Health and Wellness16 Positive effects of running and walking

16 Positive effects of running and walking

In the moments when time is running faster than ever before, taking care of yourself is important, and running every day is a faster and quicker way to do this. It’s important to catch up with the running time, but it is equally important to catch up with a healthy body which can be achieved through walking and running.

16 Positive effects of running and walking

1. Helps in bone strength

Running is a bone-strengthening exercise. It helps in improving bone density, as it stimulates the bones. Research has further proved that any exercise like running, walking or jumping is directly connected with bone health.

2. Strengthens muscles

Bones are muscles that are connected to each other. Just like bones, muscles are also stimulated by running and walking. This helps in keeping them young for a longer time thereby improving their strength.

3. Good for cardiovascular health

Researchers have proved that running is one of the best ways to keep the heart healthy. A moderate amount of running and walking reduces the chances of heart stroke and adds more years to your life.

4. Helps in maintaining weight

Running is beneficial for everyone. It keeps the body cheerful and fights excess fats. It is extremely useful in maintaining weight. This is one reason why it is always the first thing that people do at gyms.

5. Burns fat faster

Running burns fat faster than most other ways. If you keep the diet healthy and run regularly nothing can stop you from completing your fitness goals. Walking and running combined help in losing a lot of calories effectively.

6. Makes the mind work faster

Running not just trains the body but also the mind. If you ever come across a sports person or an athlete they would always convey that the mind works faster and better during and after running. It helps to think clearly.

7. It is a form of meditation

Meditation is all about focusing on one thing. It can be your breath, any event, any chant or even the track in front of you. Since running is an indulging exercise there is no time to think about anything other than the field in front of you. Similarly walking is therapeutic and can be used as a moment to spend time with oneself and think clearly.

8. Strengths concentration

Running strengthens concentration. As already pointed out it is like a meditative therapy which helps in strengthening concentration.

9. Fights depression

Walking in the gardens is always blissful. The peace of nature surrounded by flowers is healing and helps in fighting depression. Running also inspires oneself and inspiration gives the ability to fight everything including depression.

10. Helps in making friends

Walking outside in a park or garden is loved by everyone. This like-minded nature of people around motivates them to talk to them, thereby helping to make friends.

11. Improves blood flow

Any movement of the body helps in improving blood flow. Running and walking both are scientifically and experientially proven to improve blood flow and help remove toxins from the blood, cleansing it naturally.

12. Makes one more closer to nature

Running in an open ground or walking in a garden helps keep you close to nature. Breathing the fresh air realizes the importance of preserving elements of nature around you and makes you more aware of the environment.

13. Helps to explore different aspects every day

Spending some time in an open environment which is dynamic always brings a new dimension each day. The leaves of a few plants may shed, or the flowers in the garden might blossom. This helps in exploring different things every day.

14. Helps in building perspective

Building perspectives helps in understand the nature and people around us. When you go out on a walk or running, meeting new people everyday helps in get a new perspective which makes life more meaningful and deep.

15. Helps in releasing toxins from the body

The more you perspire the more fresh and light the body feels. Running and walking helps the body shed toxins via perspiration.

16. Builds sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is not just important on the field but in life in general. It helps to build a community of like-minded people who work as a team. This gives rise to new ideas and is a creative process for growth.

Walking and running can be done at different times with different motives. Every way that is employed in it is filled with benefits. However, overdoing or over-exerting the body can be harmful, therefore any activity should be carried out with precautions.


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