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22 K-pop Songs That Can Cheer You Up

Bad days are inevitable and some days can be discouraging, but there is always a song that lifts you up and comforts you.

22 K-pop Songs That Can Cheer You Up

1.”Grow Up” by Stray Kids

“Grow Up” is a comforting song that reminds us that it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to fail. The song also reminds listeners to take their time and not rush life.

2. Dynamic Duo’s “Nosedive” and EXO’s Chen

 This song is about feeling free with your emotions. The song tells listeners to cry on bad days and stay with them until they get better. 

3.ASTRO「By Your Side」

 “By Your Side” is a song that conveys the message of being by your side through pain. Even if you change a lot, they will stay by your side and keep you out of pain.

4. “Breathe” by LEE HI

 “Breathe” is a song that offers a lot of comfort, especially when you’re making mistakes. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes from time to time, and that when you need air, don’t hesitate to breathe. 

5. Wanna One “One’s Place (Home)”

 “One’s Place (Home)” is a song that contains the message that when you need someone you can rely on, you always want to be by your side.

6. “Hug” by SEVENTEEN

Everyone has had their fair share of difficult and trying days, but SEVENTEEN is here to comfort you, that you’ve done well, that they love you, and that you I’m here to tell you that I will hold you when you need me.

7. TWICE “Feel Special”

 Despite its lively sound, TWICE’s “Feel Special” is a song about relying on someone to remind you that you matter. Especially on days and moments when you feel lost in front of your desire to hide the world.

8. ‘Downpour’ by I.O.I

 “Downpour” talks about getting through tough times, but it’s just part of life that goes by quickly, so keep doing your best. 

9. BTS’s “Magic Shop”

 BTS’s “Magic Shop” is a song about opening up and finding solace in the process.

10. “Heart Road” to DAY6

 DAY6’s “Heart Road” is a song about embarking on a difficult journey, but instead of the difficulties that come with it, it’s about always remembering and focusing on the positive. 

11. BTS “Paradise”

 Maybe you just need some real words to cheer you up a little. Well, BTS and ‘Paradise’ have the best lyrics to make you feel better. Your body gives you great hope and you feel great after listening to this song.

12.”Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is synonymous with having fun, and boy bands have a lot of thought-provoking songs, but these idols also have a lot of cheering songs. MV and power are amazing.

13. BTOB “It’s Okay”

 Sometimes you just need to know that everything you feel is right, and BTOB will tell you “it’s okay” even if you don’t think so. It’s okay to be depressed once in a while, and it’s okay to take a break. This idol group teaches us through songs.

14. ‘Been Through’ by EXO.

 “Been Through” was released in December

December 2017, as a side track of EXO’s 6th mini-album “Universe”. The song “Been Through” encourages fans to bounce back and overcome obstacles. It is said that no matter how dark the sky is, you can still find light through it.

15. IZ*ONE “Plane”

 “Airplane” was released on April 1, 2019 as the B-side track of IZ*ONE’s second mini-album “HEART*IZ”. Lyrically, “Airplane” encourages listeners to spread their wings like an airplane and fly high to make their dreams come true. Tell them to walk and fly high.

16 .”Slow” by Yoon Ji Sung

 “Slow” was released on February 20, 2019 as his B-side to Yoon Ji-sung’s first extended track “Aside”. This song comforts listeners who have been in a slump, even though they’ve been running around and desperate. They say it’s okay to cry and rest and that this is not the end.


 MY TREASURE” was released by Essence on January 11, 2020 as the title song of TREASURE’s first full-length album “The First Step: Treasure”.

18.’Celebrity’ by IU

“Celebrity” was released on January 27, 2021 as the title song of IU’s fifth full-length album “LILAC”. IU describes the song as “refreshing” and “uplifting”. She says that listening to this song makes everyone feel like the main character.

19. DAY6 “Time of Our Lives”

 “Time Of Our Life” was released on July 15, 2019 as the title track of DAY6’s fifth mini-album “The Book of Us: Gravity”. According to member Young K, the song captures the heady and exciting feeling of embarking on the beautiful pages of youth. It’s uplifting and, according to the idol, beautiful.

20 .”Seishun” by N.Flying

 “Youth” was released on June 10, 2020 as a sidetrack to N.Flying’s seventh mini-album “So, Communication”. Lyrically, “Youth” says that even if it’s hard, you’ll be fine.You can infuse your youth and chase your dreams because that’s part of the beauty of this life. am.

21. “Energetic” by Wanna One

 Ever feel down and out of your mind? Wanna One’s fresh lyrics and upbeat rhythms are sure to bring your vibes and energy back to life! Aug 7, 2017 This is Wanna One’s debut song released today. Although the group has disbanded, many people still have this song on their playlists. 

22. “ASAP” by STAYC

 Despite being a rookie group, STAYC succeeded in gaining many fans in less than a year. Since their debut until now, they have released catchy songs one after another, and ASAP is one of them! Her voice sounds so fresh on this song, not to mention her addictive dance in the chorus. You can’t take your eyes off the colorful music video and the charm of the members.


Above these top 22 K-Pop songs that can definitely cheer you up. Hopefully, everyone likes these songs. Thank you!

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