Inspirational Stories11 Ways to Transform Fear into Strength

11 Ways to Transform Fear into Strength

Transforming fear into strength is the major impetus to success. Fear stops you not just from being happy and free but also restricts progress and prevents you from reaching your full potential. It is a vicious cycle and being afraid of it once makes the fear even more frightening. To change the fearful emotion at any moment into a one of strength and willingness can be learnt by practicing a few simple steps.

Here are few ways to transform fear into strength.

1. Understand the roots of the fear

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Understanding the roots of fear is the first step in transforming it into strength. Some fears are rational while others are irrational. A bad memory or negative impact of any action makes it fearful. If you know the root of your fear it is easier to find a way to tackle it and make it your strength.

2. Reflect upon your reactions

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Sometimes the way we react to any event is made up by the mind. The situation is not worth the reaction we give. It is important to reflect upon what you do when faced with your fears. This simple thought will transform fear into a moment of rethinking and self-talk.

3. Self talk is important

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Reflection helps in thinking and self-talk. Self-talk is important for the growth and development of the mind. It also helps in understanding that being afraid is not always beneficial and hence stopping any useless action.

4. Choose between the options

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When faced with fear you have two options. First is to get scared and let the fear take a toll on yourself. Second is to fight the fear and make it your strength by knowing that it is just an imagination.

5. Talk to a mentor or your parents

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Sometimes tools that you have at your disposal are not enough to solve a problem. Even after trying hard if you are not able to tackle the fear, you should seek guidance from the mentor and family.

6. Deliberately replace fearful thoughts with positive ones

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The way you program the brain, it will function in that direction. If you wish to remove fear from it, it can also be done by adding more positivity to the brain. This will displace fear automatically making it your strength.

7. Knowing the advantages of fear

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Fear has its own advantages. For example, the fear of failure motivates you to work hard. The fear of dying motivates you to eat healthily and live a happy life. These advantages of fear make it more rational and we become more conscious about it.

8. Be a neutral observer of your fear

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If someone other than yourself judges your fear it might seem irrelevant and vague to them. You can use this technique to be a third person to yourself and observe fear from a larger perspective. This will gradually help you in removing it and making it your strength.

9. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10

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Infants need to have a fear of certain things in life. It is important to be afraid of the consequences of a lethal accident. Or being afraid of the fact that people you love might not be there with you forever. These fears are on the 10th mark on the scale. This helps you in realizing that being afraid of irrational things is useless and a waste of time, it might be somewhere between 1 to 10 but not 10th for sure.

10. Find value in pain

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People feel that pain and suffering should be avoided at any cost. But the truth is, if you try to run away from pain it will find you back. Understand the value that pain gives you. Understanding that where there is no mud there is no lotus helps in making this point clearer.

11. Accept failures

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Lastly, you don’t have to succeed every time. Being aware of failures helps in making you more persevere and strong. It also helps in trying even after failing. Therefore, accepting failure is important in tackling fears.

Converting your fears into strength is not an overnight process. This involves consistency and time. However, once you realize its importance and benefits the process will become easier.

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