Inspirational Stories6 Golden Rules for a Beautiful Life

6 Golden Rules for a Beautiful Life

Life is a wonderful gift from God. It is entirely within our power to make this life beautiful in every way. To live a beautiful life, you must transform your journey by putting all of your best energies into it. Life isn’t always a bed of roses; it’s more than that. It is about them, who will bravely face the odds to explore each stage of life. The events may frighten you, and as a result, you may decide not to take any risks. We are constantly striving for a happy life, and we rely on books that promise to make us happy in a week or so. But you will feel more connected to your life if you live according to your values. Relax and let go of stressors that aren’t related to your long-term happiness.

To make your life journey more enjoyable, here are some golden rules for a beautiful life.

Rule Number 1: Before you pray – Believe

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Many of us have faith in spirituality. We pray with the intention that there is some supernatural power behind us who listens and helps us whenever we reach out to him. However, not all prayers produce the desired results. This leads to doubt in our faith. Before you pray, you must have faith. When you face difficulties in life and don’t know where to turn for happiness, you can turn to God for assistance, believing that everything will return to normal.

Rule Number 2: Before you speak – Listen

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Communication is essential for two people to interact. And communication is more than just expressing ourselves. One must possess the ability to listen. For this communication to be effective, one must give ears to listen; when you listen, there is specific and accurate communication. It is necessary for you to be humble in order to make others feel comfortable that you understand what he or she is trying to convey and also understand his or her point of view. When you practise listening, communication becomes meaningful and insightful. When you are not heard, it can lead to misunderstanding. If you learn to be a good listener, your life will become more beautiful and meaningful.

Rule Number 3: Before you spend – Earn

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Money can only buy tangible things; it cannot buy happiness. However, doing so on occasion causes you to lose track of how much money you are spending on fleeting happiness. Spending money on inessential items will almost certainly result in unnecessary trouble. Your life will become more comfortable when you are fully satisfied with what you have and know what you require on a daily basis.

If you have a constant desire for something that is out of your price range, your life may become unhappy. We’re all tempted to buy things we don’t need. However, you must consider whether your salary is sufficient to cover all of that. So, before you spend, save. This will help you achieve your financial goals. Spend wisely and live frugally, and you will undoubtedly be on your way to a life that is almost perfect.

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Rule Number 4: Before you write – Think

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Thinking before writing is essential because you will be flooded with all possible ideas. Writing should not demonstrate your knowledge or authority on the subject. Writing should be done using brain storming techniques and strategies; this will help you organise your ideas and thus whatever you think will come out as writing. You should concentrate; flowery language will not always help you get to the point; this can only be accomplished if you think before you write. When we use writing as an expression medium, hidden thoughts come to the surface. When everything is written down after much thought, the mind calms down and feels satisfied.

Rule Number 5: Before you quit – Try

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Some people are afraid of taking risks because they are fear of failing. This is pure craziness on one’s part. Give it a shot before you dismiss it as impossible. People avoid trying before giving up. If you quit without giving it a try, you will always feel guilty. It will always prick you that if you had trusted your instincts, your life would have been so much happier. We sometimes wish not to give up so easily and to keep trying, but circumstances prevent us from doing so. You quit because you are afraid of being unsuccessful and failing in life. Quitting is not as easy, it takes lots of guts and courage. And you should not quit if you feel there is a slight hope left.

Rule Number 6: Before you die – Live

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God’s most beautiful gift to mankind is life. Because life is finite, make the most of it and live it to the fullest until your final breath. But it is you who will make your life worthwhile as if you will live forever. Do not be afraid of the consequences that will befall you. Just keep moving forward, looking at the milestones, and ignoring the obstacles that come your way on your life’s journey. You will be the happiest if you overcome all obstacles.

You are missing out on the most beautiful thing in the world if you live in fear with no pursuits. Your life would be a waste on this planet, just another burden. We know we’ll be in the graves at the end because we came empty-handed and will leave empty-handed. However, if you spend each moment of your life making memories for each day, you will be able to start over with no barriers. If you live your life intelligently in this engineered manner, you will discover that life is more than just being born and dying.

A happy and meaningful life is one in which we are content with the people around us. There are numerous factors that influence our lives; it is up to you to take everything in stride and keep going. Many life lessons have been taught to us as a result of our experiences. If you learn to be grateful, you will notice that everything around you is beautiful and that life is also beautiful. Living a good life necessitates self-discovery, exploration, and continuous improvement in order to master yourself. A balanced life is satisfying and fulfilling.

Many people believe that life can be happy if we live tension-free and stress-free, while others believe that happiness comes from the people who surround you with kindness, love, and affection. However, there are various factors that influence one’s happiness. You can’t measure someone’s happiness because it comes from within. Each person on this earth has a quest for happiness and they are constantly striving to achieve it. If you are satisfied with your current situation in life, you can automatically feel happiness.

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