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10 Signs That You Are Poor

No, we are not being rude! It is just a reality check for people who are not poor; they present themselves as someone they are not. This article is a blunt truth, and some people might not be able to digest it. But the best thing is that the truth is always bitter.

10 Signs That You Are Poor

1. You wouldn’t be able to maintain your lifestyle for more than three months if you stopped working

If you are dependent on just one source of income, then this is an alarming situation. If you cannot maintain your lifestyle if you lose your job, you are poor in reality. If you do not have enough savings or cash flow coming in to sustain your living for at least three months, then you are in the poor category.

2. Your house smells funny

Your home tells a lot about you. It is a clear reflection of your personality and how you are as a person. If your house smells dirty, then you are poor. It could also be because of a bad neighbor or an untidy neighborhood. There could be several reasons, and this shows that you are not a wealthy person.

3. It takes you more than an hour to get to work

If you are spending an hour reaching your office, then remember how much time you are wasting traveling from one place to another. Then, imagine how you could have used that traveling time to do something productive for yourself and your family.

4. Fast food is a good meal all the time

Fast food is often cheap, and it is readily available. Broke people often rely on fast food because of this lower price. It is a sign of poor people as a rich person would never prefer having fast food again and again over a healthy meal.

5. You have bills that you cannot afford to pay

If you have bills that you cannot afford to pay or you struggle to pay, then you are amongst the poor category. Why spend your money on those things that you cannot even afford? Use it intelligently and build your wealth.

6. You have to say ‘no’ to your kids

It is entirely okay to say no to useless things, but saying no to your kids for just an average-priced toy is a sign of poor people. Your financial condition is weak, and you do not have extra funds to fulfill your kids’ small desires. You do not have to feel wrong about this. Just make sure to work smartly and make money for a better living.

7. You have an addiction:

It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you are addicted, you are a slave. You didn’t become rich to become a slave, right? It can have harmful effects on your physical and mental health, which is a clear sign of a poor person.

8. You shop on sale or use coupons:

If you wait for sale season to kick in so that you can start shopping, you are poor. There’s no shame in saving your extra bucks while shopping, but remember, no one becomes a billionaire by saving money. Instead, you have to find several ways to earn money and use that money to build extra money.

9. Your car is 10+ years old:

A vehicle is a liability, we all know it, but rich people are not going to stop buying cars. If your car is more than ten years old and it doesn’t even ensure your and your family’s safety, then what’s the point of it? If you still have to waste thousands of money every month for its maintenance, then you are poor. A rich person would never risk their safety and money over an old and useless car.

10. You don’t have clean socks and underwear for every day:

This might sound hilarious, but it’s true. It is not about buying high-end lingerie or innerwear. It is just about managing those things and having enough of them that you can use every day.

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