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14 Valuable Life Lessons For The 20s

The 20s are all about experience, engaging yourself with self-value, knowledge, and skills. The rush of solving the uncertainty will follow us. No one wants to miss out on life.

These tips will help you live life to the fullest. We all are different. Learning from each point will help you to think diversely. You will feel secure and curious about the future and also improve your life.

14 Valuable Life Lessons For The 20s

1. Seek Healthy Relationships

You cannot love everybody or reciprocate the same energy. Your relationship foundation makes your life. Avoid those who do not desire to become the same person, that you desire to become. It will not help you or grow you. If you see a sign of being a drain, take it and spend your energy somewhere else. There are many people in this universe; you can find one for yourself. I have learned that wonderful friendships will help the version of yourself.

2. Small steps are enough

We cannot achieve success by working hard for a week. It requires working hard for years consistently. It is not even about the gigantic steps and getting done with work. It is about smart work and constancy. Smart work is not a shortcut, it is a mindset. Work each day, set a time goal, and give quality to that work. Ankur Warikoo says, “You do not get paid for how faster you do work but how better you do the work.” Small steps matter. Small steps are enough.

3. Traveling and learning about new cultures

Traveling is the best thing everyone should experience in their life. Cultures, traditions, places, and foods – exploring each one of those things will be a memorable memory for you. We all had a childhood wish to travel the world with friends or siblings. Make it happen for you. The best way to spend your money is to travel and learn about cultures. It is always a fun and adventurous ride.

4. We need kindness

Kindness is a need for your mental space. Pueblo mentioned in his book, “It is normal to have a bad day and a disappointing period. But, do not judge or self-pity yourself.” Your bad day does not define your capability. Be kind to yourself. Be a friend to your (mental space) and learn to be kind. It will help your work and your life.

5. Your body is your best investment

It is the only body you have. You can either nurture it or destroy it. You decide, and it lives accordingly. You can determine to workout 30 mins every day for your body to stay fit and energetic. You can choose to intake fruits so you will feel refreshed and clean. It is your body and only you can nurture it.

6. Love and appreciate the things around you

Life is short. It is running too fast, just like this age. If you die and live your last moment, you would want to live the most at the moment. So, be appreciative now. It is a fact that when you appreciate something, the world for you starts to look lively.

7. “Doing It” is the choice

Go all in. Fear has done no good to us. It never adds value to our lives. It makes us distant because we fear the idea of failure or disappointing memories. But what if it turns out amazing? To figure that out, you need to experience it. Do it! Do not learn to live with regrets.

8. The best use of money (SAVE MONEY)

Money is essential for living, health, and food. You are getting paid enough money to fulfill your needs, great. But do not run after it; it always ends up in depressing instances. If your aim is only money, it is bad.

It is about saving and investing that money. One of the adult roles is to use money which makes money for you. You need to understand this game and be consistent. The market shows that a person who invests and saves money at 25 has a secure future in their finance.

9. Negotiate With Yourself

Life is easier to blame. You can say your life is pathetic and a waste of time. These words do not make your thinking reliable or make your work life any better. You can blame your schedule, and the fact is you have 24 hours in a day. Your life is supposed to work with a routine and that helps your mental health. Instead of being terrified, choose to negotiate. For example, I will write for 25mins, then I’ll reward myself by playing the video game. You can either pick to negotiate or threaten yourself.

10. Look For All Angles

The mature mind checks all the perceptions. Be open to hearing the perspectives, upgrades, and knowledge. Judging the suggestion can limit your growth. Listen to advice and look at the angles. Then, logically choose if you agree or disagree with it. Open minds always grow.

11. The kid inside you can motivate you

When you enter the stage of adulthood, you will understand the way someone treats you has a lot to do with them. During this process, you should not be harsh with yourself. It is a part of you that makes you. Bring your authentic jolly and excited-to-explore personality. Be you unapologetically.

12. Be confident

Have confidence in your talents. Other people will do the same. Have trust in your talent, skill, education. Your faith in your skill makes a difference. That faith leads them to the next step in their life.

13. Lesson About Failures and Trials

The truth is nobody cares. Only you can choose the supporters and critics for your life. Nobody overthinks about your failure or stupid moves for years. People are caught up in their failure, just as you are. So, free yourself from this perspective and be unapologetic to try, experiment, fail, and have fun while you are at it.

14. Passion is Cultivated

Finding your passion needs to be cultivated. It needs to align with your principles and desires. Humans have a variety of things that you have not experienced yet. But, we adapt our personality to become like someone we desire. Atomic Habit, a best-selling book mentions, “When you wish to become like somebody or the profession you want, you adopt them as your personality.” So, be passionate about becoming an artist, writer, or a successful man. You need to adapt and accept their personality in your life. It is cultivated, and then you become one.


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