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10 Lessons Failure Teaches You

It’s the story of our lives.

I recall a former job interview, which took place in a lovely Paris autumn.

I told the canvasser about my career’s successes to make an excellent first print. The canvasser also threw me off with a typical question

“ So, please tell me about your failures. ”

For a brief moment, I wanted to answer “ I’ve Noway had a failure or used the fashion of turning bummers into palms. ”

But also the verity came out in the form of substantiation.

“ Any success story was anteceded by a series of multiple failures. ”

On this day, I recalled an important assignment about being open to our failures rather than brushing them under the carpet.

Failure is the biggest teacher in everyone’s life. There are so many things that it teaches you.

10 Lessons Failure Teaches You

1. Humility

Failure teaches you how to be modest and respect other’s viewpoints. The more humble you are the more respect you will receive. Failure gives you a good lesson on humility.

2. Others don’t care about it as much as you do

No matter how many times you have failed, others will only look at the one time when you won. You are the only person who cares way too much about your failure and no one else. So give yourself a break and take the lesson that failure is giving you.

3. It tests you

It is the truth that failure teaches you whether you are worthy of that thing or not. It depends on how badly you want that thing to work for you. It tests your ability to work hard and even harder to achieve your dreams and goals.

4. Other approaches

Failure teaches you that start looking for other approaches. If one thing is not working then learn to look at your dreams from a different angle. Changing your approach brings a high chance of being successful.

5. Shines on your weaknesses

Your failure lets you know about your weak points. It is a very good thing because you will know about your weaknesses and you will have a good opportunity to work on them.

6. It teaches you to self-motivate

Not many people have the ability to self-motivate themselves. It is one of the best things that failure can teach you. You learn how to motivate yourself and hence you will not need any motivational or symo=aht speech from anyone else. You are enough for yourself and you can drive yourself on your own.

7. It makes you creative

Creativity comes out when you lack resources. This is exactly what failure makes you. It makes you creative in your life. You will find out 10 different ways to solve one problem and ultimately it is going to help you a lot in the future.

8. Matures you emotionally

We all have certain kinds of emotions in ourselves. When you lose, you become emotionally weak and you need support. But after that, you come out stronger and it teaches you to that no matter how difficult the situation is, you will always manage to come out of it.

9. It teaches you that life goes on

One failure might make you feel like your life is over now and you are not worthy of anything now. But you survived anyhow, didn’t you? This is what failure teaches you. It teaches you that life goes on, no matter how difficult the situation can be.

10. Try again with new information

The reason you failed is because you didn’t have enough data or enough information about that thing. It teaches you to come next time with a foolproof plan. Do your homework properly and always be well prepared for anything that comes your way.

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