall ranks as one of the best waterfalls in India not only for its height, but also for its breathtaking extent. During the dry season, water flows in a steady stream from one of the lower outlets, but the water behind the falls is dammed by flat rocks, creating a spectacular showdown during monsoons. Water rises from the entire rock wall of about 200m, and it is a powerful sight. Located in Jagdalpur, Basta District, Chhattisgarh, Chitrakot Waterfall attracts thousands of tourists every year to witness this phenomenon.

10. Duandal Waterfall – A strange but spectacular waterfall

These waterfalls are unique in their own way because the water that flows into them erodes the limestone, creating deep fissures through which water flows during the dry season. Except during the rainy season, when floods engulf the entire region and the forces of nature are intensified. The waterfall is fed from the Narmada River in Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh. The beauty of the falls varies in both seasons, but they tend to favor the dry season when you can observe the beautiful crevices the water carves in the limestone.

11. Kunchikal Waterfalls – Hidden Treasure of Gati

Kunchikal Falls is 455 meters high and flows in stages, creating many smaller waterfalls. The combined length of all waterfalls is over one kilometer, making it the longest series of waterfalls in the world. Also known as Kunchikar Abbe, this waterfall is located near Mastikat Hurikar in Shimoga District, Karnataka. The Varahi River empties into a waterfall that flows near the famous Gati Temple. The best time to visit the falls is during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak. Beautiful scenery around the waterfall

12. Barehipani Falls – Simlipal National Orissa

Located in the lower area of ​​Simlipal National Park in the Orissa district of Mayurbanj, these waterfalls are one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Barehipani Falls is a staggering 399 meters tall, just under 400 meters. The waterfall he divided into two parts, the highest one is 259 meters. The surrounding area is covered in lush forests, and along the way you’ll spot local wildlife and endemic birds. If you are lucky, you can also see leopards roaming at night.

13. Langshan Waterfall – A Spectacular Spectacle

Langshiang Falls measures 340 meters and consists of a series of waterfalls that form one long, beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is located near the village of Sangria, 24 km from Nonstroyn in the Khasi district of western Meghalaya. The waterfall can be seen from the village, but a closer look reveals its true beauty. This is the third largest waterfall in India. The waterfall is located on an island in the NongKhnum River and you need to take a boat to reach the waterfall. Bring food, drinks and snacks as vendors may not be found in the fall.

14 Nohkalikai Falls – India’s Largest Waterfall

At a whopping 335 metres, Nohkalikai Falls is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in India and is located in Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on earth. The constant rain waters the flowing river, eventually becoming a waterfall. The waterfall is located in Shillong and unlike other waterfalls that need to be visited at certain times of the year, Nokarikai runs year-round and can be enjoyed at any time of the year for the best show. It rains suddenly here, so it is recommended to bring a raincoat when visiting.

15. Meenmutty Falls – Magnificent Waterfalls of Kerala

These majestic waterfalls are located 29 km from the small town of Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala. With a total length of 300 meters, this three-part waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kerala. There is a 2km hike to the falls, so those with limited mobility may not want to go the extra mile. A great place for young and adventurous people to visit and enjoy a weekend afternoon. You will have to bring your own food and drink as there is no sales area. The waterfall is at its best during the monsoon when the river floods.

16. Kune Waterfalls – Pune’s Secret Weekend Getaway

Located at Lonavala in the Pune district of Maharashtra, this waterfall is his 14th largest waterfall in India. Kukon Falls is 100 meters high and splits into three falls into the valley below. The surrounding area is surrounded by forest, making it ideal for picnics. The local council has set up a pretty park overlooking the falls to enjoy weekend afternoons. Public transport is excellent on weekends, and people from Pune come here to enjoy the weekend with their families. There are hikes leading to waterfalls to choose from, but be prepared to get your feet muddy as they are underutilized!

17. Thalaiyar Falls – Impressive gift from Tamil Nadu

The waterfall is located in a forested area where the water falls from an impressive height of 297 meters, and this waterfall is also divided into two parts. It is located on the Palani Hills in the Dindigur district of Tamil Nadu. The waterfall is best viewed from the adjacent viewing platform. From here you can see the entire waterfall, including a smaller one at the top of the canyon. To reach the waterfall you have to hike 1km. You have to go all the way down, but the real test comes when you go down. Think twice before stepping into the bottom of a waterfall.

18. Van Taung Waterfall – Sirtip Tourist Attraction

This is a tripartite waterfall located in the village of Mizo, 5 km from Tenawi in the Selchp district of Mizoram. Vantawng Falls is located 30 km from Serchhip and is the 13th largest waterfall in India. The waterfall is located in a lush forest that remains partially green due to the constant water supply from the river. There are several vantage points where you can see the falls from a distance, and climbing up steep cliffs can complicate getting on and off, so approaching should only be done during the dry season. Nearby are picnic spots where you can enjoy a light meal while admiring the falls.

19. Umbrella Falls – God’s Miracle of Ahmednagar Maharashtra

As the name suggests, the waterfall resembles an umbrella mainly during monsoons when the Pravala River floods. This autumn is Bandadhara. Ahmednagar Maharashtra. The waterfall is 45 meters high, but the amount of water flowing through the wide waterfall is overwhelming. At the end of the waterfall there is a footbridge and you have to cross the river. It may look scary at first, but the experience of crossing the river is a lifelong memory.

20. Hogenakkal Waterfall – majestic waterfall in Tamil Nadu

This waterfall may not be as majestic as many other waterfalls in India, but its unique formation makes it one of the best waterfalls in India. Hogenakkal Waterfall is located in South India in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. Located 180 km from Bangalore, Dharmapuri is recommended for a night or two to enjoy its surroundings. As the river eroded the soft rock, the waterfall rotated and eventually dropped into a crevasse before cascading down. This is a major tourist destination and you can find many stalls and vendors selling food, snacks and drinks.

21. Abbey Falls – A surprise awaits in Madikeri

Abbey Falls in Madikeri, a small town in Kodagu, Karnataka. Located on a coffee plantation, this waterfall is best seen during the monsoon season when the river is in full swing. Just 6 km from Madikeri, the river is a great picnic spot to visit and have lunch while admiring the mist of the waterfalls to soften the hot sun. It’s a team outing and the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family. The water from the falls flows into the Corbury River before erupting into the sea.

22. Kiliyur Falls – Hidden Treasure in the Eastern Ghats

Kiliyur Waterfall is located in the Eastern Ghats of the Selayan Range in Tamil Nadu. The waterfall has a drop of 300 feet and makes for a spectacular showdown. It takes about 15 minutes of downhill trekking to reach the falls, but it’s definitely worth the effort. During the dry season the waterfalls are small and draw little water, but during the monsoons the falls rage. Planning your trip during the monsoon season guarantees spectacular views.

23. Papanasam Waterfall – Majestic Waterfall

Located in the Tinurveli district of Tamil Nadu, India, about 60 km from Tirunelveli, Papanasam Falls is worth a visit for its stunning views and waterfalls. It is a popular tourist destination visited by people from all over Tamil Nadu. At 120 meters high, the waterfall is one of the tallest in Tamil Nadu and a must-see. If you love spending time in nature, you’ve come to the right place. Due to its popularity, you’ll likely find stalls selling snacks near the falls, but make sure to keep the place clean.

24. Shivasamudram Waterfall – A must-see waterfall in Karnataka

The best time to visit Shivasamudram Waterfall is during monsoon season. This time of year is when rivers are at their peak and we love waterfalls. The waterfall is located in the Mandia district of Karnataka near Bangalore. The Kaveri River empties into the waterfall and is located on the border of the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. It is a waterfall with a drop of 98 meters, but it is a powerful waterfall with a circumference of over 300 meters. During the dry season, the waterfalls lack the water they need, so be sure to visit during the monsoons when the waterfalls provide an awe-inspiring scene.

25. Soochipara Falls – Fog Waterfall

The main attraction of Soochipara Falls is the easy access to the falls during the dry season. You can swim and enjoy the cool waters, especially during the sparkling summer months. The waterfall is also known as Sentinel Rock Falls. Surrounded by lush greenery, this area is an ideal retreat. With a drop of 200 meters, mist rolls in at the bottom of the falls. This is what attracts visitors to the waterfall because they don’t have to worry about danger like other waterfalls.

26. Bagus Falls – McLeod Ganj Pilgrimage Offers Treasures

These waterfalls are very close to the village of Bagus, which is home to the famous Bagus Temple, which houses the beginning of a freshwater stream. Bagus Falls is a 20-minute walk from the temple. A famous pilgrimage site in the town of McLeod Ganj, it is worth the hike to the waterfall while visiting the temple. Due to the large number of tourists visiting this place, you can get all the food, snacks and drinks you need in the village instead of carrying extra weight. McLeod Ganj also has restaurants, guesthouses and other places you can visit if you want to spend a day or two.

27. Amrit Dhara Falls – Fair and waterfall in the same place

The Amritdhara Waterfall is located in the Kolya district of Chhattisgarh. The area is covered with dense forests, mountains and rivers. This makes for the right setting for a spectacular waterfall. This waterfall can be seen at any time of the year as it cascades down from a vast area of ​​central India, but during the monsoons, the waterfall fills with water making it a true show of fury! Also located near the temple, the Mahashivaratri Fair was started in 1936 and continues to this day. The fair also offers wonderful handicrafts to take home as souvenirs.

28. Barachukki Falls – Double the fun awaits you at Mandya Karnataka

Barachukki Falls is just a few kilometers away from Gaganachukki Falls, making it double the fun for nature lovers as both falls can be visited on the same day. These waterfalls are in rocks, which creates jagged rocks that line the waterfalls. There are many signs and warnings to keep people away from the falls. These two waterfalls are one of the most visited waterfalls in the Mandya district of Karnataka and he can see two waterfalls at the same time so a trip to the waterfalls is really worth it. It is the premier day trip destination in Bangalore for companies and families.

29. Bear Shola Falls – where bears come to drink water!

The name of the waterfall means the place where bears come to drink water and it is located in Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu. Bear Shola Falls is 1.5 km from Kodaikanal Bus Station and 2 km from a beautiful lake. This makes the area a perfect picnic spot to visit and see two bodies of water that provide much-needed relaxation for the weekend. If you plan to spend a little more time here, you can easily stay at the Clifton Hotel on a small hill near the falls. Plan your trip during monsoon season for the best waterfall experience.

30. Chunnu Summer Falls – Darjeeling’s Mysterious Waterfalls

Many have heard of the Darjeeling tea plantations, but many tourists visiting Darjeeling miss visiting the Chunnu Summer Falls, which offer the perfect break just a few kilometers away from Darjeeling city. While visiting the hill station, you can visit a waterfall that provides the perfect backdrop for a family picnic. There is also a rock garden and a small lake in the same area that can be visited by boat trip. The combination of these activities makes it a great place to visit for families and individuals to enjoy throughout his day. The area also has great hiking trails to the famous Darjeeling Tea Plantations in the hills of Sikkim.

31. Elephant Falls – Shillong Icon

The famous Elephant Falls has been depicted in many paintings due to its spectacular appearance. He is located 12 km from Shillong, the northernmost point of India. They resemble Scotland and are dominated by foggy and misty weather. Please come in warm clothes when you visit. There are three waterfalls that are individually approachable via small paths. You have to descend about 100 meters each time to reach the best spot to see the falls. Also, during the rainy season, it is easy to get rough, so be careful not to get muddy!

32. Ethipothala Waterfalls – Waterfalls and crocodiles are a double treat

The waterfall consists of a 70-foot drop on the Chandravanka River in Andhra Pradesh. While visiting Ethipothala Waterfalls, it is also recommended to visit the crocodile breeding center in the lagoon near the waterfalls. The waterfall is 11 km from Nagarjuna Sagar and is accessible by public transport. Due to the large number of tourists, there are many stalls offering snacks. The waterfall may be small, but because of the beauty of the place, many people prefer to visit the area for relaxation or weekend picnics.

33. Ghatarani Falls – Wild Waterfall in Chhattisgarh

Ghatarani Waterfall is located 25 km from Jatmai, a small town near Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. It is located in the southeast highlands of Chhattisgarh about 85 km from Raipur. It is the largest waterfall in Chhattisgarh and is best visited from September to December. Unlike many other waterfalls in India, this waterfall should be avoided during monsoons. Because of the rough and dangerous water levels in the fast-flowing water. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfall is the perfect place for a weekend family picnic, providing your family with a different screen.

34. Hanuman Gundi Waterfall – Jewel of Kudremukh National Park

Hanuman Gundi Falls, also known as Suthanabbe Falls, are located in the foothills of Kudremukh National Park. This national park is located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, India. This is a stunning 22-meter waterfall that is best seen during the monsoon season. The waterfalls and scenic surroundings combine to make a perfect backdrop for picnics and weekend getaways for those who visit or live in the area. You can also visit the Lakya and Karkala dams near the waterfall. 

35. Hazra Falls – Lush greenery, a feast for the eyes

This is a beautiful 1500 foot waterfall in the heart of Chhattisgarh, located between Dongargarh and Gondia railway stations and easily accessible by public transport. The lush green sounds and proximity to the train station make Hazra Falls a great place for a weekend visit. The waterfall is best seen during the rainy season when the surrounding hills overflow with water. Bring snacks and food as there are few food stalls near the falls.

36. Iruppu Falls – Elongated Karnataka Falls

The beauty of Iruppu Falls lies in its height rather than its height. Unlike many other waterfalls, Iruppu Falls is not a single waterfall, but a series of falls, making it a long, narrow waterfall that stretches for 300 feet. At just 130 feet, it cascades beautifully down a series of steps, making it one of India’s most spectacular waterfalls. Located in the Brahmagiri Mountains of Kadago District, Karnataka, near the border with Kerala, and accessible from there, it attracts a lot of tourists on weekends. 

37. Kalmarai Waterfall – Tiger and Waterfall

Kalmalai Falls in the Valparai district of Tamil Nadu is located within the Animal Tiger Sanctuary. The area is also surrounded by tea plantations and dense forests, making it a perfect backdrop for the waterfall. This area is segregated and you should bring your own snacks and drinks. The waterfall is best viewed from a distance due to the rough terrain leading to it. Also, viewing from a distance provides a much more spectacular screen than if you were up close to the waterfall. The perfect setting for a family weekend. Be sure to visit these waterfalls while in the area.

38. Kempty Falls – Masoorie’s Towering Icon

Kempty Falls, like many of Ladakh’s best trekking hills, is located 15 km from Mussoorie, a popular hill station in Uttarakhand. It is located about 30 km from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. The name comes from Camp His Tea, which was a favorite place for colonial officers to hold their weekend tea parties. Due to the high number of visitors to the falls, public transport links are good. The waterfall is continuous; it has a staggering drop of 4,500 feet making him one of the longest waterfalls in India. There are a lot of trout in the river, so if you like fishing, this is the place to go.

39. Rajdari Falls – Nature’s Steps

This is a waterfall like no other in India or anywhere else in the world because the screen resembles a staircase as the water rolls down. This will give you a nice screen that is different than expected. It is located in Chakai, Uttar Pradesh and is 65 meters high. The best time to experience Rajdari Falls is between September to March or autumn to spring. This is because winters and summers are harsh in this region, and the heat and cold of the summers and winters make it impossible to spend time near the waterfalls.

40. Settimane Waterfall – perfect weekend getaway

Located just 5 km from Kiga near Srihari in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, the waterfall makes an ideal weekend getaway for residents of the area. Sirimane Falls is small compared to other waterfalls in India, but its beauty and location make him one of the best waterfalls. The best time to visit the waterfall is during or just after the monsoon, when the river floods with water from the upper ghats, making it a wonderful setting for a perfect short break. Adding these waterfalls to your trip is important.

41. Thommankuthu Falls – In memory of the great hunter

The waterfall is located near Thodupuzha in Kerala and is named after Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinkunnel, who was a great hunter in the area in the early 1900s. He is the one who discovered Thommankuthu Falls, which consists of seven tiers before the water cascades into the pools below. The area is covered with lush greenery and exotic flora and fauna. Wildlife can be spotted while visiting the falls, so keep your eyes peeled for any nearby animals. The waterfall isn’t big, but it provides the shelter you need for the perfect weekend picnic.

42. Vantawng Khaw Tha – Double Layered Gems

This is a beautiful waterfall located 5 km from Thenzawl. It is located in the Surtip district of Mizoram. Vantawng Khawhthla Falls consists of two tiers and is about 100 feet high, making it a spectacular sight. This waterfall is so tall that it is best viewed from a distance as the entire waterfall falls. The local authority has set up the necessary vantage points to enjoy an afternoon admiring the falls. The waterfall is surrounded by lush forests, making it the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

43. Varkana Falls – His 10th largest waterfall in India

Varkana Falls is one of the 10 tallest waterfalls in India and stands at a staggering 850 feet. It is located in Agumbe City, Shimoga District, Karnataka. The river that feeds into the falls is the Sita River, which has been dammed in Karnataka for hydroelectric power generation. The waterfall is accessible by car and public transportation is also available. Many vendors selling various snacks and food roam the observatory. They are most commonly seen during the monsoon season, but leeches occur in the area during the wet season, so it may be better to visit during the dry season to avoid these blood-sucking parasites. 

44. Duduma Falls – the largest waterfall in Orissa

The Mukund River in Orissa empties into the stunning Duduma Falls, 157 meters high, making it one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in India. Duduma is located 95 km from Koraput and about 200 km from Visakhapatnam, so staying overnight is important if you want to see the falls. This gives you plenty of time to spend and rest at the waterfalls after a long journey.The waterfalls are best visited during the monsoon season. During this time of year, rivers fill up and the awe-inspiring power of nature is unleashed. 

45. Lodh Falls – Hidden Wonders of Burhaghaugh

Lodh Falls, also known as Burhagaugh Falls, is located in the Palamu Division of the Latehar district of Jharkhand. This is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand and ranks 21st among India’s highest waterfalls. The waterfall is located on He Burha river in the forest of Chota Nagpur Plateau. With a drop of 143 meters, it makes a roar that can be heard from more than 10 kilometers away. Reason enough to visit the falls during peak monsoon. Due to the low position of the falls, visitors must use private transportation or rent a car to visit the falls. Most commonly seen during the rainy season.

46. ​​White Surf Waterfall – Into the Wilderness

India is known as the land of rivers, and where there are rivers, cascades seem to flow calmly as enchanting landscapes unfold. The Andaman and Nicobar Tour allows you to experience the wonders of a coveted paradise in the lush green forests of the Andaman – White his surf his waterfall. Located 6.5 km from the Little Andaman town of Hut Bay, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of waterfalls and dense forests to rejuvenate the beauty of nature. The waterfalls are easily accessible and can be visited at any time of the year when monsoons are at their best.

47. Kalhatti Falls – Tourist Hub

Kalhatti Falls, located at Kamathipura, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka, is one of India’s scenic waterfalls. It is also famous as a base for travelers. Kalhatti Falls, also known as Kalahasti Falls, is blessed with a charming landscape. He falls from a height of 122 meters in the middle of the wilderness.

Located about 10 km from Kemangandi Mountain Station, it is a great place to escape the chaos of everyday life. It is also believed that this water has healing powers to cure illness.

48. Palani Falls – the highest waterfall

The shimmering Palani Waterfalls jewel the charming Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is known as one of India’s largest waterfalls, erupting from a height of 492 feet. The bubbly water offers breathtaking views, making it the ultimate destination for fun and frolic. Visit Palani Waterfalls, relax with family and friends, experience the exciting and most famous Kullu river rafting and feel the atmosphere of camping in this area. In March, locals celebrate a festival near the waterfall. They believe the water here is sacred, which is why some loyal believers bathe in it.

49. Vim Rat Waterfall – Melodious Waterfall

Vimrat waterfall is one of the most attractive waterfalls in India. It is located in the Bundi region of Rajasthan. The view of this waterfall falling from high above is breathtaking and the sound of the water is melodious. The ideal time to visit this place is during the monsoon season. Beat the heat and cool down at one of Rajasthan’s most captivating waterfalls. Spend quality time with your family and friends in a peaceful setting.

50. Kynrem Falls – The highest waterfall in Meghalaya

Kin Lam Waterfall is located in the East He Khasi Hills area of ​​Thangkharang Park. It is about 12 km from Cherrapunji. This cascade is widely known as the tallest waterfall in Meghalaya and the 7th highest waterfall in India. The water here erupts from a height of 1,001 feet and from the top of the hill he cascades down in three layers. Kin Lam Waterfall offers a mesmerizing panorama of Thangkharang Park. It attracts many tourists with its natural beauty.


In this article we’ll discuss the top 50 wonderful Waterfalls in India. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Thank you!

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