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10 Worst Purchases You Can Make In Your 20s

When people are in their 20s, they tend to spend more and more. Most people start earning at this age, and the money just disappears. It is very important to have the knowledge and awareness of where you are spending your money in the wrong way. Otherwise, your purchases will be literally of no use.

10 Worst Purchases You Can Make In Your 20s

1. Coffee Pods

Instead of buying a whole bottle of grounded coffee, people tend to buy coffee pods. It is absolutely unnecessary, as well as making extra waste that gets added to the environment. It is better to avoid these worst purchases you can make as a young adult.

2. Bottled Water

According to statistics, bottles of water are purchased more than any other beverage. This is why they are being enlisted as the worst purchases you can make, regardless of your age. You can just carry water from your home and save the cost of buying water from outside. Also, it creates environmental damage.

3. Energy Drinks

Spending your hard-earned money on energy drinks is the worst purchase you can make. It is not only a waste of money, but it is also very unhealthy for you in the long run. It has a lot of sugar content, and usually, energy drinks are priced higher, which causes you to spend a lot more money.

4. Eating Out

Eating out becomes a part of our daily life in our 20s. People avoid spending their time cooking, so it’s easier for them to just order something or go out to eat. But anyway, cooking at home is going to save a lot of money by the end of the month. Also, it saves you from making the worst purchases you can make when you hit your 20s.

5. Buying A Car

Once you start earning well, you tend to lean towards having some luxury in your life, leading to the worst purchases you can make. This is where the idea of owning a car comes in. Buying a car is easier until and unless you realize how much it is going to cost you. Maintaining a car is a huge affair and paying for its installments eats up a lot of your money. You can instead use other public transport and save that extra money. In another way, it would also be helpful for the planet.

6. Exotic Vacations

Going on a few exotic vacations is good, but making every vacation exotic is nothing but a complete waste of money. Instead, you can save your money and have a normal vacation. Book 3-star hotels instead of 5-star hotels and focus more on knowing the place rather than just chilling in your rooms. Saving money during vacations is also important so that you can have your next vacation pretty soon.

Another way is renting a homestay if you are traveling alone or going for a trek.

7. Partying

Partying and hanging out with your friends is good but spending a huge lot of money twice or thrice in a week on just partying is not acceptable. Everything in moderation is fine. However, people do not realize how much money they spend on partying each month. A little cut on this can help you save a lot of money than you can expect.

8. Big Fat Weddings

We can literally go on about how having a lavish wedding is completely useless. It not only burdens your pocket but also damages our planet in a lot of ways. You can rather save this money and have a world tour with your partner, which is pretty insightful and fun. Else you could also invest this money in your future, buy your dream house, or any other asset that you want.

9. Trendy Clothes

Fashion keeps on changing now and then. So, usually, the youngsters spend a lot of money trying to keep up with the trends. But what they don’t realize is that they are not going to wear it more than 3 or 4 times. Instead, you can invest your earnings in buying some decent pieces of clothing that you can style in different ways. You can also wear these clothes for a good period.

10. In-game Purchases

Youngsters are so indulged in gaming and the virtual world that they become impulsive about it and forget the actual world. The introduction of games in our lives has made it even more difficult. It not only eats up a lot of time, but we tend to spend a lot of money on it. In the game, purchases are the most ridiculous. You will not even realize how much money you have spent on them. You can better save that money and invest it in something fruitful.

Nobody might ask you not to go for these worst purchases, but you must value the hard-earned money. Nonetheless, you should indeed live life in the present. Therefore, it is important how you choose to use your money. Because little savings from today can bring you a bigger asset tomorrow.


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