Arts and Craft14 Indian rituals and habits that need to be revived

14 Indian rituals and habits that need to be revived

India is a treasure of knowledge and rich culture. Indian knowledge not only facilitates better living but also improves health and better emotional well-being. The interaction of India with other cultures has led to the undermining of various Indian rituals and habits that formed a part of our heritage. These practices hold good even now, and the following points would prove their efficacy.

14 Indian rituals and habits that need to be revived

1. Regional handicrafts

Promoting regional art and craft is encouraged more and more because of its integral value with regard to our culture. It makes the region more enriched in its own culture and promotes art around the world. Every Indian region has a unique art linked to its history, preserving and reviving this is important to stay in contact with the history.

2. Regional dance forms

Just like art and craft dance of a region describes its geography, history and people. Going away from it is like going away from the roots and forgetting the place of your birth. Reviving dance forms is an important task every person should take up.

3. Regional Music

Music and dance are interconnected. When a dance form is revived the music connected to it is bound to flourish and when it fades away the music fades along with it. Therefore these two tasks go hand in hand and are significant for the thriving of any culture.

4. Knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads

Upanishads and Vedas are treasurers of Indian knowledge. Not just Indians but several foreign scholars also revere these books as the ultimate source of knowledge. Going back to these books is important for progressing in the fields of science, philosophy, and sustainable development.

5. Indian secular literature

Indian secular literature refers to books that provide knowledge on science, philosophy, art and dramas. Our culture is humble and rich in it and provides the finest knowledge for all the fields. It has been tried and tested not just by Indian but international scientists as well.

6. Reviving the monuments

Staying connected with history is important to stay connected with one’s roots and know them. Monuments are visual examples of our heritage. It shows the evolution and struggles of the country over the ages. Therefore, the revival of monuments should be the task of every person.

7. Belief in yoga

Yoga is the ultimate exercise according to Indian scriptures. It is important to revive this belief as it is becoming more and more beneficial due to changing lifestyles. Yoga may or may not be the ultimate, but it is the need of the hour and requires time in everyone’s routine.

8. Circular economy

The circular economy is in consonance with nature and can help prevent the effects of climate change. The idea of a circular economy deals with reusing recycling and reducing waste as much as possible.

9. Concept of sacred groves

The idea of worshiping nature is considered primitive, but it is due to a lack of awareness that deforestation is taking a toll on every organism. Considering a tree sacred prevents its misuse and preventing trees from being cut is important for the future of humanity.

10. Belief in the practices of indigenous communities

Concepts like the sacred groves are also indigenous concepts. People living in forests are closer to nature and have experienced life differently than us. To make the development benefits reach them or help in the progress of the country as a whole their participation and trust in the indigenous communities is significant.

11. Trying Indian alternatives to food items

Food is a household as well as a global concern. In search of good and healthy food people end up eating the wrong combinations of packaged food. However, the simple pattern of eating what is seasonal and local can never go wrong. This habit needs to be inculcated in our lives.

12. Using skincare that our ancestors used

Skin care has become popular especially due to the mushrooming of a number of products. But before these products existed, people had healthier skin and beautiful hair. This was by following simple tips like exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and using locally available materials for taking care of the skin.

13. Oil is an integral part of every skincare

Oil is a gift of nature. It has therapeutic benefits. It works as an antiseptic and at the same time heals pain and tiredness. This is why oil is the major ingredient in most skin care products. This is not a new trend but a revival of what used to happen earlier.

14. Building strong barriers from within instead of medicines and cosmetics

Indians since ages followed preventive methods rather than curative. Preventive methods are beneficial as they prevent disease and problems before they occur. It makes the body healthier and stronger from the inside and it does not need any artificial treatment.

These practices are not just in tune with our body and mind but also in tune with the environment and geography. The concept of circular economy and the aspect of the environment attached in every practice is the need of the hour and is important for saving the planet from the wrath of climate change.


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