Facts10 Ways Royal Families Make Money

10 Ways Royal Families Make Money

Royal families are undoubtedly one of the most influential families in the world and everyone keeps an eye on every moment of theirs. There are a lot of royal families in the world and there is a huge amount of wealth that they own. But have you ever wondered how do these families make money?

10 Ways Royal Families Make Money

1. Taxpayers

Be it the royal family of anywhere, they generate their income from the taxes paid by their citizens. However, some royal families have indeed taken advantage of their taxpayers like the Thai government. But Queen Elizabeth has been paying her taxes and most of her income generates from the privy purse and the crown estate.

2. Property Portfolio

After taxpayers, properties generate a huge amount of income for the royal family. We sure can’t get into each property that this family owns in one blog but we can say that with each property, there’s a monthly income. Also, Queen doesn’t hold Buckingham palace and if anything bad happens, she is not allowed to sell it as it belongs to the crown. However, they do own a lot of other castles that have been passed down through generations.

3. Regular jobs

Yes, that’s true. Most of the members of the royal family have regular jobs like regular people. For example, Princess Eugenie is a director of an Art gallery, Prince Fresco was a banker, and so on. Most of them work for their monthly income.

4. Owning business

While some of the people in the royal family have 9-5 jobs, others own some highly profitable businesses. For example, Prince Hans Adam gets his wealth from the LTG group, the royal family of Dubai gets their wealth from Dubai Holding which is a financial services company.

5. Oil

A huge number of royal families in the middle east earn most of their income from the oil reserves. They export oil and natural gas to various other countries and make billions of money. This is where they generate a lot of wealth for themselves.

6. Inheritance

Royal families receive an inheritance from their ancestors and this amounts to a huge part of their wealth. For example, Princess Diana, after her death, left her inheritance for both of her sons. The boys received 9-10 million dollars as confirmed by BBC. They also have bonds that they inherit which generate a lot of income in the form of dividends.

7. Land Ownership

All the royal families around the world hold a huge amount of property in the form of land ownership. Be it the King of Monaco, who owns about a quarter of land in the country, or be it Queen Elizabeth who owns land worth 6.6 billion acres. No wonder these royal families make a huge amount of money from their landholdings.

8. Military

A lot of royal people have also served in the military and the list for it is long. For example, Sultan Abdullah Peng of Malaysia served 42 years in the military, King Mohammad VI of Monaco served for 9 years, etc. Also, Prince Harry served as a helicopter pilot in the UK army and made a huge amount of money as a result.

9. They curb expenditure

You might think that royal families spend their money extravagantly. It is true only to some extent. They know how to make money and also know very well how to save money. They curb their expenditure and don’t waste their cash.

10. Writing Books

Writing books is itself a kind of an asset that will make you money even after your death. A lot of royal families chose to take the same path and write books. They have all written a books in various genres and languages. Prince Charles also has several books under his name. There are several more examples and all of them earn a lot of money from this.


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