Travel15 Reasons why Mountains are a must to visit

15 Reasons why Mountains are a must to visit

The Indian subcontinent has mountains and peaks in abundance. The Himalayas are often termed as the third pole and it is an exceptional paradise that calls for a visit. With its pristine landscape and beautiful valleys, there is much more that mountains tell us.

Read the following aspects to know more about what mountains teach us.

15 Reasons why mountains are a must to visit

1. To value things

Standing tall for not just decades but eras and epochs mountains are the best places to learn about values, they tell us to not lose hope and value things around us.

2. Motivation

The huge, captivating size of the hills instills motivation in you, its hugeness pushes one to aim higher and work harder to achieve the goals in life.

3. Confidence

Mountains are a great way to learn about being confident, even if you are riding a bike on the hilly roads it gives you the confidence to face difficult situations in life, and the tough roads when crossed make you believe in yourself.

4. Perseverance

Perseverance is one of the most important values for being successful in life. Mountains teach you this quality because of the challenge they throw at you. It’s not easy to trek or camp on the mountains, but once you go on this path and succeed after millions of trials and error it not only builds more confidence but also shows the fruits of perseverance.

5. Compassion

Although they are enormous in size, mountains are never too proud of their strength. They are compassionate enough to allow everyone to enjoy their lives in their laps. One can learn compassion and care from these giant friends better than any other person or any other aspect of life.

6. Respect one’s culture

People living in the mountains are secluded from the rest of the civilization due to obvious geographical reasons. This distance makes them closer to their culture and the nature around them. They worship and respect everything more than anyone in the world hence it is easier to inculcate the quality of respecting our culture from people of the mountains.

7. Fragility of life

Apart from them being so beautiful and pristine, mountains are very uncertain. One event of cloud burst takes a toll on millions of lives. The uncertainty of mountains reminds us about the uncertainty and fragility of life and makes us more conscious about living and enjoying the present.

8. Importance of undertaking a journey

The tough terrain of the hills often leads to exceptionally beautiful destinations, making us more eager to take up journeys, this lifetime lesson always instills the active energy to take up journeys in life.

9. Adventure

What’s better than adventure on the hills? Treks, camps, rafting, bungee jumping and so many adventures are all possible in the mountains. One must visit the mountains and enjoy these adventures, which as a result instills the quality of adventuring in life.

10. Unknown histories

There is so much hidden in the mountains. So much so, that the entire Himalayan range in itself has not been explored to date and every time a new range is explored history is always excavated. They are the best preservers of history and will teach you a lot of it through themself.

11. Unexplored beauty

Undoubtedly, the beauty of the hills and rivers flowing in the valleys is unparalleled. The more you explore the more you find. It is a heavenly experience and worth visiting.

12. Fresh air and water

Fresh air and water are becoming a rarity, but mountains are still the reservoirs of fresh air and water. The waterfalls and rapids have the most freshwater you would ever find. Many of them are scientifically proven to cure disease and provide health benefits. The air without any doubt is healing and peaceful.

13. Lower heart disease

Going away from plains to a higher altitude makes the heart stronger, and gives different ways for the oxygen to enter the body reducing the risk of heart diseases. If you visit the mountains you will have a lesser chance of heart disease and hence a better life ahead.

14. Set new limits

Once you enter into the mountains they would never end. This sets a new limit for you every time you move ahead and in this process, you learn to utilize your potential in a better way.

15. Instills happiness

Walking, running, trekking, and breathing fresh air in the lap of Mother Nature always brings more joy to life and these simple reasons could make you visit and revisit the mountains.

Mountains are ethereal locations of peace and serenity, they often change the lives of their visitors and help a lot of people find peace in life. They, therefore, are a must-visit.

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