Lifestyle14 Ways in Which you can Empower Women around you

14 Ways in Which you can Empower Women around you

The 21st century is the first time in history when we have at our disposal almost every resource. But still, the females are facing inequalities and discrimination and above all fears to step out. Most women are still facing a lack of everything.

Though it’s not hard to bring every woman at an equal pace with the rest of society, the progress is slow and needs to be revived. Here are a few ways we can play our role in making every woman we know more empowered and confident.

14 Ways in which you can empower women around you

1. Supporting their dreams

Once you start supporting and investing in the dreams of your sister, daughter, partner or mother, you will automatically be more open to helping any woman fulfill her dreams. Supporting the dreams of every human is equally important because we have the right to dream and fulfill them.

2. Supporting female-run startups

There are many women getting creative businesses across the world. Due to lack of funds and support, they are not able to come into the mainstream. Hence, it is our duty to help them rise because they are the future of the business industry and the world at large.

3. Boosting their self-esteem

Boosting the self-esteem of all female members of your community is crucial because they need to have confidence and believe in their capabilities, if they have belief in themself no one can ever bring them down.

4. Awaring them about financial independence

Usually, women are taught to be at home, cook, and take care of the family. But it is becoming more and more important for women to stand up for themselves and for this financial independence is the key. Hence, to make them empowered you need to tell them about the importance of earning.

5. Supporting them to stand for themselves

Not just men but even women need to support other women. For this, everyone needs to stand with every other person. This is a cycle that will continue and empower everyone in the society.

6. Educating girls

Educating girl children is important not just in schemes and policies but also in real life. If they are open to knowledge and education from childhood their willingness and leaning towards education will grow and help them stand for their rights as they grow up.

7. Making them aware of social insecurities

There are various insecurities in society when it comes to the female in the family. Although there are millions of them that are baseless and pointless other than making women aware about them, we should make each other and our younger generations aware of the rationale behind these insecurities.

8. Teaching them to tackle negativity

People often spread rumors and judgments pointing out every woman they know. They point at their characters certifying and giving judgements at every step. People need to support each other and rather than making women a target of their opinions helps them overcome these negativities.

9. Creating a safe workplace

Harassment at the workplace has become a norm just like work itself. It is common to such an extent that most of the time it gets ignored or blurred. It is the responsibility of the company or the founder as well as the people working at a place to make sure the workplace environment is safe for any woman to work freely and confidently.

10. Sensitizing the males around crucial issues

A lot of times people only tell girls to behave and act a certain way while forgetting that it is equally important to make boys and men sensitive about certain issues.

11. Supporting their voice

We need to support the voices of our daughters at home. It’s only when they are free to speak at home that they will be able to speak outside the home with confidence.

12. Breaking social norms along with them

Girls should only cook and the kitchen is not the place for boys. Norms like these have always existed in society. It is only when boys break these norms along with girls that there will be change on actual levels.

13. Believing and giving them freedom

We need to make the women around us free, they should be free to do their work according to their understanding. This should start at home. We need to help our female family members stay less dependent on the male members of the family and do their work freely.

14. Trying to be more gender-neutral and inclusive

We should try to be more gender-neutral. The idea of equality should and will not arise if we are neutral to every gender. Everything should be divided equally amongst all humans irrespective of their gender or sex.

Society cannot change in the blink of an eye. But it is only possible due to efforts that women have walked this long to secure their rights and with more effort all the shackles that still exist will break.


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