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10 Ways to Think About Money

Most people do not know the meaning of money. They use it for paying bills, buying necessities, ordering food, etc. But did you know that money can mean something more than these things? By the end of this post, you will start thinking about your money differently.

10 Ways to Think About Money

1. Allows you to move value across space and time

Money is usually an emotional thing for most people, but once you realize that it is the same as your washing machine or your car, it can help you travel across spaces and can take you wherever you want.

2. There’s nothing called money cap

It is the essential truth in life that money has no limit. You can earn an endless amount of money, and you would still not find it enough. Of course, being content is another thing, but thinking that money is limited is a completed wrong perception.

3. Money can grow on trees

No, we do not mean literally. But yeah, money can grow on trees only if you know what seed you need to plant. It is why the poor remain poor, and the rich keep getting richer every day. The moment you start sacrificing your comfort, you will realize how much you have extra capital to become rich in future.

4. You can use money to buy peace

It might sound absurd for some people, but it is true. Money can buy you peace and happiness. You need to use it for your comfort and benefit and not to show off. It can buy you peace, and once you have that, you will be much happier in life.

5. First learn, then remove the word ‘L’

People learn different things to earn a good amount of money in future. People get paid for their expertise and the value they are adding to the markets. Never stop learning. The day your learning process ends is the day you will stop making more money.

6. Money is your army

The best thing to do with your money is to use it smartly. It is your army; send it out to fight for yourself. It’s your job to protect it from the enemies of the outer world. The more money you put in the market, the higher your chances of acquiring the market.

7. You are not spending money, you are spending your time

People usually think that they were spending their money while buying something, but in reality, they are spending their time. You earn equivalent to the number of times you are working. So if you go to buy a car, you are not paying your money, but you are paying the time you have spent earning that money.

8. Money is never yours

Money never remains in just one hand. It is precisely how the market works. It keeps revolving in 10 different indicators, and if you have it known, it is just your chance to hold that money. So just move into cash flowing markets, and you are good to go.

9. Money is a fungible token

By now, everyone knows the meaning of a fungible token. If you don’t, then you are living under some rock. Money is very quickly replaceable as a $1 bill is similar to another $1 account. So, if you want to become successful, then do not become fungible.

10. Poor is forever

People are broke for a few days but being poor is entirely different. People think they are destined to lag behind just because their parents were poor and did not have as much resources as others, but some people can change their status and realize that they will not remain poor for a long time.


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