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13 Institutes Offering Paranormal Science Degree

If you are among those people who take supernatural activities as a work of science, then here is something that will fill you with wonder. To add to your delight, some institutes exist for real to offer paranormal science degrees. If you are interested in paranormal study courses, you can refer to these Paranormal study colleges in India and abroad.

This might be one of the rare things that you have got your hands on. If you are ready to take up your paranormal science degree on a serious note, let’s get started!

13 Institutes Offering Paranormal Science Degree

1. GRIP Academy

GRIP Academy is collectively known as Ghost Research And Investigators of Paranormal Academy. This academy that offers a paranormal science degree is a part of IPS which is again the abbreviation of the Indian Paranormal Society. A wide variety of subjects that the candidate can choose from is being taught in this academy. Instead of eligibility, they have pushed out a few terms and conditions, which you can read from the official website of GRIP Academy.

2. Andhra University

Instead of calling it a direct paranormal science degree, Andhra University found it reliable to connect it with psychology and call this branch parapsychology. With a scientific approach to shed light on the most controversial facts of the world, this university has a wide range of curriculums included in their parapsychology courses, which is considered a course beyond the paranormal study courses.

3. Harper College

Harper College is a little different from the institutes offering an exclusive paranormal science degree. It claims not to put out any scientific orientation. However, it has information from all the fields of paranormal science courses and paranormal study books too. So, if you want to enroll for detailed information, Harper College will welcome you.

4. Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University is popularly known as BHU, offers a paranormal science degree. But unlike all other universities offering full-time courses, BHU has a relatively shorter period for their course. As they called it, Bhoot Vidya or Ghost Studies takes a tenure of 6 months to complete and get a certified training association from the university under the paranormal study course.

5. Virginia University

Apart from paranormal study colleges in India, Virginia University also offers a parapsychology course. Indirectly, this course is pretty much related to the psychological course, instead of putting it directly under any paranormal science degree. Apart from the paranormal study courses, an exclusive school of medicine is also included in their curriculum.

6. Duke University

Once again, under the name of Parapsychology, Duke University offers interested students a paranormal science degree. They have the facility to enroll in the online exhibit, which is available from time to time. You can keep an eye on the official website of Duke University to get to know about the paranormal study course. Their library also has an extensive collection of paranormal study books available for their students.

7. Paranormal Academy

In the UK, you can get yourself enrolled in Paranormal Academy. They offer a few courses in paranormal science degree. You can choose the ones that are the best suited for you. This is a certified institute that allows its students to learn about various departments of the paranormal study course.

8. University of Arizona

To get in touch with the communication process of the supernatural entities has been comprehensively formed in the University of Arizona. If you get enrolled here for your paranormal science degree, you will get a mentor who is a renowned expert in the paranormal research field. For more information, you can visit the official website of the University of Arizona.

9. Leiden University

Not very popular, but it is available with their paranormal science degree course. If you are one of the interested candidates, you can pay a visit to the official website of Leiden University. Followed by theories and experiments, several modes of studies are conducted under paranormal study courses.

10. Lund University

People might be unaware of the fact that Lund University offers their interested students the paranormal science degree under parapsychological courses. Named as ‘Reintroducing Parapsychology,’ they offer the course under authorized academics. You can get further information from the official website of Lund University.

11. Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths, University of London offers both a wide and separate course on parapsychology and a paranormal science degree. You can get the information about their staff, curriculum, and other information that are all available on the official website of Goldsmiths, University of London.

12. Havard University

Under Harvard University as well, interested ones can get themselves enrolled for a paranormal science degree. They have collected data and information on different branches of paranormal and parapsychology, which is common in their paranormal study courses. Get all the information from the official website of Harvard University.

13. University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire, in their official website itself, talks about their faith in paranormal activities and the magical thinking ability of normal human folks. They have the paranormal science course involved scientifically for their branch of study. To get more information, you can get into their official website.

So, if you are ready to get knowledge on a paranormal science degree, buckle up yourself and pack your bags because these paranormal study colleges in India and abroad will welcome you for their paranormal study courses.


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