Health and Wellness10 Steps Of Kelly LeVeque's Adaptable Diet Plan

10 Steps Of Kelly LeVeque’s Adaptable Diet Plan

Kelly LeVeque is a famous nutritionist who has majorly helped most of the red carpet celebrities. She is an author and a health and wellness coach. She is an inspiring women’s role model, and she inspired a lot of mothers. Her way of expressing a diet plan is a holistic view and a scientifically proven method. She loves to provide healthy body tips to her audience. She does not sell the idea of starving or praise the idea of being skinny.

The below points are some of her ideas, routines, and mindset, which inspire her to stay healthy and love her body. Either you are a follower of Kelly LeVeque or just do not know her. You will learn her diet plan in a simplified manner and be able to excuse the toxic diet culture mindset. Being well is her healthy way to help anybody to stay healthy, happy, and energetic. Every woman deserves to feel this way.

10 Steps Of Kelly LeVeque’s Adaptable Diet Plan

1. Fab Four Method Diet

She created this one size fits approach. It is a healthy mindset for everybody. If you want to have chicken, shrimp, or even dairy products, have them. She understands the old diet mindset of deprivation, which is a constant reminder that “NO, they cannot have it.” It is not about what you cannot have; it is what you need. You need greens, fiber, protein, and fat. Only you can decide the quantity according to your needs. She encourages her audience to understand that “the need to have a healthy diet” is not limited to categories; it is very broad. People should experiment, explore, and choose their adventures.

2. Be Well

Kelly recommends a blood sugar-stabilizing and anti-inflammatory lifestyle that works for everybody. It does not promote the idea of starvation, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle that is proven by science. Science and even her women clients say that starting the day with protein gives them stored energy throughout the day and keeps them realized. It fulfills your body’s requirement for vitamins and minerals. She created some simplified and fulfilling smoothie recipes. It keeps the working women energetic throughout the day. It is quick to make and consume as well.

3. Smoothies Are “Game Changers”

Smoothies are healthy and fulfill every body type’s requirements. You still have the choice to balance it according to your budget and requirements. She has created some unique flavors so that they will taste amazing for your day. “Be Well smoothie” has green apple and requires vanilla protein powder + fibre+ spinach + green apple + avocado + almond milk.

Another amazing flavor is blueberry pie; it requires vanilla protein powder + fibers + spinach + almond butter + blueberries + almond milk. The major method is to follow this pattern. 1 serving protein + 1 serving fibre + unlimited greens + 1/4 cup fructose + 2tbsp fat + liquid + superfood. This is the simplest, easiest, and quickest smoothie pattern that Kelly follows. Make your amazing smoothie now.

4. Eating Clean Does Not Have To Crash Energy

LeVeque says it is about the fiber; it is about blood sugar, not starvation. She wants the audience to give up the idea of traditional healthy food and experiment with food. After consuming their food of choice, they see and realize how it makes them feel. Does it make them feel energetic and happy afterward?

Smoothies are a proven diet method of energy, as her client’s feedback was a random toast or usual fried breakfast keeps them hungry and sleepy. Their body feels lousy and less energetic. The coffee itself does not fulfill the body requirement. But, some of her clients tried her recipe for smoothies. It was filled with oat chunks, fruits, and fiber, and it kept them fulfilled. It gave them energy throughout the workday. She finds the difference because of this morning routine.

She told me once, “make those body-loving choices that are going to fuel your cells, hydrate your skin, calm your hunger hormones instead of deprivation. Getting better skin and energy does not have to be insufferable. If you are not feeling great, that is a sign to make some change.”

5. She Does Not Feel The Craving For Snacks

Fiber, fat, protein and green are essential in any diet plan. Each tablespoon for every fiber in your meal is good as an achievable diet. It is much about learning what you need for breakfast and getting into lunch. Once you get that, you’ll be able to figure out your meal mindfully. Eating too much or eating too little is not the game. Mindful intentions to start a meal plan are more healthy and have a long-lasting impact on your life. It will keep you away from snacks. Her smoothies are also a snack.

6. Exercise Routine

Kelly is a nutritionist planner, but during the covid period, she shared her workout channels as these exercises do not require gym equipment. It is a home-friendly workout, but it will still make you sweat. Tone it up by Melissa Wood, and Steve Ross are her favorite yoga teachers. These are two helpful workout trainers who can be a good secret for her body.

7. Secretive Fibre Meal

You get fiber from whole foods like broccoli and cauliflower or fiber-rich fat sources like nuts, seeds, and avocado. But you can also get extra fiber by adding it to your recipes with chia seeds, acacia fiber, or flaxseed.

8. The Mindset Behind Her Supplements

One food philosophy she lives by is fewer rules; lighter livable structure. Less cleanses and more daily cleansing. She likes simple supplementation with more vitamins and minerals to support cellular function. She takes vitamin D/K2, Omega3 innovations, Omega Cure, soil-based probiotics, B-rich multivitamins, and magnesium or Rhodiola as needed for stress or sleep.

9. Food Being A Rewarding Thing On A Bad Day

Kelly expresses everybody has a bad day, and rewarding that day with something good is essential. But it does not have to be food. She shared that everything was available in the house. Every sweet, cheesy, and fried thing and binge-watching was her thing as well. But she realized how it made her feel lousier and less refreshed. She changed her reward with manicure and nail day. She felt so much better after a bad day.

A good spa day, manicure, or pretty nails lift the mood and even make her body feel more relaxed and better. She even expresses how she rewards her kids with a toy or adventure place they choose for the day. It keeps them excited and involved in the family. It is not harming or limiting them but making their family better. She rewards herself, but just differently; you can too.

10. Celery Juice Trend

An overnight juice trend made popular by Anthony Williams by medical mediums. It is also known as miracle juice as it helps fight viruses and keeps one’s body healthy. It has a good amount of fiber which is good for your microbiome. It is a quick meal for busy people. It would balance the sugar and regulate their hunger hormone. It will also keep them energized between meals. Kelly says it is good green juice but not a replacement for a meal. She has tried the juice, and she found no harm except the price inflammation.

She recommends squeezing lemon and pink Himalayan salt in the celery juice. It gives it a good taste and maximizes the benefit for the body.


These are some of the Kelly LeVeque mindset behind her diet, which led her to a healthy and successful life. It is not only what you feed yourself but also what you intake as thoughts too.

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