Food and Nutrition12 Delicious Asian Dishes You Must Try out

12 Delicious Asian Dishes You Must Try out

Ever since I was little I really liked having momos. Every time we were in Delhi, we’d visit Dilli Haat and enjoy the Momos & Fruit Beet at the Sikkim Restaurant there. As I grew up my love for Asian food grew with me too…from momos to visiting Thailand & Indonesia. to now, wanting to try out all the Asian dishes that are out there.
Over time I realised I enjoy Asian food more than any other cuisine. It’s my go-to cuisine these days, mostly because of the variety. Trying new things has always been something I’ve enjoyed. So, here’s a list of 12 of my favorite Asian dishes that you should totally try.

12 Delicious Asian Dishes You Must Try out

1. Mi-Goreng – Malaysia

Mi Goreng is this delicious Indonesian/ Malaysian fried noodles. They are made with onions, garlic, meat or veggies and a very special Indonesian sweet soy sauce. There are various variations and you can see how you’d like to make them. What I love though is how it’s served with crisps and fresh cucumbers and a sunny side up.

2. Massaman Curry – Thailand

If you’ve tried south East Asian food then you would’ve had Thai curry for sure. But have you tried Thailand’s, Massaman Curry? If you haven’t then this is the Asian dish that you must try. The curry has a Massaman Curry Paste that is mixed well with coconut milk. And then veggies or meat are added as needed. It is usually enjoyed with rice. It is a slightly milder version of Thai Curry but in my opinion, a tastier version too!

3. Bao Buns – China

Bao Buns are these Korean/ Chinese lip-smacking steamed buns. They are super soft, fluffy and slightly sweet with yum filling inside them. Now the stuffing can vary and you’ll have to see what you like most. My favourite so far has been Shitake Mushrooms Bao Buns.

4. Rice Paper Rolls – Vietnam

I’m not a fan of eating warm things in summer, so when I discovered Rice Paper Rolls, I knew my life had changed for good. Rice Paper Rolls are a Vietnamese delicacy packed with bright fresh vegetables and herbs. Served with a punchy peanut dipping sauce, they are perfect for summer. I usually make mine vegan with tofu, quinoa, fresh greens and heaps of mint.

5. Khao suey – Burma

Khao Suey is a one-pot traditional Burmese noodle soup dish. It’s got noodles with a coconut curry soup that you assemble right before eating. The noodles and curry are served separately and with it, there’s a bunch of yummy garnishes. Usually, they bring in fried sweet onions, garlic, spring onions, crushed peanuts & lime.

6. Bibimbap – Korea

Bibimbap is a Korean rice bowl with heaps of sautéed vegetables. It almost always has this special Bibimbap spicy sauce, boiled eggs, and meat. Right before eating everything in the bowl is mixed together.

7. Som Tam – Thai

Som Tam is a delicious Thai salad that is spicy, sweet, sour, and salty. It’s super refreshing and is made with raw green papaya, some veggies, fish sauce, and peanuts.

8. Pho – Vietnamese

Pho(which is pronounced as ‘fuh’) is a traditional Vietnamese soup. It is often made with beef, broth, beansprouts and fresh herbs.

9. Ramen – Japanese

A hearty bowl of Ramen Noodles…we all have either heard of or seen this deliciousness on Instagram. This Japanese dish is made with wheat noodles, broth, soy sauce, miso, veggies & meat. It’s not only full of flavour it also has many health benefits.

10. Dan Bing – Taiwan

A classic snack on the streets of Taiwan is this omelette/crepe called Dan Bing. Its simple, with few ingredients but definitely an Asian dish you must try and even make yourself at home. It’s not like a regular omelette and that’s because this one has heaps of oyster sauce in it. It’s lighter, goo-ey and super chewy!

11. Goguma Mattang – Korea

Goguma Mattang is Korea’s famous side dish. It’s made by frying sweet potato in a brown sugar caramelized coating. It’s crunchy and soft at the same time and well, it’s sweet potatoes made sweeter….what’s not to like?

12. Khao Niasow Ma Muang – Thai

Sticky rice with Mango is a traditional Thai dessert. In my head though, rice with a fruit sounded very odd, but somehow this little thing tasted too good. It’s got sticky rice, fresh pieces of mango, and coconut cream.

Food makes us happy, food also bonds us. So many times finding someone who enjoys the same meal as you forms a new connection. And isn’t that absolutely lovely? We are blessed to have such different cuisines and different varieties of food around us. And we shouldn’t waste any moment of it not eating yummy food. So be out there, experiment and try all this great food….good things happen outside our comfort zone and I guess the same goes for our palettes too.

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