Food and Nutrition32 Food Items that are Harmful to your Body

32 Food Items that are Harmful to your Body

Indian street food is well-known throughout the world among food enthusiasts. Indians can always fill up on the especially delicious food at any time of day and still have room for dessert. The junk food is undoubtedly alluring. Even though you might think that consuming a small amount of such junk food won’t do any harm, is that really the case?

Learn more about the top 32 Indian foods that are bad for your health and that you should avoid by reading this article.

32 Food Items that are Harmful to your Body

1. Mushrooms

Not all mushrooms are made equally. Although crimini mushrooms are excellent pasta toppings, some species have lethal poisons.

2. Tomatoes

The leaves of the juicy, red fruit contain the poison glycoalkaloid, which is known to upset the stomach, cause excruciating cramping, and make people anxious. So avoid touching the stems and leaves.

3. Rhubarb leaves

The leaves of rhubarb are poisonous and can lead to breathing difficulties, seizures, kidney failure, and in some cases, death. Rhubarb can be used to make a variety of delicious sweets.

4. Peanuts

Nuts are one of the most typical allergies. Anaphylaxis, which can cause severe airway constriction, shock, and even unconsciousness, is the most serious reaction. Know your allergies before going anywhere near these babies or their addictive friend, peanut butter. It is dangerous enough to be fatal if left untreated.

5. Shellfish

A severe allergic reaction to shellfish can make breathing difficult and even dangerous.

6. Potatoes

Despite the fact that potatoes have poisonous stems and leaves, potato poisoning is not common. Green potatoes and potato leaf tea are the main causes of death from potatoes.

7. Cherries

Cherry seeds should not be eaten because they contain the toxic gas hydrogen cyanide.

8. Meat that is still raw and raw eggs

Salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis in humans, can be found in raw meat, including red meat, poultry, and seafood, as well as uncooked eggs. Serious side effects from salmonella poisoning can include bacteremia, which is life-threatening for those with weakened immune systems and happens when the bacteria enter the bloodstream. To minimize risks, light a flame underneath your meat.

9. Almonds

This seed, which isn’t actually a nut, has a lot of health benefits, but it could also be poisonous. When consumed raw, bitter almonds are cyanide-rich. In order to get rid of the toxins, they require a special heat treatment more than just your do-it-yourself oven roasting.

10. Hot dogs

You should keep an eye on your children when they scarf down the ballpark favorite because it is the main cause of choking fatalities in children.

11. Stone Fruit Seeds and Apple Seeds

Stone fruits such as cherries, plums, apples, pears, peaches, and apricots are considered to be apples and are nature’s candy; however, avoid the seeds (as well as the bark and leaves). They contain the cyanide-producing substance amygdalin. High blood pressure, kidney failure, coma, and even death can result from large doses of this drug. It can also cause nausea and vomiting.

12. Elderberry

We all enjoy berries, but the elderberry plant, which is used to make liquor, soda, and medicinal syrups, can seriously upset your stomach. Avoid touching the stems and leaves.

13. Caster oil

The castor bean plant, which produces castor oil, contains ricin, a deadly poison. Verify that the beans used to make your castor oil comply with all safety requirements.

14. Fugu (Puffer Fish)

An extremely poisonous toxin found in the skin and some organs of puffer fish can paralyse a person and even result in death.

15. Sannakji (Live Octopus)

If you ever eat live octopus, be careful because the suction cups could get stuck in your throat if you don’t chew it thoroughly. Furthermore, that doesn’t sound good.

16. Ackee

Due to its toxin content, which can cause death, this pears-shaped fruit must fully ripen. The U.S. forbids the importation of raw fruit. however, you can purchase it in cans.

17. Honey

This sticky, sweet treat contains poisonous toxins called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Honey can be fatal if consumed in excess because it can cause fatal headaches, dizziness, weakness, and vomiting if it is not properly pasteurized.

18. Lima beans and kidneys

Except when improperly prepared, these legumes are healthy for you. You should thoroughly cook and drain lima beans to get rid of the chemical compound linamarin, which can transform into hydrogen cyanide, and soak red kidney beans for several hours to remove lectins, which can kill the cells in your stomach.

19. Tuna

You’ve probably heard about the risks of mercury poisoning, which is a major factor in why you should be cautious about consuming raw tuna, especially if you’re a child or pregnant. It can result in high blood pressure, itchiness, pain, and other dangerous symptoms after consumption.

20. Nutmeg

Probably already have nutmeg in your spice collection. Despite being great to have on hand for baking, consuming a significant amount can result in psychotic symptoms like confusion, hallucinations, and hyperactivity.

21. Cashews

Anacardic acid, which is present in cashew shells and can burn your skin and cause stomach discomfort. Additionally, cashews must be roasted or boiled before consumption. They contain urushiol in their raw form, a substance that, depending on how much you eat, can result in poison ivy-like rashes or, worse yet, death.

22. Cassava

Although the vegetable’s leaves and roots are high in cyanide, cassava flour has become a well-liked gluten-free substitute. There is a lethal dose in just two roots. Before eating, the vegetables must be peeled and cooked.

23. Sprouts of beans

Sprouts are frequently eaten raw, like on salads, or lightly cooked by adding them last-minutely to a stir fry to keep the crunch. This means that foodborne illnesses like e. coli, listeria, and salmonella are difficult to eradicate through cooking.

24. Raw milk

Even though milk from grocery stores has been pasteurized, some people still drink milk straight from the animal. It goes by the name of raw milk, and it’s a dangerous libation. Anyone who consumes it faces a significant risk of contracting deadly diseases like listeria and E. coli, especially young children.

25. Chipotle peppers

Of course, one won’t kill you, but peppers contain a substance called capsaicin. They are spicy because of it, and pepper spray also contains it. Lung constriction can occur if you consume a lot, such as during a risky pepper-eating competition.

26. Marshmallows

As many marshmallows as you can fit in your mouth while playing the game Chubby Bunny, which is very popular. Due to the two fatalities, the fluffy candies are now widely acknowledged to pose a significant choking hazard.

27. Authentic cheese

Unpasteurized cheese, also known as “raw” cheese, is not commercially imported into the United States, similar to raw milk. S. (This includes well-known selections like camembert. It serves as a host for bacteria and deadly food-borne illnesses.

28. Microwave popcorn

It’s more the bags they come in than the kernels themselves. Perfluorooctanoic acid is produced when a chemical used in the nonstick coating of the bag decomposes. Both liver and prostate cancer have been associated with that acid.

29. Margarine

Butter’s fats are nothing to be afraid of, but you should limit your consumption of margarine. Many tubs contain a lot of hydrogenated oils, which are known as bad trans fats. They can make you more vulnerable to cancer and heart disease.

30. Sugar

Sugar contains only energy and no other nutrients, making it a complete source of empty calories. Due to its natural occurrence in fruits, vegetables, dry fruit, milk, and dairy products, sugar is best consumed through diet. Reduce your consumption of biscuits, soft drinks, fruit juices, candy, and chocolates. Consuming sugar in moderation is advised.

31. Caffeine

Caffeine is primarily found in coffee. Toxic pesticides and herbicides are used to grow coffee beans. It is best to stay away from them because chocolates, colas, and other soft drinks also contain caffeine. Headache, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue, and other symptoms are some of the symptoms of caffeine problems.

32. Doughnuts

The worst ingredients in the world, including white sugar, white flour, and trans fats, are found in doughnuts. This is a deadly combination for your heart’s health as well as your waistline. Consumption of trans fat and sugar has been associated with a significantly increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Bottom line- 
If you’re health conscious then this article will definitely be helpful for you. In this article, we’ll give you a list of the top 32 food items that are harmful to your body. Thank you!

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