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12 ways to feel better in under 12 seconds

Our feelings are dynamic. They are not very much in our control, but at least trying our best to transform them into something better is something we can do. Little things can set off our mood, and then little things can switch them back to normal as well, making us feel better instantly.

At many times, we have to become our own healer and helper. We have to make ourselves feel better and have to pull out of the melancholy phase. And sometimes, it just takes only a few seconds to feel better.

Here Are 12 Ways To Feel Better In Under 12 Seconds

1. Take Long Breaths

The moment gloominess starts to engulf you, leave everything you are currently doing, and begin to take deep and long breaths.  It will bring the needed serenity to your mind.

Try to calm yourself down while thinking of nothing and continue taking deep breathes until you feel refreshed and out of the holistic sadness.

A short, breathing meditation can be an immense aid to slap you out from feeling blue.

2. Take A Walk

Stand up and instantly move away from whatever are you are doing (primarily if you are operating any electronic device and scrolling reels) and take a light stroll. Even across the rooms can significantly work in making you feel better.

If you still feel bummed out, start to jog and groove around faintly. You can pace yourself and then quiet your moves; this way, you are pulling a moment that will ease your mental woe.

3. Drink Water

Drinking water is something that has many, many optimistic and beneficial effects on a person. It can refresh and soothe down someone’s extreme stress in a few seconds.

Whenever you feel a lack of energy or will to even cast a pretended smile, pour yourself a good glass of cold water and be ready to feel blithe. It will eagerly energize you from the core.

4. Go To Open Spaces

Sitting in a close, airtight, and a baffled room can rocket your distress. Step up and go somewhere where there is a good and free flow of air and light. Either go to your balcony and look at the happenings of the world, or you can go outside itself to get some relief.

Even people who suffer from panic attacks are advised not to be in a locked station. Open areas can brighten up your mind and can create a more accessible environment to relax.

5. Play Happy Songs

Oh, the music! The art that can heal the deepest of wounds. Not being philosophical here, music truly has some magical powers, and it could make you grin in no time!

But don’t play songs that will make you even intensify your feelings. Play something light and fun. Himesh Reshammiya is such a recommendation.

6. Dance Around

While you are listening to cock-a-hoop music of Himesh Reshammiya, try grooving a bit. I mean, you cannot say No to Himesh? At least not if you are sane.

But on a more serious note, dancing can positively affect your mood since it can elevate the production of endorphins, which is precisely what you need to feel better.

7. Hug Someone

The most helpful point in this article is this one. If you live with someone, go and hug them. They will probably feel off for the initial seconds, but a hug can only make anyone feel better. And while hugging, tell them how much you love and care for them.

But if you live alone, you can cuddle a soft toy, or even a pillow can work. Better yet? Hug yourself and let yourself know how special you are.

8. Think Of Family And Loved Ones

If hugging is not something you can do right away, think of everyone you love and the ones who love you. Think of your favourite memories you spent with them. Think of you being happy, calm, and smiling. This could trigger your brain to feel more radiant.

You can also pull out a photo of them and imagine their presence.

9. Think Of Something You Are Forever Grateful For

There is nothing that can illusion you to make you feel better than you, yourself. No matter where a person stands in their life, there is always one thing they can think of that makes them feel highly grateful.

That one little thing might become your oasis in such hard times.

10. Eat Some Ice Cream (Or Chocolate)

Not literally ice cream or chocolates. Here, ice cream and chocolate stand for the comfort food that can elate you instantly. It could be anything that you can have your hands upon in this little time. Just eat or drink whatever calms you down.

11. Try Smiling And Giggling

This suggestion might sound quite bizarre and not an easing thing to do when you are mentally down in a grave way, but practicing (or merely trying) implying a physical smile and laugh can ultimately stretch down your disparity. So, try to fake laugh.

To have more fun, you can do Janice from Friends.

12. Affirm Yourself

Positive affirmations are the dopest thing out there, which is entirely free and neat. Tell yourself that whatever you are feeling is very much temporary and will go away. Let yourself know that things change and become better. Your current emotions are not for good.


If you follow these methods, you will find that you feel better in 12 seconds or less!

NOTE: If your feeling of grief and heartache is consistent and grave, make sure you seek the help of a professional.


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