Health and Wellness11 Exclusive Positive Affirmations

11 Exclusive Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are no magic. You can’t tell yourself something, as if enchanting deception and the stars will align themselves for you. Nuh Uh! That’s not how it works, though how much simpler our lives would be if this were the case, right?

Indeed, it is not apparent magic, but it does have a science behind it. It takes a practical process to achieve the desired result. And of this grave process, the positive affirmation is the first step.

How often have you heard the phrase that goes ‘believe in yourself, ‘Trust your heart’, Go with your heart’, do hearing this make you believe in yourself, or trust yourself? Does it? Not likely. But once you begin to TRY to believe in yourself, by fighting hard with the insecurities that often stop you from owning the faith that makes you do anything, there is the start after which you do ‘start to believe in yourself.

So to say, positive affirmations are not magic, just a practice.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements, phrases, or a daily dose of reassurance that one delivers to their mind to overcome negative thinking and sheer anxiety.

It is more like a reminder of the capacity that you provide to yourself. It can also be in the form of gratefulness towards your ‘at the moment’ blessings and highs. It could be accessed to conceive the perception of adequacy.

11 Exclusive Positive Affirmations

  1. I can do this.
  2. I am capable.
  3. I have full control over my life.
  4. I can ditch negativity in my life and grow.
  5. I can fight my fears because I am stronger than them.
  6. I am blessed with amazing friends and family, and they love me a lot.
  7. I love myself the most.
  8. I am fit and I am grateful.
  9. God has given me more than enough.
  10. Life is a beautiful experience
  11. I can change my today.

Some basic statements of positive affirmations can look like this. But it can take the role as the present situation of the person’s life.

What Are Positive Affirmations In Terms Of Psychology?

Psychology says these messages that we glorify upon ourselves that are full of optimism inform or reprogram our Brain-CPU. It is a way of deceiving our mental functions positively. And, indeed, it does work. As our subconscious mind is naïve enough to not distinguish between what’s real and what’s a belief. It could also act as a negative venture, as all our negativity can compel our life to fall into a pit full of those thoughts.

When you tell your brain something with a shred of belief, it actualizes it as a fact. So if you tell your brain that you are going to pass your driving test today, and you tell it in a firm way like-‘I AM going to pass my driving test today, it is engraved in your subconscious mind. It later generates the confidence that you need to do well on your driving test and hence pass.

Positively conversing with the self can produce self-integrity in a person, which is a root for many stabilizing processes. It can help people to set goals high and gain the confidence to practice to achieve them. Hence it could lead to success. But, let us address the fact that talking to ourselves and saying things like ‘You are so unique, ‘You are the very best, ‘You are so pretty is quite zany. And these statements might not even do any good (but it depends on the person).

A drastic belief in the sayings is what’s essential and hence the gravity of assurance, in what you tell yourself, determines the effect that the expression will have upon you.


So, to sum up, There is strength in positive affirmations, and it could be life-changing. Therefore manage to captivate your ideologies and your belief system to achieve the greatness you crave.


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