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13 Benefits of Having Grains in Your Diet

Grains are the staple food of our country. It’s highly nutritious and protein value can not be compared to any food item. It includes wheat, rice oats, jowar bajra and several other grown food crops. Because of being cheap and easy to store it is found in every household in the country.

13 Benefits of Having Grains in Your Diet

1. Lowers risk of heart disease

Grains have been linked to healthier and stronger hearts. Researchers have proved that a healthy diet should contain grains as they reduce the chances of heart disease and also keep it healthier.

2. Rich in fiber

Grains are rich in fiber. They help in maintaining weight and provide energy to the body, being easily available and being cheap it is the best source of consuming fiber. Whole grains can be eaten in multiple ways which makes it versatile and easily consumable.

3. Highly nutritious

Grains are high in nutrients. It has magnesium phosphorus, zinc, copper, folic acid and iron which is important for the growth and sustenance of the body. It also contains antioxidants and healthy plant compounds.

4. Lowers risk of obesity

Being rich in fiber, grains are fulfilling and a little quantity goes a long way which reduces the amount of food intake thereby reducing body fat and chances of obesity. In Fact it is high in nutrients and fiber being low in calories which additionally prevents weight gain.

5. Lowers the risk of stroke

Several researchers have proven that grains are efficient in reducing the risk of strokes. Various compounds including vitamins and antioxidants present in grains additionally reduce the risk of stroke.

6. Benefits in cognitive development

Just like the body needs fibers, proteins and nutrients to stay active and healthy the mind also needs healthy compounds to stay healthy and work efficiently. Grains are a rich source of these elements and hence are good for the mind.

7. Easy to digest

Grains are easy to digest and improves the body’s metabolism. Whole grains rich in fiber and nutrients that are locally sourced and easily available are best for digestion.

8. Lowers risk from type 2 diabetes

Several researchers have proven that grains improve insulin sensitivity, and help in lowering fasting blood sugar levels. This could be due to magnesium which is a mineral found in grains and helps the body in metabolizing carbs and is tied to insulin sensitivity.

9. Locally sourced

It is usually said that one should consume those food items that are grown within 100 kms of their local household. This means that we should eat crops that are from the same climate zone as we are. Grains are locally grown in most parts of India and are hence a local food crop of every part of the country making it apt for consumption.

10. Good for the local farmers

The more people are aware about the benefits of eating grains the more they will spend on it and it will eventually benefit farmers. This will help in the upliftment of their life and livelihood along with the overall benefit of the country’s economy.

11. Lowers risk of chronic inflammation

Inflammation causes many chronic diseases. Research has linked whole grains with a reduction in inflammation. Antioxidants and fibers present in grains reduce the risk of chronic inflammation further lowering risk of other chronic diseases.

12. Reduces the risk of cancer

Research has proved promising links between the reduction in the risk of cancer and by consumption of grains. The most effective benefit of consuming grains is in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.

13. Increases life span

Any healthy food item reduces the chances of premature death as it strengthens the body’s response to disease and makes it more immune. Thereby increasing the life span of a person.

Grains like several other indigenous crops have plenty of fiber and proteins which is not just healthy for the body but also maintains proper mental health.

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